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Social Media Marketing Show

Date post:12-May-2015
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  • 1.IASMS Certified Specialists SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING

2. EXPERTISE VALUE 3. VALUE Benefits of Social Media Marketing SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Proprietary and Confidential

  • Achieving Your Business Goals & More
  • Lead Generation / New Customer Acquisition
  • Brand Reputation
  • SEO, SEO, SEO (Google page rank & inbound links)
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Brand Awareness
  • Customer Service
  • Feedback & New Product Development

4. VALUE Proprietary and Confidential

  • Elevate Positive Branding on Google
  • Push any Negative Site(s) Down on Google
  • Find Brand Evangelists
  • Join Conversations with Prospects
  • Correct Misinformation
  • Find Opportunities for Free Publicity
  • Police your Trademark
  • Create customer loyalty

Benefits of Social Media Monitoring SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING 5. PLAN Harp Social SMM Services SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Proprietary and Confidential

  • Brand Monitoring
    • Radian6
    • Proprietary Mix of Paid/Free Monitoring Tools
  • Corporate Twitter Accounts
    • Comprehensive Twitter Training Workshops
    • Branded Twitter Account Implementation & Daily Maintenance
  • Facebook Public Fan Page & Social Ads
    • Branded Implementation & Daily Maintenance
  • Social Media Press Releases
  • YouTube Channel
  • WordPress Blogsite

6. PLAN Harp Social SMM Services SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Proprietary and ConfidentialHarp Social is Immersed in Social Media Marketing Culture We know the appropriate plug ins, apps and tools to sync up all of your social media marketing platforms to work together resulting in powerful cross promotion creating additional viral inbound links to your website. Your blog will tweet, your tweets will update your Facebook page, your blogs will import into Facebook, your tweets will show up on your blog, YouTube will import into your Facebook and they all link back to your website! 7. VALUE Listen, Evaluate, EngageBRAND MONITORING Proprietary and ConfidentialThree phases of an end to end program: Listen: Discovering real-time, relevant, impactful conversations. Evaluate:Harp provides daily conversation analysis, tagging and tracking of the relevant conversations. Engage: Active Dialog with Customers (Twitter, Facebook, Comments). 8. VALUE Reputation Management BRAND MONITORING Proprietary and Confidential 9. TWITTER Exponentially Grow Your Business Proprietary and Confidential

  • Twitter Quick Stats
  • Fastest growing online community site for consumers & corporations
  • Largest user age group is 35-49
  • A golden opportunity to talk with people about your brand who arealready talking about your brand!

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Twittering is like hugging. Just because it's hard to measure the return on investment doesn't mean there isn't value there . -Tony Hsieh CEO of Zappos.com,@Zappos 10. TWITTER Harp Social Immersed in the Twitter Culture SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Proprietary and Confidential

  • Conversations are happening right now about your Business!
  • Harp Social is an industry leader in creating custom-branded twitter accounts for businesses.
  • Custom branded twitter account(s)
  • Harp grows your Twitter account with daily interaction.
  • Harp understands the Twitter culture, the tools and apps toleverage this platform to your advantage.
  • Client receives weekly activity reports electronically.
  • Let us help you grow your business/brand on Twitter!

11. Tutorials Twitter Workshops Proprietary and Confidential

  • Create a custom Twitter Background
  • Writing an effective Bio
  • Linking Information
  • How to Tweet, Re-tweet, DM, and Respond to @
  • The 80/20 Rule
  • Following/Followers
  • Tools & Tweet Scheduling
  • Setting up email Alerts
  • Twitter Lingo
  • The Complete Guide to Twitter PDF

Comprehensive Twitter Workshop: 12. FACEBOOK Exponentially Grow Your Business Proprietary and Confidential

  • Facebook Quick Stats
  • 200+ million active users
  • Fastest growing demographic is 35-55 yearsold and is doubling in size roughly every 2months
  • 6 million users become FANS of pages every day
  • Typical user has 120+ friends

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING 13. FACEBOOK Why Your Business Needs to be on Facebook Proprietary and Confidential

  • Top10 Reasons to have your business on Facebook!
  • Meet your Peers
  • Create New Business Contacts
  • Virtual Handshake Open Doors
  • Build New Relationships
  • Increase Visibility/Brand Awareness
  • Your Competitors are on Facebook
  • Target your Niche
  • SEO, SEO, SEO!! Rapid top Google Rank
  • Targeted, Interactive Social Ads
  • Cost Effective Marketing

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING 14. Exponentially Grow Your Business Facebook Public Fan Page Create a presence to connect and engage with your customers and amplify your businesss voice to their friends.

  • Facebook Fan Page Advantage:
  • Fully Indexed by Google (SEO/Brand Rep)
  • Able to Customize with HTML
  • Unlimited Number of Fans
  • Each Tab has a Unique URL (SEO)
  • Message Fans Without Fear

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Facebook 15. Exponentially Grow Your Business Facebook Public Fan Page Services: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING PLAN

  • Build out of Branded Fan Page
  • Add Relevant Applications
  • Sync with Other Social Media and Websites (import blog, html, twitter, YouTube & more)
  • Grow Fan Base with Daily Updates
  • Create Discussions & Events
  • Gather Testimonials
  • Create a Social Ad Campaign
  • Provide weekly activity reports electronically

16. SMPR Social Media Press Release Proprietary and ConfidentialShare the News Virally

  • Encouraging the Sharing of News Via:
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Social News
  • Image and VideoSharing
  • Subscribing Via RSS
  • Targets:
  • Bloggers
  • Consumers
  • Press

17. PLAN Expanding the Positive Branding in SERP SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Proprietary and Confidential

  • YouTube Channel
  • Custom-brand YouTubeChannel Build Out
    • Integrate with Facebook
    • Tweet about it!
    • Link Back to Website (SEO)
  • Provides Additional Link(s) for Google to Index(Positive SEO)
    • Brand Awareness
    • Brand Reputation

18. PLAN Expanding the Positive Branding in SERP SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Proprietary and Confidential

  • WordPress Blogsite Services
    • Obtain vanity URL for hosting of blog
    • Add Relevant Plug-ins & Sync-up with Social Media Accounts
    • Import into Facebook
    • Integrate with Twitter
    • Can House the Social Media Press Releases
  • Value:
    • Additional Inbound Links to Website (SEO)
    • Indexed by Google (SEO)
    • Brand Reputation

19. PLAN Expanding the Positive Branding in SERP SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Proprietary and Confidential

  • Measuring Social Media Marketing - Monthly
  • Facebook Fans & Page Views
  • Twitter Followers & Re-Tweets
  • YouTube Video Views and Subscribers
  • Del.icio.us Bookmarks of your Website
  • Rank in Search EnginesBoth Branded and Generic Terms
  • Google Analytics(Website Traffic Referring Sites)

20. FULL SERVICE Monetize Social Media Platforms Proprietary and ConfidentialSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING

  • Harp SocialisFull Service
  • Lead by Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist.
  • Build, Brand, Grow, Maintain
  • Founded in Brand Strategy with 20+ years of marketing experience behind us.
  • Strategy
  • Custom Branded Implementation
  • Growth Plans
  • Account Maintenance
  • Monitoring

21. FULL SERVICE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Optimize Social Media Platforms

  • SocialCheck
  • A Social Media Marketing Audit andRecommendations for Your Business
  • SocialCheck is our unique social media marketing auditing service th
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