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Social Media 09 - Demystifying Social Media

Date post:10-May-2015
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A presentation for Mashup* Social Media 09 event on 12th Nov 09 - I was asked to 'demystify social media in 7.5 mins'
  • 1.Demystifying Social Media (in 7.5 minutes)Katy Lindemann Naked CommunicationsMashup* Social Media 09 12th Nov 09 Im going to try and demystify social media in record breaking time...

2. SOCIAL MEDIAS ALL ABOUT BLOGS,FACEBOOK, TWITTER ETC - RIGHT? http://www.ickr.com/photos/stabilo-boss/ So theres a hell of a lot of buzz about social media. You cant get away from it.Everyones obsessed with it. Thats why were all here today. And when people talk aboutsocial media, they usually mean social publishing like blogs or wikis, or social platforms likeTwitter, Facebook and the like. 3. ITS TIME TO CONFRONT THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM Except that I think its time to confront the elephant in the room 4. THERES NO SUCH THING AS SOCIAL MEDIA 5. IT SUGGESTS THE MEDIA - THEPLACES - ARE SOCIAL http://www.ickr.com/photos/rainofwonder/ It suggests the media the places are social. It makes it all about the where.But its not the media that are social. Its the ideas and the behaviour (what and how). 6. WHEN REALLYITS ABOUT http://www.ickr.com/photos/cayusa/ Social ideas are ideas that get people talking that spark conversation, which getshared and passed on 7. AND SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR Most importantly however, is the dynamic of social behaviour I think its worth unpicking what we mean by social behaviour in a bit more detail, but essentially its about two-way behaviour, engaging in a dialogue. 8. SOCIAL IDEAS HAVEALWAYS BEENABOUT GETTINGTALKED ABOUT Social ideas arent anything new. Its what brand communication has always been about. The ultimate goal has always been to create a product, service, or piece of communication that gets people talking. Its about being talked ABOUT. Lots of great advertising has been about creating lots of buzz. And lots of really successful brands are brilliant at social ideas - getting talked about. But just getting talked about isnt enough to be social 9. SOCIAL BEHAVIOURMEANS ACTUALLYJOINING THECONVERSATIONSocial behaviour is about actually joining in And its an important distinction. For example, Apple do a brilliant job at getting talked about. But in terms of their behaviour, theyre incredibly anti social. Its all about one way communication Theyre happy to be talked about, but they have zero interest in engaging in any kind of dialogue. And maybe thats OK, because theyre Apple (although if any other brand behaved the way Apple did, theyd be slaughtered). But lets not confuse being talked about with being social. And really thats what the fuss about social is. Its about interaction, participation and dialogue. 10. ITS ABOUT BEING SOCIALNOT SOCIAL MEDIA So lets stop thinking about social media. Its a really unhelpful term. Its just about being social. Social isnt about what you do on Facebook or Twitter, its about how you behave. So lets think a bit more about social behaviour what does it actually mean to be social? 11. CONVERSATION * * THIS MEANS LISTENING AS WELL AS TALKING Traditional communication was about brands talking and people listening. One-way broadcast. Conversation is two-way. Its about listening as well as talking. Being human and authentic. People dont want to be communicated to wed much prefer to engage in conversations about the things that matter to us. We want to be listened to and acknowledged. We like to exchange views and ideas and values. We like to have our questions answered. Being social means participating in all the above in equal measure. Be interested as well as interesting. 12. SHARING People share stuff they like with other people We share stuff for a number of reasons. Sometimes its simply because we want other people to enjoy something amazing weve found, and think theyll like too. Or its something thats really important to us, and we want people to know about it. Sometimes its about status looking good because weve found something awesome and reflecting in the glory of people finding out about it from us. Whatever the motive, at the heart its about great stuff, generosity in sharing this great stuff, and feeling good about sharing it. 13. CONNECTING People are connecting with other people their family and friends, their acquaintances, and other likeminded people who share common interests or values For brands, its not about just trying to connect with as many people as possible. Its about meaningful connections. It might be about finding common interests and values with your customers. And then seeing to forge a connection in the places theyre already spending time. It might be about facilitating connections between likeminded people. But ultimately its about remembering that relationships are based on reciprocal give and take. 14. COLLABORATING People are collaborating with other likeminded people to achieve shared goals. Social technologies are enabling people to self organise to come together to collaborate and co-create more easily and rapidly than ever before For brands it might be about how you can help people achieve their goal It might be about opening up your brand and inviting people to collaborate in developing your business, and rewarding them for doing so The key thing is that collaboration is about working together for mutual benefit youre all in it together 15. AND BEING SOCIAL ISNT JUST ABOUT MARKETING If you truly put your customer at the heart of your business, then social principles shouldnt just be confined to the marketing department. 16. CUSTOMERSERVICE Some of the most successful social brands are using social communication to deliver exceptional customer service Now, it goes without saying that you should be delivering exceptional customer service through every touchpoint. Because if someone has a bad experience and they decide to share it online, it can spread more rapidly, to more people, than ever before. But the real time social web offers an amazing opportunity to resolve queries. Be there to help. Answer peoples questions. Go out and proactively help people. Everything you do as a brand communicates, and what you do is more important than what you say and exceptional customer service is some of the best marketing you cant buy. 17. PRODUCTDEVELOPMENT People have a pretty good idea what they want from a brand or business, so why not ask them? This could be about product and service innovation, business practices, or simply a small change to something you already do. The social web enables open dialogue and communication, so use this to your advantage. Whether this is knowing that your customers are really miffed that youve stopped serving lemon drizzle cake (like Starbucks did) to the development of new products (like Dell did) or finding out what people really want you to focus on (like Barack Obama did), the possibilities that being social can open for your business are endless. 18. RELATIONSHIPBUILDING Being social isnt about saying something and running away. Its not just about collecting followers that you can sell to. Its about building relationships, having an ongoing dialogue, rewarding people and giving them a reason to want to spend time with you. 19. RESEARCH It might be that your organisation simply isnt yet set up to actively partake in open conversation and collaboration. If legal have to sign off anything you say, then you might not be set up to start joining the conversation. But you can listen. Listen to what people are saying, thinking, feeling. Understand your customer. Understand what they think about your brand. Understand what they want. Understand what youre doing well, and where you could be doing better. Listening to the conversations taking place shouldnt be a substitute for traditional research, but if youre not listening to the conversation, youre missing out. 20. AND FINALLYBEING SOCIAL IS SOMETHINGYOU DO WITH PEOPLESo I hope this has helped to demystify the world of social. Its not about the platforms you use, or how many followers you have, or many views you got. Socials about how you behave. Its something you do WITH people and not TO people. And if you can get that bit right, youre well on your way. 21. Thank You. Any Questions? Katy Lindemann Naked Communicationsemail: katy_lindemann@nakedcomms.com blog: www.katylindemann.com twitter: @katylindemann

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