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Social Networking Strategies for Personal branding

Date post:19-Oct-2014
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An overview of social media for those new to promoting personal brand online

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Social NetworkingStrategies for SuccessfulPersonal BrandingBetween Jobs: Connect to Todays Job MarketFebruary 24, 2011

Turning point: the motivation

Social media definedHow are you a brand?Your experiencesYour valueYour unique point of view

Sharing experiences

Social media definedUsing online technologies to share experiences through words, pictures, videos and actions: SOCIAL MEDIA

Tools, tools and more tools

Ripple effectRipples of distributed content

GoalIt's about building relationships and telling your story.

Open yourself to possibilitiesBe credibleBe visibleBe influentialBe inspirationalBe valuablePhoto by Patrick DaltonCreative Commonshttp://www.flickr.com/photos/27518426@N03/

Before you start:What are your goals?What do you value?What is your passion?What is your motivation?Want to create ripples? why should we care

FacebookCreate ripples with FacebookUsing pageshttp://www.facebook.com/ivanenunez.consulting

TwitterCreate ripples with Facebook

TwitterCreate ripples with TwitterFollow influentialsAdd visibility (Twitter avatar, your own background)Give something for people to tweet about

TwitterCreate ripples with TwitterWho to follow?Which topics interest you?What do you want to learn?Search for topics and hash-tags (#)

LinkedInCreate ripples with LinkedIn

LinkedInCreate ripples with LinkedInRecommend colleaguesJoin groupsParticipate in discussionsAdd applications (SlideShare, reading list, creative portfolio)

Create ripples withMy DeliciousWriting and responding to blogsYour WebsiteYour E-MailYour off-line communications

Tools to publish and monitorTools to publish and monitorHootsuiteGoogle Reader


How to participateHow to participatelistenrespondcreateRelinquish control

Getting startedStart nowlistenrespondcreateSearch topicsMake contentFind influencers

ThanksThank youivan@ivanenunez.com@ivan_nunez

***Technology is now enabling us to share and respond*We want to share our experiences. Tell our stories.*We share these experiences as words, pictures, videos and actions through a variety of tools: this is what we call Social Media.*In the big market of groups there are many tools to engage in conversations:BlogsVideosMicrobloggingAudio collaborative tools

Most of these tools extend beyond the Web allowing you to interact via E-Mail and mobile.

*The goal is to share experiences with a community that finds value in your content and wants to share it with others.**************Where are*

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