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  1. 1. Started Project: 11/8/12Ended Project:So YoureGifted?A Webquest About RobbyGriffin
  2. 2. Positive Traits of Robby Griffin1. I have a good sense of humor2. I have a strong desire to excel3. I am a leader in several activities4. I have a high degree of curiosity5. I ask many questions6. I like to read, mostly at a high level7. I have a large vocabulary
  3. 3. Negative Traits of Robby Griffin1. I can become a real pest2. I can really lose other students3. I dont like to start new projects4. I make a lot of jokes in class5. I get bored from repeated assignments
  4. 4. Description ofPersonalityDuring the next 2 slides, youll read aboutmy learning style. This "style" is a four letterabbreviation of how I do things in life, suchas, how quickly I learn, or, if I get boredduring specific subjects.
  5. 5. ENTPI am known to have a "ENTP"learning style. Which basicallymeans, Im the one that will leadthe group. Which sometimesmeans Ill argue to a certainpoint so I can make whateverwere doing the best it can be.
  6. 6. ENTPBeing an "ENTP" also means Im quick, orgood at many things in and out of school. Ican be skillful at finding logical reasoning,but sometimes lack some commonsense!!!!
  7. 7. Doer: ORANGEI am a doer, or a "Orange",which can mean multiplethings. It can mean 1, thatIm corageous, or act on amoments notice. I see mylife as a roll of a dice, or agame of chance.
  8. 8. Doer: ORANGEI need challenges,competition, action,and sometimes nerve-racking moments.
  9. 9. Doer: ORANGEI can also be known as anatural leader, ortroubleshooter, performer inthe clutch moments, becauseI love being in pressuresituations. Lastly, I have lotsof natural talents.
  10. 10. Kinesthetic and TactileI am a K + T, (Kinesthetic and TactileWhich most of the time means that Ilike to just do it. If I need to do aproject, I dont wait, or get help. Ijust start and get it done right away.Moving around also falls under thatcategory. I will not sit still, watch forlong, (unless its a movie!!) Ill talk tomy friends while doing something.
  11. 11. I have multiple intelligence. (Two types of how I do things.I am an interpersonal, andKinesthetic, whichcombined explains thatIm more fast-paced, andalways moving. I cant sit.Im always playing sportswith a group of friends,going to social parties, orhanging out while playing.I love action, and intensesports games even if its ina backyard. Lastly, Imvery social, and love to beinteracting with another.
  12. 12. My Favorite Quote is by Michael JordanThere are many great players, athletes, but ittakes a team to win. The Bruins werent the bestteam in the league, but they came together withchemistry and beat the top teamTalent wins games, but teamwork andintelligence win championships. - MichaelJordan Favorite Quote
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