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Solutions Elementary Progress Test a 1

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progress test

Unit 13Complete the sentences with the correct verbs in the present simple. I 1g______ u______ every morning at 7.00 a.m. After breakfast I 2g______ to school. My mum3

GrammarComplete the sentences with the correct present simple affirmative form of the verbs in the box. love get up listen go study drive watch

d______ me in the car. My brother, Tim, 4d______

go to school. Hes a baby. My mum 5s______ at 1 My friends _______ to school by bus. 2 My dad _______ football on television every Saturday. 3 My parents _______ at 7.30 a.m. 4 My mum _______ The Simpsons! 5 I _______ to music after school every day. 6 Jenny _______ medicine at university. 7 My brother _______ a big car.Mark /7

home with Tim. She 6d______ g______ to work.Mark /6

Vocabulary4Complete the sentences with the correct answers. 1 I have two _______, football and sailing. A hobbys B hobbies C hobbys

2 My _______ works in London. Hes very rich!


Complete the sentences with the correct present simple affirmative or negative form of the verbs in brackets. 1 I like football but I _______ (like) basketball. 2 On Saturday I _______ (get up) early. I stay in bed! 3 I dont go to school by bus. I _______ (walk). 4 My brother _______ (listen) to rock music. He hates it. 5 My sister _______ (like) sport. She thinks its boring. 6 My classmates _______ (work) hard. The teacher is very good. 7 My cousin lives in France and he _______ (speak) French.Mark /7

A aunt

B grandmother

C uncle

3 I go _______ every weekend. A football B school C shopping

4 My friends _______ is two years old. A daughter B wife C father

5 This is my _______ bike. A sisters B sistersMark /5

C sisters


Complete the sentences with the correct words in the box. cook go clean do take 1 We _______ to the supermarket on Fridays. 2 My parents _______ us to school after breakfast. 3 My mum doesnt _______ dinner at the weekend. My dad does. 4 I _______ the washing on Sunday morning. 5 My brother doesnt _______ his room.Mark /5

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progress test

Unit 18Are the sentences true or false? 1 Beth and Gemma have the same grandmother. ____ 2 Beth goes swimming before and after school. ____ 3 Gemma gets up early on Saturdays. ____ 4 Beth goes shopping with Gemma at the weekend. ____ 5 Gemma has a young niece. ____Mark /10

Listening6 1.01Listen to the radio interview. Complete the sentences with the correct names in the box. Barbara Petra Anna Dave Jack

1 _______ thinks the shops are expensive. 2 _______ likes the cafs. 3 _______ plays the piano. 4 _______ is related to one of the speakers. 5 _______ uses the bus.Mark /10

Writing Reading7Read the text.


Best friendsBeth and Gemma are cousins and theyre the same age. They are also best friends. They live in the same town and they are in the same class at school. But the girls are very, very different! Beth loves sports and she swims every day. She gets up at 5.00 a.m. and goes swimming before school. Then, after school she goes to the gym and swims again! At the weekend she goes to different towns with her swimming team for competitions. On Sundays she stays at home and does her homework. Gemma hates sports! She stays in bed every morning until 8.30 a.m. and at the weekend she stays in bed until 12.00! Gemmas hobbies are shopping and parties! She goes shopping in town every Saturday afternoon with her friends and goes to a party on Friday nights. She goes to bed very late after the party! On Sundays she visits her brother and his wife. They have a baby and Gemma likes to play with her. Sometimes Gemma doesnt do her homework and Beth helps her. Were very different and I dont see Gemma often out of school, but were still best friends! We text and phone a lot, says Beth. So, there is one thing they BOTH like to do. Talk!

