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Date post:14-Mar-2020
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  • D uring this month of October, you will be called upon in your parishes to take part in the collection for the Mission. This financial help will be sent to a particular missionary work at the other end of the world and to one that you will probably never visit, which may seem to

    you very distant from your own urgent needs of everyday life. To encourage your generosity

    with the foreign missions, there is nothing better than to cite the Encyclicals of the Popes. This

    is what Pope Pius XII said, on June 2nd, 1951:

    "Your charity can certainly be employed in no better cause since it is thus destined to propagate

    the Kingdom of Christ and to bring salvation to so many still outside the Fold. It is the Lord Himself

    Who ‘gave to everyone of them commandment concerning his neighbour’. (Ecclus., XVII, 12.)

    Let all the faithful . . . continue in their determination to support the missions, multiplying their

    activities on their behalf, ceaselessly praying fervently to God for them, aiding missionaries and

    providing for their needs as far as they can.

    With all the more reason, then, does the Catholic Church, most loving mother of all men, call on

    all her children to be zealous in helping these intrepid missionaries by their offerings, by prayer

    and by fostering missionary vocations. In motherly fashion she compels them to wear the livery

    of tender compassion, (Coloss., III, 12) and to take part, if not in the actual apostolate, at least

    by zealous cooperation, and not allow the wish of the most loving Heart of Jesus to remain

    unrealized, who ‘came to seek and to save what was lost.’ (Luke, XIX, 10) If they help in any way

    to bring the light and consolations of the Faith to one household, let them understand that a

    Divine force has been thus released, which will keep on growing in momentum throughout the

    ages. If they help even one candidate for the priesthood, they will fully share in all the future

    Masses and in all the fruits of sanctity and apostolic works that will be his. There seems to be

    nothing more apt than the dogma of the ‘Communion of Saints’ for bringing home to the people

    the utility and importance of the missions.

    The work done by the faithful for the salvation of the infidels produces splendid results by way of

    renewing their own Faith; and an increase of virtue keeps pace with an increase in missionary zeal."

    We truly believe that these words will help to reinforce your untiring generosity that you offer

    to the Missions throughout the year. God alone is able to reward so many good works and that

    is what we call upon Him to do every day, when we celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

    Rev. Fr. Loic Duverger

    11th October 2015

    Editorial from the District Superior

    N° 02—October 2015

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    Society of Saint Pius X

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    News from the District of Africa

    The holiday period does not leave the Mission without any important activities. During the months of July and August, six retreats were preached for the faithful. After the priests’ retreat, preached by the District Superior of Germany, Father Udressy, the confreres forti- fied 140 souls by preaching the Spiritual Exercis- es of Saint Ignatius. Priority was given to those who had never assisted at a spiritual retreat before. The retreats took place on a property loaned to us by one of the faithful in a peaceful suburb, just outside of Libreville.

    During these retreats, Father Rantoandro or- ganised a camp for thirty boys not far from our chapel at Four Place. In turn, the sisters organ- ised the camp for the girls at the same place. The other confreres were thus able to take their holidays and prepare for other parish activities that would restart in October.

    On July 11th, at Four Place, there was a magnifi- cent ceremony with several marriages. Perhaps you have already seen some photos on the Internet, but we add at least one photo here for you to see. Unfortunately the sacrament of Matrimony is badly neglected here in Gabon. A church wedding can only take place after the

    tribal wedding (with its protracted negotiations) and the civil wedding (with all the endless paper- work). This process can be very long and compli- cated. Not to mention the fact that a Catholic marriage imposes a strict moral code. The insta- bility of families in Gabon is such, that many hesitate to give themselves for life. However through regular sermons more and more of the faithful understand that fidelity comes through God’s grace and that these graces come through the sacrament of Matrimony and through prac- ticing the faith thereafter.

    1 — Gabon: Mission Saint-Pie X

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    2 — Gabon: Collège Notre Dame de la Merci

    C ongratulations to the School Director, Fr Legrier, and all the priests and teaching staff at the College Notre Dame de la Merci for the excellent results in the national examina- tions that took place last August! All the students presented for the Lower-Secondary School and the Higher-Secondary School examinations passed their exams. For the end of Primary School exams, 72% of the students passed. The results were so good that when the widely-read national newspaper “l’Union” published the final results and ranked all schools according to their results, they placed our school at the top of the list. As the news website “Times Gabon”

    noted: “these educational institutions are show- ing the way forward that others must follow, that of excellence. The high standings, disci- pline, hard work and the personal development of the students in an environment that encour- ages learning can facilitate success. There is no miracle recipe. But it is also true that the overall performance depends on the special character- istics of the school and the students, as well as the training opportunities of the staff. Every school board must still do more. The Gabon is firmly turned towards excellence. Its youth is its spearhead. Our highest authorities want our youth to be highly trained and competitive. That

    is why Jean Bodin said: ‘there is no better wealth than men’. Our schooling establishments are the primary providers of our national wealth”.

    Definitely these excellent results will encourage the staff and students to further increase their efforts so as to keep our school at the top of the list.

    To gain new strength after a hard school year, Father de Lassus took the Scouts on a camp in the forest, not far from Libreville. The construc- tion of the boarding school outside of Libreville is patiently waiting for new benefactors. We hope, however, it will restart soon.

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    T he month of February saw the beginning of major groundwork for the redevelop- ment of the area around the priory and a facelift for the church buildings. These reno- vations were masterfully lead by a German benefactor who came for six-months to organise this work: landscaping, replanting and painting around the priory, followed by painting, electrical work and the building of a choir loft inside the church. He used all his knowledge and skills to bring this work to a happy conclusion. He taught the volunteers the art of welding and has provided Brother Remi with the necessary knowledge to continue with the upkeep of the property. From the bottom of our

    heart we truly thank him for his generous assistance and his dedication. The Prior had to scrape the bottom of the bank account to pay the various bills which piled up during the work (and at the same time he found his first grey hairs!). We still have a few bills to pay and small loans to repay, but we look with confidence to Saint Joseph to see us through.

    The worksite however did not stop the apostolic work from continuing at the same time. The Corpus Christi procession and the Baptismal ceremonies were the results of many labours for souls done throughout the year.

    3 — Kenya: Holy Cross Priory

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    Contact details:

    SSPX District of Africa, P. O. Box 14881, ZA - Bredell 1623, South Africa fsspx.africa.sec@gmail.com

    How to help us:

    By electronic banking:

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    In American Dollars ($ USD), by cheque, payable to: «Foreign Mission Trust» sent to:

    SSPX African Missions,

    Regina Coeli House,

    11485 N. Farley Rd,

    USA - Platte City MO 64079, USA (Tax receipt sent on request for US residents)

    In British Pounds (GBP), by cheque payable to: «Society of Saint Pius X» sent to:

    SSPX African Missions,

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