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Society in the 1950s-1960s. 1940s Music Not so great.

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Society in the 1950s- 1960s

Society in the 1950s-1960s

Society in the 1950s-1960s1940s Music Not so great.

Identify the changes in the music industry brought about by Tennessee's influence Music in TennesseeCountry MusicNashville Home of Country MusicGrand Ole OpryWeekly Country Music Variety Show in NashvilleCalled the show that made Country Music FamousWSMRadio network the Grand Ole Opry is carried on

Music in TennesseeRock and RollSun RecordsFamous Rock Recording Studio Carl PerkinsJerry Lee LewisJohnny CashElvis Presley

Music in TennesseeElvis Presley Born in Tupelo, MSKing of Rock n RollHome in Memphis- Graceland

Music in Tennessee Stax Records African American musicMemphis Biggest star- Otis Redding

Evaluate socio-economic impact of the post World War II Baby Boomer generation Baby BoomersGeneration that consisted of Children of WWII veterans

Media and EntertainmentTelevision Became a national sensation of the 1950s Sitcoms that portray only stable families1955

Education EducationNational Defense Education ActProduce more scientists and science teachersBaby BoomersFirst generation to focus on education Housing SuburbiaFamilies moving to the outskirts of citiesBecause Affordable housingLower crime rates

Counter-Culture CountercultureReaction against conservative social norms of the 1950sHippiesMovement based on free love and peaceBikers

American SocietyGeneration gapLack of understanding and communication between the older and younger generationsThis will cause the Counter-Culture movement of the 1960sCold Wars Affect on America Recognize domestic impact of the Cold War on American society CommunismRed ScareAmericans feared Communisms spread in America A Communist take over McCarthyism Senator Joe McCarthys witch hunt for communists in Americasaid he had a list consisting ofHollywood StarsGovernment Officials

Medical AdvancementsPolio vaccinePolio was an airborne illness that led to paralysisplagued the US for 50 years Vaccine Jonas Salk Invented the Polio vaccine Ended Polio in America 1st open heart surgeryCortisone

Infrastructure Interstate System Built by President EisenhowerBuilt to allow military supplies to be shipped from coast to coast quicklyVital part of our economy transport of goods

Space RaceSpace RaceCalled Space Race b/c it was a competition b/t us and the SovietsSoviet Union launches Sputnik We respond by announcing we will go to the moon 1st

Apollo 11 July 20, 1969We land on the moon

Cuban Missile CrisisRecognize the altered American approach to foreign policy Our Foreign Policy towards CommunistBrinkmanshippractice of pushing a dangerous situation on the verge of disaster in order to achieve the best outcome for the US

Bay of PigsWe did not want Cuba to be CommunistTo close to USWe carried out a mission to overthrow Cubas leader (Castro) Failed miserably Results of the Bay of PigsCastro not happyCastro Aligns himself with our enemy the Soviets b/c of the Bay of PigsSoviets installed Nuke missiles in Cuba

Cuban Missile Crisis-1962The US felt threatened A blockade of Cuba begins The US began a stand off against the SovietsAny attack would result in a full scale Nuclear warLasted 13 days US agreed: not to interfere with Cuba. USSR agreed: to withdraw nuclear weaponsAfter Missile Crisis US and Soviets returned to a state of Peaceful Coexistence