Imagine you have moved with your family to a different town. Write a short letter to a friend at your old school. Use the writing guide to help you. Paragraph 1: Ask how your friend is. Say where you are. Paragraph 2: Write something about your new town or city. Paragraph 3: Say something about your days and your weekends.Mark Total /10 /60

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progress test

Unit 23 My boyfriends called Tim. I like _______ a lot. 4 Petra is good at maths. Im not! She often helps _______ in class. 5 Jan and Brian are really good tennis players. I play with _______ on Saturdays.Mark /5

GrammarMake questions for these answers, using the words in brackets. 1 I finish school at 3.30 p.m. (when) _________________________________ 2 She goes to college by car. (how) _________________________________ 3 We live near the town centre. (where) _________________________________ 4 I usually go shopping with Kathy. (who) _________________________________ 5 My dad calls me every Friday. (how often) _________________________________ 6 We usually have toast for breakfast. (what) _________________________________Mark /6


Complete the sentences with the correct imperative form of the verbs in the box. wait tell come phone

1 I want to go to bed early tonight so _______ me after 10.00 p.m. 2 _______ for us after school. Our class finishes at 3.30 p.m. 3 _______ to my party on Saturday. Its for my birthday. 4 _______ me the answer! I think I know it.Mark /4


Put the words into the correct order to make a sentence. 1 nights early go bed Friday never on to I. _________________________________ 2 sometimes he school is for late. _________________________________ 3 the often together club dance we to go. _________________________________ 4 am 10.30 p.m. in hardly I before bed ever. _________________________________ 5 in always Sundays on dad garden the is my. _________________________________Mark /5

Vocabulary5Complete the sentences with the correct words in the box. athletics chess photography jogging fashion

1 My sister goes _______ every morning before breakfast. 2 Im interested in _______ and I always look at the new clothes in magazines. 3 I have a fantastic new camera and I learn to use it at the _______ club on Wednesdays. 4 In the summer we do _______ but I hate running! 5 My brother and I often play _______ in the evenings.Mark /5


Complete the sentences with the correct object pronouns. 1 Whos that girl? I dont know _______. 2 Thats a good magazine. I buy _______ every week.

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progress test

Unit 2

Complete the sentences with the correct answers. 1 He swims a lot and he has very big _______. A eyes B shoulders C feet

2 I work on my computer all day. My _______ are very tired! A toes B knees C fingers

3 Use your _______! Its your brother, not Jack! A ears B mouth C eyes

4 I dont eat beef burgers. They give me a bad _______. A stomach B neck C head

Channel 8 and the first show is tonight at 6.30 p.m. On the programme Jane Sinden talks to lots of different people about clothes. She interviews people like you and me and she also talks to famous people. Tonight she talks to a very famous singer. This singer is married to a footballer and she has three beautiful children. She always wears amazing clothes. Do you know who she is? She tells Jane about her favourite clothes for women, for men and for children! Also on the programme Jane goes to a new clothes shop in London and a famous designer talks about fashion from the 1960s to today. Its an excellent programme. Theres also something on TV tonight for people who love sports. Theres a new programme about different sports and where you can watch them. Its called Watching Sport. Where can you watch rollerblading or gymnastics competitions? When are the national ice-skating competitions? Dont go out tonight! Stay in and watch Fashion Today and Watching Sport. Theyre amazing!

5 Kirsty doesnt like her _______. She thinks its very long! A backMark /5

B nose

C chest

Listening7 1.02Steve Listen to the people talking about their hobbies. Complete the sentences with the correct names in the box. Jake Maria Julie Chris


Are the sentences true or false? 1 There are two new programmes on TV tonight. ____ 2 On the fashion programme there is an interview with a famous footballer. ____ 3 On the fashion programme we can learn about a place where we can buy clothes. ____ 4 The sports programme tells us where we can learn new sports. ____ 5 We can watch football matches on the sports programme. ____Mark /10

1 _______ doesnt spend money on his/her hobby. 2 _______ likes competitions. 3 _______ learns about his/her hobby on television. 4 _______ reads about his/her hobby. 5 _______ meets other people once a week who have the same hobby.Mark /10

Writing10 Imagine there is an English club at your school.Write an announcement for the club. Include the following information: when it meets where it meets what it does who to phone phone number website/10

Reading8Read the text.

Tonight on TVAre you interested in fashion or sport? Well, Fashion Today is a new TV programme onPhotocopiable Oxford University Press


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