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Snag 'em for life major gifts - eTapestry User Group 2013

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  • 1.Snag Em for Life Building and Managing Major Gift Program in eTapestry Presented by Pam Dechert, CFRE Senior Consultant

2. TODAYS SESSION WILL COVER: The importance of annual giving to creating and sustain a major gift program Discuss giving trends and how they affect your major gift program What tools in eTapestry can be used to identify good major gift prospects What tools in eTapestry can be used to manage and run a major gift program 3. Annual giving where it all begins start out by giving to your New donors annual fund It is the beginning of donor loyalty (or not) It reaches the largest group of individuals New donors and multi year donors will increase overall fundraisingHow is giving? 4. 2012 CHARITABLE GIVING TRENDS 5. WHERE IS IT COMING FROM? 6. BABY BOOMERS DOMINATE 7. BABY BOOMERS DOMINATE 8. MULTI CHANNEL AND MULTI GENERATIONAL IS THE NEW NORMBUT 9. HOW MUCH DO THEY GIVE TO THEIR TOP CHARITY? 10. What does this mean for a major gift program? 11. HOW DOES YOUR MAJOR GIFT PROGRAM STACK UP? WHAT IS A MAJOR GIFT TO YOU?ARE YOU STRATEGICALLY USING THE ANNUAL FUND TO GROW MAJOR GIFTS?ARE WE FOCUSING ON THE RIGHT PEOPLE? Isnt a magic ask amount formula May not be the same for each donor Mean gift by age vs. your mean gift? What is your organizations average gift? What are the top gifts to your organization?2 and 10 xs the normal Needs Lifestyle Engagement Ask/Prospect Research/Data Model 12. Who makes a good major gift prospect? Boomers, MaturesAnnual recurring gift donors Regular yearly or monthly donors by check, credit card, direct mail or bank draft/EFT Anniversary givers (same time each month or year) Board members, committee members, regular participants, passionate volunteers 13. Find them in eTapestry Campaign Analysis Recurring Gift Donors Birthdates Lifetime Givers Consecutive Givers Volunteers, Board Members Use the Giving History Widget Donor Renewal Rates Giving Dynamics Top Donor Eliminate and tweak list based on ages, how they give, involvement, rating/screening etc. - Remove businesses, foundations, transactional donors, what else? 14. Find them in eTapestry Campaign Analysis Report: Helps to set major gift amounts and how many prospects you need. 15. Find them in etapestry 16. Find them in eTapestry Consecutive Months and Consecutive Years Reports: Helps you find those regular, loyal donors 17. Find them in eTapestryRecurring Gift and Top Donor: Helps you find regular donors and mid/lower end top donors to campaigns 18. Target analytics 19. Other Blackbaud resourcesBlackbaud and Target Analytics offer unparalleled access to the worlds largest searchable database of charitable donations. With more than 60 million records, NOZA provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of charitable giving data available anywhere. 20. Other Blackbaud resources Echelon Power Segments Income 360 21. WEVE IDENTIFIED OUR TOP PROSPECTS Do you have a good profile of each? Use eTapestry as the CRM it is.Dont keep it in your head! Correct biographical, address information Do we have good information about birthday, work, family Google Alerts User Relationship(s) in eTapestry Who knows them? Do board and staff rate and screen? Use Account Summary to review donors, rate/screen and build a strong donor profile ! 22. Tag em create a great profile! 23. FIND EM AND RATE/SCREEN IN ETAPESTRY RATE AND SCREEN USING FOR IMPACT FIELDS DOWNLOAD THESE FIELDS TO RATE/SCREEN PROSPECTS WITH STAFF/BOARD IN ORDER TO GET A QUALIFIED PROSPECT INDEX AND CREATE A MASTER PROSPECT LIST! For Impact FieldDescriptionCapacityAn estimate of the constituent's ability to make a transformational gift to your organization. The definition of a transformational gift depends on the level that your organization considers a major gift.RelationshipYour perception of how closelyaffiliated this constituent is with your organization.TimingHow good the timing might be to solicit a gift.Giving HistoryA measurement of what the constituent has demonstrated in the past to your organization. Multiple gifts or a very large one-time gift would normally rank someone higher on this value.Philanthropic HistoryA measurement of the constituent's interest and propensity to support philanthropic causes in general. For major prospects, you can often find information on past giving in the local community foundation annual report. 24. Create a major gift master contact for your prospects 25. DOWNLOAD FOR IMPACT & MAJOR GIFTS FIELDS 26. MAJOR GIFT UDF SET HERES WHAT TO START WITH: ADD/EDIT AS YOU LIKE TO FIT YOUR NEEDS 27. BUILD MAJOR GIFT TRACKING YOUR WAY Use as many or as few you want Change to fit your program, wording Add your own steps, cultivation dates 28. EACH PROSPECT GETS: A MAJOR GIFT MASTER CONTACT ON THE JOURNAL One at a time or use Mass Update (with a custom account query) to Mass create your master contacts for the year 29. KEEP TRACK OF THE PROGRESS BY UPDATING THIS MASTER CONTACT EVERY TIME THE RELATIONSHIP ADVANCES 30. RECORD OTHER CONTACTS AS ANY OTHER PHONE CALL, EMAIL, VISIT, MAILING GOES ON THE JOURNAL. IF IT IS A MAJOR GIFT CONTACT, MARK IT WELL 31. KEEP UPDATING THE MASTER UNTIL YOU GET THE GIFT OR NOT CLOSE THE LOOP. ADD THE GIFT/PLEDGE AS WELL CONTACT 32. DONT IGNORE STEWARDSHIP ADD PLAN TO COMMUNICATE AND THANK THEM Build in the dates for you to: Write a handwritten thank you Have you or board chair, ED call to thankLetter, email within the next 90, 120, 180 days How important their gift was and how it is being used Organization news and updates Acknowledge them: birthday, promotion etc. Fun stuff! 33. MEASURE RESULTS/PROGRESS MAJOR GIFT QUERIES 34. BUILT IN REPORTS 35. MAJOR GIFT QUERIES AND REPORTS BUILT IN QUERIES ARE JUST A START All major gift fields are on the contact method, so its easy to add and build your own! 36. DO MORE! USE YOUR DASHBOARD, BUILD YOUR PROFILE, TAKE A FEW HOURS A WEEKFavorites on your Dashboard! Auto deliver & scheduled 37. USE REPORTING TO CUSTOMIZE SUMMARY FIELDS, SORTING TO CREATE MORE MAJOR GIFT REPORTS 38. CIRCLE BACK TO SNAG EM IT ALL STARTS WITH: Building annual fund with a focus on building donor loyaltyPaying attention to multi- channel but dont lose sight of your prime major gift prospects that come from direct mail, annual fund and personal relationshipsThinking about how much time you are investing in your key major gift prospectsIdentify your major gift prospects with tools built into etapestry, offered by Blackbaud and through your own staff/board identificationBuild good profiles, know them and get to know them Make a master major gift plan for each and execute using eTapestry as the primary CRM tool Using our Major Gift tools to start, build and grow your own Major Gift program 39. Speaker Follow-up Slide [email protected] 317.819.7529 For more information, resources, and conversations, visit: blackbaud.com/research npEngage.com

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Snag ‘Em for Life Building and Managing Major Gift Program in eTapestry Presented by Pam Dechert, CFRE Senior Consultant
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