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Soundings - Winter 2014

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Publication for the Friends and Families of Cape Henry Collegiate
  • Leadership, a quality of character that sets many students apart, is deeply valued at Cape Henry Collegiate.

    Our faculty and staff are passionate in their united efforts to provide students opportunities which develop

    the characteristics of leadership, starting in the Lower School and continuing throughout their Middle and

    Upper School education.

    The new and imperative thinking about leadership emphasizes authenticity, openness, caring, critical thinking and flexibility. A

    leader needs to be genuine and lead by example. Leaders must be understanding and emotionally connected in order to inspire

    loyal followers. At Cape Henry, we seek to develop the qualities of empathy, openness, creativity, resourcefulness, and compassion,

    as well as drive and determination.

    It is interesting to note that research shows that a significantly large number of corporate and government leaders, both in the U.S.

    and abroad, attended the relatively small number of college-preparatory schools before entering college. Taking a deeper look at

    top leaders, it is believed that more than double the reported number of senior leaders were educated in independent schools. Of

    the approximate 56 million prekindergarten through 12th grade students in the U.S., about ten percent attend non-public schools.

    Among privately educated students, only ten percent, roughly 550,000 students, are in independent, college-preparatory schools

    like Cape Henry Collegiate.

    Leadership development has never been more critical than now as schools, hospitals, our military forces, and companies, for-profit

    and non-profit organizations alike, all face tough challenges in a rapidly changing world. The need for innovative and inspiring

    leaders in our community, across the region and around the world, who can creatively develop and implement solutions and instill

    hope and passion is greater now than ever.

    It should make parents and faculty equally proud to welcome Cape Henry alumnus, Michael Gianascoli '89, as the incoming

    Chairman of our Board of Trustees. He is our first School graduate to rise to this leadership position, earning the confidence of

    everyone with whom he has worked as a volunteer since he and his wife, Lisa, enrolled their first child here six years ago.

    We remain committed to providing the best available education and opportunities for growth in the leadership character of our

    students and alumni, as well as to being a leading school in Virginia and the country. We are committed to mentoring students of

    all ages, to inspiring and encouraging the leadership potential of every Cape Henry student, now and into the future.

    Join me in welcoming Michael Gianascoli as our new Chairman of the Board, ushering in a new and exciting era of achievement for

    Cape Henry Collegiate.


    Dr. John P. Lewis

    F R O M T H E H E A D O F S C H O O L

    ON THE COVER: Cape Henry Collegiates NewBoard Chair, Mr. Michael R. Gianascoli '89.

    Photo Credit: Daniel Burke


    Mr. Michael R. Gianascoli 89, ChairMrs. Sibyl W. Seth, Vice ChairMr. Ronald M. Kramer, Vice ChairThe Honorable Pamela E. Hutchens, SecretaryMrs. Cheryl L. Xystros, TreasurerDr. John P. Lewis, Head of School/PresidentMr. Thomas H. Atherton IIIMr. B. Franklin BradleyMr. David C. BurtonMrs. Carolyn A. Castleberry Mr. Scot N. CreechMr. W. Trent Dudley 88 Mr. Dennis M. EllmerMr. John C. FaganMr. James P. KaridesMr. Kelly L. Law '83 Mr. Craig L. Mytelka Mr. Lee S. Peregoff '77 Mr. James H. Sparks

    FOUNDERS AND TRUSTEES EMERITIMr. W. Cecil Carpenter* Mr. John P. Edmondson* Mr. Andrew S. Fine Mr. L. Renshaw Fortier Mrs. Dow S. Grones* Mr. Benjamin Huger, II Mrs. Grace Olin Jordan* Mr. Bernard W. McCray, Jr. Mr. James R. McKenry* Mr. Arthur Peregoff* Mr. George G. Phillips, Jr. Mr. James P. Sadler* Mr. William J. Vaughan*Mrs. Anne Dickson Jordan Waldrop

    EX-OFFICIO TRUSTEEMr. Colin Kelly '01, President, Alumni Board

    HEADMASTERS EMERITIDr. W. Hugh Moomaw* Mr. Daniel P. Richardson

    * Deceased

    WINTER 2014

    2It Is in Giving That We ReceiveThe Lower School SCAs Adopt-a-Family Program is making a difference in our community.

    4Where Everybody Knows Your NameThe Head of Schools Big Walk Challenge puts Middle School students to the test.

