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Social Media Roundup - 6 Ways to promote an event using social media

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Army organizations and installations host dozens of major events each year. A lot of effort goes into planning these events, so it's easy to forget the importance of promoting the event. Using social media to promote your organization's event is free and easy. This Social Media Roundup offers six tips that will help you promote your organization's event using social media.
  • 1.Social Media Roundup6 Ways to promote an eventusing social media

2. Social Media RoundupAgendaArmy organizations host events ranging from unit birthdays andinstallation open houses to change of command ceremonies andholiday celebrations. This Social Media Roundup offers six tips thatwill help you promote your organizations event using social media. Where do I start? #1. Create a sharable graphic or video #2. Start an educational campaign #3. Create an event on Facebook #4. Interview participants or speakers #5. Arrange to live Tweet or live stream #6. Show images of the setup 3. Social Media RoundupWhere do I start? Army organizations and installations host dozens of major events each year. A lotof effort goes into planning these events, so its easy to forget the importance ofpromoting the event. A poorly attended event can easily be viewed as a failure, so effectivelypromoting these events is critical. The trick to promoting your event is placing information about the event wherepeople will see it. Where better than social media? Using social media to promote your organizations event is free and easy. Andsince news spreads so quickly on social media, promoting the event on socialmedia (if done right) takes a lot less time than you may think. 4. Social Media Roundup#1. Create a sharable graphic or video The first step to effectively promoting your organizations event on socialmedia is creating a sharable graphic or video that can accompany all of theposts you put out about the event. A graphic gives the event an identity and can easily be added to Facebookposts and Tweets. A well produced graphic or event video can grab the attention of the public. Ifthe graphic or video is especially compelling, people will be inclined to sharethe information with their friends and family on social media. 5. Social Media Roundup#2. Launch an educational campaign Providing additional informationabout your event is especiallyimportant if event is a one-timeoccurrence, or if this is the first timethe event has ever happened. If the event is a celebration specificto an installation or a unit, be sure toprovide the origin of the celebration.If the event is in association with alarger Army event, like the ArmyBirthday, feel free to go to the Armyssocial media presences and use thesame wording. In order to generate more interest,give your social media communityinformation that goes beyond thebasic when and where. 6. Social Media Roundup#3. Create an event on FacebookCreating an event on Facebook is a simple way to get the word out to the Facebook community. Not only does this make it easier for the Facebook community to share the event with their friends, but it also gives event organizers a good idea of how many people to expect at the event.This is also a good forum for potential attendees to ask questions about the event.For more information about Facebook events, check out this link: http://www.facebook.com/help/events. 7. Social Media Roundup#4. Interview participants or speakers A great way to promote an upcoming event is to interview one of the participants and then post the content online. If the keynote speaker or a VIP of the event is in town, ask him or her to do a quick two to three minute video interview about the event and post it on Facebook and YouTube. For more information about using video to communicate, check out this link: http://www.howto.gov/social-media/video You can also do a Q&A session with the event organizer and post the information on Facebook or Tweet quotes. The more information about the event you can get to the public, the more interested theyll be in attending. 8. Social Media Roundup#5. Arrange to live Tweet or live stream If you have the resources, you might consider live Tweeting or live streamingyour event. If your team elects to live Tweet or live stream, make sure to mention this onyour social media platforms during the buildup to the event. Its important toattempt to bring the event to those who want to attend but cant. For more information about live-Tweeting, check out this Social Media Roundup:http://tinyurl.com/bk7wtem Live streaming can be a little more technical and labor-intensive, so make sureyou do your research before committing to stream an event. 9. Social Media Roundup#6. Show images of the setup One final way to promote your event is to provide updates on the setup duringthe days (or hours) leading up to the event. Show photos of the stage being put together, or share images of speakers andevent organizers talking behind the scenes. Taking your social media audience behind the scenes and giving themprivileged access may convince more people to show up to the event. It alsogenerates excitement. The photo above was taken a few minutes before the start of a ESPN Sportsnation live broadcast at Whipple Field at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, Nov. 8, 2011. Michelle Beadle (left) Tweeted the image from her Twitter account before the beginning of the broadcast. 10. Social Media Roundup Contact informationHave questions? Please feel free toreach out to us at the Online andSocial Media DivisionEmail:[email protected] review and download past editions of theSocial Media Roundup, visit our Slideshare siteat: http://www.slideshare.net/usarmysocialmedia.All Social Media Roundups are authorized to bedistributed to a broader audience.3/20/2013OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF PUBLIC AFFAIRSPENTAGON

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