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SmarterProctoring slides 3 27-2014

Date post: 20-May-2015
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A Complete Testing Management System for Courses Within Your Learning Management System
Page 2: SmarterProctoring slides 3 27-2014

Tell Us About Your Testing Options

What testing formats are provided by your school? On-campus in a testing center Virtual (Bvirtual, ProctorFree, ProctorU) Human proctor

Who organizes the work flow for each? Faculty member’s responsibility Staff member’s responsibility

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SmarterProctoring is NOT … A virtual proctoring solution

But it does help you organize the process of using virtual proctoring solutions like Bvirtual, ProctorFree or ProctorU

A student authentication solution But it can help you work with services like Authentify,

Kryterion, or Examity Testing integrity software

But it can help you use services like Respondus or VoiceProctor

You can continue using what ever testing software you are currently using.

We Just Make The Process of Coordinating it Better.Did I mention that it is FREE to schools!

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Two Needs System to organize all of the tasks

associated with planning a proctoring session

A database of vetted, trained, identity-verified testing proctors

Page 5: SmarterProctoring slides 3 27-2014

Organizing the Proctoring Process

Dashboard to monitor each student’s progress Archived communication between student, faculty

and proctor Manage multiple proctoring types such as local

testing centers, human proctor, virtual proctor and machine proctor.

Integrated services with tools such as Bvirtual, RegisterBlast, ProctorFree and ProctorU

Page 6: SmarterProctoring slides 3 27-2014

Approved Human Proctors Nationwide database of human proctors Vetted by your selection criteria Verified through third party verification Trained and tested on proctoring


Page 7: SmarterProctoring slides 3 27-2014

Offer your students multiple

proctoring solutions

Have a system that

does the organizational work for you

Know where each student

is in the proctor

selection and scheduling


Have confidence

that students exams are

being taken securely

Would Your School Like To?

Page 8: SmarterProctoring slides 3 27-2014

Software that works within your LMS that helps students find different types (Virtual, Testing Center, Human, etc.) of approved proctors, while also allowing the faculty to see where each student is in the test scheduling process.

What is SmarterProctoring?

Page 9: SmarterProctoring slides 3 27-2014

Faculty Exam Dashboard – Shows a roster of all students and where each student is in scheduling their testing session.

Exam Configuration Panel – Allows the instructor to input exam and proctor notes. It also allows the instructor to customize what types of proctors are available to their students for each exam.

Database of Vetted Human Proctors – Neutral proctors with qualifying credentials that SmarterProctoring has approved and trained.

Integration – Includes seamless integration with multiple proctoring solutions (Bvirtual, RegisterBlast, ProctorFree, etc.)

Tools Included in SmarterProctoring

Page 10: SmarterProctoring slides 3 27-2014

Administrator View

Page 11: SmarterProctoring slides 3 27-2014

Faculty Dashboard

Course Dashboard

Page 12: SmarterProctoring slides 3 27-2014

Exam Dashboard

Page 13: SmarterProctoring slides 3 27-2014

Exam Configuration Panel

Page 14: SmarterProctoring slides 3 27-2014

Student View

Page 15: SmarterProctoring slides 3 27-2014

Find a Proctor

Page 16: SmarterProctoring slides 3 27-2014

Human Proctor Network