    6Teaching Latin and LeadershipMrs. Merni Medley inspires students to find the leader within.

    8Seniors Change Lives in AfricaThe student-driven LifeStraws project is providing a much needed resource to the people of Tanzania.

    12The Greatest Gift Is a Good EducationMrs. Maureen Olivieri talks about Cape Henrys past, present, and future, highlighting aspects that make Cape Henry Collegiate the best investment possible.

    14At the Helm: New Board ChairMichael R. Gianascoli '89Cape Henry Collegiate welcomes its first alumnus to the positon of Chair of the Board of Trustees.

    22Lynsey Bates '03:Digging for a Deeper UnderstandingLynsey Bates, Class of 2003 Valedictorian and Ph.D. candidate in anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania, looks back on her days at CHC and even further back into history.

    24Alumni Reunion 2013Over 100 alumni returned to campus, catch up with old friends, enjoy the Fall Festival and Race at the Cape, and tour our growing campus.

    2013 Race at the Cape Cape Henry runners celebrate their accomplishments after the 2013 Race at the Cape.

    O T H E R H I G H L I G H T S

    11 Whats the Buzz?

    17 Annual Fund Numbers

    18 Athletic Reports

    21 Snapshots: Cape Henry Volunteers

    26 Alumni Happenings

    27 Alumni Notes

  • C A P E H E N R Y C O L L E G I A T E2

    We all want our children to be successful, purposeful members of society. We want them to grow up and be well-rounded chil-

    dren, just like grandma used to say. The truth of the matter is, sometimes it is difficult to teach our children how and why they

    should be active participants in the community around them. How do we inspire our children to become instruments of change, as

    well as teach them service and to give back to the community in which we raise them?

    Respect, kindness, honesty, courage, self-discipline, generosity, compassion, dependabilitymost parents want to instill these

    kinds of values in their children. Teaching values takes time. How is a parent supposed to do it all?

    Here at Cape Henry Collegiate, we believe that one of the most important things we can do is set a good example for our stu-

    dents. We can help you teach your children values by exhibiting honesty, self-respect, and compassion.

    One school-wide, value-based community service project that we lead during the holidays allows everyone from our youngest

    students to our graduating seniors the opportunity to participate. Through the Adopt-A-Family program, which is one of the Low-

    er School Student Council Associations major projects for the year, the students get to put their arms around families needing

    assistance in our area. This hands-on project helps families who are in crisis enjoy a special holiday season.

    On November 21 and 22, the Lower School SCA assisted parent volunteers in distributing needed gift tags to Cape Henry Col-

    legiate families, teachers, and staff to participate by adopting a child. Records were kept to assure the adopted families requests

    for food, clothing, and gifts were fulfilled by our students and their families, and the unwrapped gifts with the tags attached were

    stacked up in the Lower School Foyer. Then in mid-December, our Caf Dolphin was transformed into a holiday workshop for what

    has become a Cape Henry tradition, the Wrap n Roll. Cookies and hot chocolate were served to the volunteers of all ages while

    the presents were wrapped in festive holiday paper. This, along with the selection of the surprise special gifts, was when the real

    joy came in for our youngest students!

    On the day that the adopted families packages were wrapped, the Middle School Green Team matched a donated coat, with a hat

    and gloves, through their Coats for Kids and Mitten Tree service project. In 2012, so many coats were donated by Cape Henry Col-

    legiate students that after matching all the adopted families with coats, they had well over one hundred coats to take to Potters

    House. Over 300 coats were donated again this past year.

    To make this a truly united school project, the Global Scholars, Class of 2015 in the Upper School, personally delivered all the

    packages along with good cheer to each needy family. Bringing this school-wide initiative full circle for struggling families in our

    community, the students see and feel the true mission of our service work. They also gain an understanding of our greater goal of

    increasing our capacity to develop and follow best practices to prevent homelessness and despair in our community.

    Community engagement policiesservice learningand combining learning goals with teaching values, this project involves the

    entire Cape Henry Collegiate family. That is how WE teach our students, through doing, to be successful and purposeful members

    of society. Grandma would be proud of her well-rounded little children! We hope you agree.


    I T I S I N G I V I N G T H AT


  • S O U N D I N G S | W I N T E R 2 0 1 4 3


    C A P E H E N R Y C O L L E G I A T E4

    Hello, my name is Zach Maiden, it is my eighth year here at CHC, and I am in t

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