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Social Networks Social Outlets

Date post:12-Jul-2015
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  • Social NetworksSocial OutletsHow to meet student social needs

  • I know that many of you want to use Social Networks (SN)

  • And I know some reasons why

  • You want to.

  • 1.Communicate with your friends -On and off campus2.Meet new people3.Share things about yourself with others4.BE the social adolescent you are!

  • I have to promise you this

  • I have given this tremendous thought

  • And I want to meet your communication and social needs

  • Here is what I believe

  • I believe SNs are a great education tool

  • I think MYSpace have given SNs a bad rap

  • I believe many school districts against MY Space and SNs know little about SNsand perhaps never used them (one)

  • I believe SNs can be distracting in the school setting if not created for educational purposes

  • I believe schools need to ne sensitive to student needs and provide social outlets

  • So here is what I will do

  • You will be given an inter-school email where you can create blogs and groups (Gaggle)

  • You will be able to join and use a private community network (MS Sharepoint

  • You will be able to post and share photos on the school server folders (Edufiles)

  • You will be able to contribute to class forums on an LMS (Moodle)

  • You will be able to join and contribute to global discussions (TakingITGlobal)

  • You will be to create and publish on the WWW (Voicethread, MS Photostory,)

  • You will be able to contribute to school/classroom Wikis and Blogs (Wikispaces, Blogger)

  • I hope to allow you to be part of an educational SN (education.Ning)

  • Thus, short of permitting MYSpace (or other SNs) I am unsure how to meet insatiable social needs. The list provides ample opportunity for contribution, self-expression, collaboration, sharing, publishing, etc

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