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Social Media ROI - Social Media Rockstar 3

Date post:27-May-2015
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My deck from the #SMROCK3 seminar
  • 1. SOCIAL MEDIA ROCKSTAR 3SOCIAL MEDIAHow to measure ROI and other analyticsThursday, May 23, 13

2. Thursday, May 23, 13 3. THE SCOOP1. How does Social Media t into your marketing plan?2. What are your goals?3. What are your key metrics?4. How to Calculate ROI5.Track your progressThursday, May 23, 13 4. YOUR MARKETING PLANThursday, May 23, 13 5. YOUR MARKETING PLAN Where does Social Media t into your marketing plan? How much time should you spend on Social Media? Does social media lack credibility? How do I show successes and failures?Thursday, May 23, 13 6. YOUR MARKETING PLAN Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging andYouTube were thetop ve platforms used by marketers, with Facebook leadingthe pack.* 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry ReportThursday, May 23, 13 7. YOUR MARKETING PLAN Social Media should be an extension of your currentmarketing efforts Use Social Media to engage and inform, not just push products Create your own content and curate when it adds value Link to your website (Um, duh!) Use a URL shrinker to link outside your URLThursday, May 23, 13 8. HOW MUCHTIME FOR SM? A signicant 59% ofmarketers are using socialmedia for 6 hours or moreand 33% for 11 or morehours weekly* However, moreexperienced social mediausers are spending lesstime with social mediacompared to 2011 ndings* 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry ReportThursday, May 23, 13 9. CREDIBILITY 73% of CEOs think marketers lackbusiness credibility: They cant prove theygenerate business growth They are not effectiveness-focusedenough, leading to CEO-Marketerdisconnecthttp://www.fournaisegroup.com/Marketers-Lack-Credibility.aspThursday, May 23, 13 10. SUCCESS / FAIL Never use a social media metric when talking to non-socialexecutives Use terminology executives are familiar with, not jargon Start thinking in terms of other marketing channels and whatyou measure there Use cost per impression, cost per conversion, cost permentionThursday, May 23, 13 11. SUCCESS / FAILBenets of Social Media Marketing3,800 marketers surveyedThursday, May 23, 13 12. SUCCESS / FAIL The top two benets of social media marketing are increasingexposure and increasing trafc Nearly two-thirds of marketers are using social media to gainmarketplace intelligence (65%).Tied for fourth place, 58% ofmarketers indicated generating leads and developing loyal fanswere benets of social media** 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry ReportThursday, May 23, 13 13. YOUR GOALS What metrics are important toyour business? For business it comes down tothree things: sales volume,revenue, and cost Generate soft leads in socialmedia and get them with emailor direct sales callsThursday, May 23, 13 14. KEY METRICS Cost per impression How much does it cost per user view? Cost per engagement How much does it cost to get themto interact? Cost per lead How much does it cost to get a customer in?Thursday, May 23, 13 15. CALCULATE ROI Use google analytics It has built-in social media tracking Set up what your conversion is worth in dollars in the GOALSsection Use what you are currently using in a AdWords campaign ortraditional mediaThursday, May 23, 13 16. CALCULATE ROIThursday, May 23, 13 17. TRACK PROGRESS Create and maintain a spreadsheet to show your costs overtime (see spreadsheet attached) Go back and add data every month for the things that matterto your company Dont mistake customer service with new business Use the same metrics for social media as you do otheravenues of marketingThursday, May 23, 13 18. TRACK PROGRESSThursday, May 23, 13 19. TOOLS Google Analytics ~ http://www.google.com/analytics URL Builder ~ http://goo.gl/1rF5e URL Shrinkers ~ goo.gl - ow.ly - bitly.com - lots of options Online Management ~ Hootsuite.com - Bufferapp.com Reports ~ socialreport.com - socialmention.comThursday, May 23, 13 20. CONTACTKiar Olsonkiar@kiarmedia.com@kiarmedia, @macdesign13920-883-1391kiarmedia.comThursday, May 23, 13

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