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Social Media klubben - Pretty social media

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  • 1. 24. Sept 2013 Social Media Klubben!

2. Who are the guys shouting Agenda: Social Media Organisering Shitstorm & Strategi Sprgsml Tak for i dag ! 3. 1 day makes the difference 4. Crisis management If!small!or!moderate!number!of!comments!(less!than!xx)!and/or! neutral!or!interroga8ng!tone!of!voice.! Assign!post!to!xxx! Green! If!moderate!or!large!number!of!comments!(more!than!xx)!and/or! nega8ve!tone!of!voice.! Text!message!xxx:!+45!xxxx!xxxx! Yellow! If!something!extremely!bad!or!serious!has!happened,!e.g.!xxxx! Call!xxx:!+45!xxxx!xxxx! And!text!message!xxx:!+45!xxxx!xxxx! Red! 5. Who is on your dream team ? PR Client service Sales Gatekeeper Marketing 6. Is this good community management ? hJp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qK6n7LCS2fc! 7. hJp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qK6n7LCS2fc!! 8. Thanks !!Jan Christiansen facebook.com/JAC jac@prettysocial.com 40 80 44 55

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