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This is a report that has been created by a group of international Master in Marketing students of the Università della Svizzera italiana for the Digital Marketing course. The intention was to evaluate the social media performance of three Swiss brands in the luxury watch industry; create a report and promote it on the Web 2.0. We hope you enjoy reading it and we are awaiting your comments, critics, suggestions etc. Thank you very much.
  • 1.+ DigitalMarketing Report+Social Media Branding in the Luxury Watch Industry Professor Andreina MandelliDigital Marketing Fall Semester 2011/2012Social Media Watchdogs: Lara Besseghini Anna Giovanetti Serena GrassiniFrancesca MainoArmanda Nessi Juliane Poschke Marco Vendraminetto

2. Table of Contents I. Introduction II.Methodology III. RolexAnalysis IV.OmegaAnalysis V. Patek PhillipeAnalysis VI.Conclusion VII. Appendix2 3. +I. IntroductionThe boost of social media and theThe final goal is the analysis of three Swisschanges in post-modern markets havepremium brands belonging to the watchaffected the way brands were used to beindustry - Rolex, Omega and Patekconceived and understood.Philippe - in order to understand their social media strategy and to foster aA brand is no longer only a source ofdiscussion based on the questionsdifferentiation and competitive advantagepresented below.but something that goes far beyond that:relationship, experience and co-creation Can brands with more than aof value have become the main source ofhundred years of tradition copebrand identity. Nowadays the brand has a with new generation platforms,role of social connector since it is without harming their reputationexpected to create a linking value amongdifferent media platforms in order toof Swiss luxury icons and beingbuild online communities and be an perceived as mass product?active part of them. Will they succeed in thisThat is why a crucial aspect for a brands challenge?success is to be present in social mediaplatforms and have people talking andFirst, a brief insight about thediscussing on it. It is important to methodology used to address the work ishighlight that both positive and negativeintroduced to the Reader. As a seconddiscussions are welcome: why? Becausepoint comes the social media analysisin these way companies can recognize with the top ranked brand in thetheir strengths and manage negativeInterbrand web chart: Rolex. The othercomments in order to direct the followerstwo brands, Omega and Patek Philippe,on the right track.are straight after the previous brand. Finally, a rep up section is presented withThe current report is the output producedthe main aim of creating a discussionby a group of seven students from Master together with the Reader on the possiblein Marketing and in Corporatefuture scenarios that the brands may face.Communication of Universit dellaSvizzera italiana USI. 3 4. +II.MethodologyThe report is organized along seven different variables, in order to monitor and understand socialmedia coverage by the three brands:1. Social presence2. Customer engagement management3. Sentiment/advocacy management4. Support5. Innovation6. Communication leadership7. Linked ValueIn order to obtain a clear and detailed insight for each of the above variables, four main socialmedia typologies have been used: social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Digg),microblog (Twitter), video and photo sharing (Youtube and Photobucket), forum and blogs. Also,other tools used within the analysis are Stumbleupon (search engine) and unofficial pages,depending on their relevance for some variables. The application of two main social media tools,SocialMention and Alexa, has served as a way to give practical evidence to the final work.The ultimate section of the analysis for each brand has been dedicated to evaluation on a scale from1 to 10 of each brand on the seven variables taken into consideration. This has been done in orderto allow a comparison among the three brands in terms of social media strategy.4 5. +III.Introduction to the Brand RolexRolex SA is a Swiss manufacturer of watches known for its luxury and high quality. These watches arepopularly regarded as status symbols. Rolex was at the 71st place on 2007 annual list of the 100 mostvaluable global brands. It produces about 2000 watches per day, with revenues of around US$ 3 billion.The brand has participated in the quartz watches development and it was one of the first brands to createwaterproof watches. It was not just a luxury watch but also an item for active people with high techcertified chronometers.The company is now starting to introduce ceramic bezels across the range of professional sportswatches.This wonderful luxury brand boasts famous owners like Roger Federer, Steve McQueen and CheGuevara and it had in its history notable endorsement for their advertising. Social Presence Is the brand present in all platforms that are relevant for their business and relationship strategy? Being a brand, which includes different areas/sectors such as watches, sport, culture and philanthropy, Rolex is present in most relevant platforms and channels on the web. Officially Rolex has one Forum (but not affiliated to Rolex.USA) and one Blog (Rolex Awards Blog), but it is also to be considered that the web is full of unofficial pages where the brand is present and discussed. According to the Facebook search page, there exist about 10 unofficial pages that grant the increase in brand awareness through the spread of information. Further, Rolex is also highly present on Twitter but mainly with commercial tweets. And as far as Linkedin is concerned, the brand is mentioned, particularly referring to the events and the design strategy, but just few posts are present and there are nearly zero comments. Digg is also mentioning the brand, but comments are related to offers of fakes and copies of Rolex watches. In Youtube.com the videos obtained by typing Rolex are more than 60000, while the search for Rolex watches gives a result of 7000 videos with quite a lot of visualizations and comments.Customer Engagement ManagementHow many users the brand is able to contact through social media? Does the brand have a visible strategy forstimulating participation and customer engagement?In the Rolexforums.com posts are more than 2300000 with about 900 members creating discussions,relationships and sharing friendship. The posts are mostly discussions around the advertisement of new models,the share of products pictures, discussions about the different models of watches, questions about Rolex watchesand so on.The Rolex awards initiative with its related blog is dedicated to support laureates whose innovative workcontributes to the betterment of mankind. The comments on the relative blogs are usually very few and mainlyassociated to the project itself rather to the brand.Most of the unofficial Facebook pages are promoting new models of watches, events created by the Company orpromoted by it, picture of users with their Rolex and advertising offers. Likes and members are about 300000 anddiscussions are less than 2% of the members (Like 274673 / talk 2819). The users are quite active in postingpictures and comment them, but less active in commenting advertising offers.5 6. Concerning Twitter, as said before it has mainly commercial tweet with offers, discounts and advertising posts. Itis also possible to find some discussions about current events like rubbery of Rolex, rich people victim of theftand discussion about the right to wear such a huge amount of money.In YouTube, the majority of videos are previewing the new models, showing the characteristics of the products,explaining how they are assembled and how it is possible to recognize a fake from an original item.Sentiment/Advocacy ManagementWhat percentage of users is positive or enthusiastic about the brand compared to the percentage of users who arenegative about the brand?Does the brand have a visible strategy stimulating participation and customer engagement? Do they managenegative conversations?Most of the people who are posting or commenting in forums, blogs and platforms, express positive perceptionsabout the brand. There are consumers posting comments or likes on Rolex pages which are neutral, but alsoother people, who stand for the majority, that are expressing personal feelings associated to the brand.Very positive feelings such as excitement and enthusiasm come out in those posts and pictures regarding thepurchase of a Rolex. This might be translated by saying that people are passionate and experience the brand aspart of their life: to them such a luxury object can heighten their status. In this way, they are sharing positivityabout the brand and, as a consequence, they promote positive word of mouth and brand awareness.Usually people interested in following the brand are going on the web voluntarily and are participating in aconstructive way giving their advice and trying to struggle with negative comments to defend their brand. Somenegative comments have also been found; in those cases people express negative opinions about the watches oreven the brand itself. As an example, in YouTube negative comments associated to the video were almost thesame: Ill never wear a watch like that, too many diamonds, too tacky, too expensive. Anyway it emerges that ingeneral people like the brand and some are very proud of it.Said all above, it is still not possible to distinguish a clear strategy pursued by the brand itself, which would leaveRolex to exploit these encouraging outcomes in the web.SupportDoes the company offers help through social media? Is there customer care through answers, comments or postsfrom the company?No direct response is given by Rolex. The reason that may explain this is that the analyzed platforms (forums,blogs, Facebook pages) are not official and not directly created by Rolex. Therefore, the brand is notstraightforwardly involved in the discussions and is not answering or offering any kind of help. Besides, onYoutube.com it does not possess an account, meaning that it does not have any chance to post videos orcomments.It is correct to say that Rolex does not provide any kind of customer service through the use of social media ingeneral.InnovationDoes the company ask for collaboration? Are users proposing solutions or service/product improvements within a co-creation perspective?In general, comp

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