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Date post: 16-Feb-2022
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1 - 19 SPEAKOUT GUIDELINES FOR TEACHERS Account/Username/Password…………………….. 2 Creating a course………………………..……………….. 2 At the beginning/ end of your course………….. 6 Checking your students’ work ……………………. 9 About students having access to MEL……………. 14 Frequently Asked Questions………………….……. 17 E-LEARNING AREA/ STUDIES AREA/ December 2013
Checking your students’ work ……………………. 9
About students having access to MEL……………. 14
Frequently Asked Questions………………….……. 17
2 - 19
Account / Username / Password 1. You will receive a Student’s Book as part of your material. On the back cover there is Student Access
Code. Don’t use the code that comes in your Student’s Pack. If the Access Code is still covered, uncover it and send it to: [email protected]
2. In case you forget your password, send an email to these addresses to request it:
To: [email protected] Cc: [email protected]
3. Don’t change your password. In case you had to change it, send the new password to the emails above
e.g.: SU-201309-B01-7:00
7:00 - 10:00 7:00F
9:00 - 12:00 9:00F
10:45 - 13:45 10:45F
13:00 - 16:00 1:00F
18:00 - 21:00 6:00F
8:45 - 10:45 8:45A
9:00 - 12:00 9:00B
11:00 - 13:00 11:00A
13:45 - 15:45 1:45A
16:00 - 18:00 4:00A
18:15 - 20:15 6:15A
18:15 - 21:15 6:15B
4. Select the corresponding product (book) and click on “Create course”.
5. Copy the course ID so you can give it later to your students.
5 - 19
6. Go to Settings > Course Management and on your new course click on “Edit”.
7. Click on “Course settings”, go to the “Messenger” area and click on: “Turn off messenger for this course”.
In that way students won’t be able to send messages to each other.
6 - 19
* In this area (Course settings), you can: - change the name of your course (if you made a mistake) “Change course details” - find your Course ID - delete the course at the end of the cycle “Delete this course”
8. Go to your course: Click on “Course” and in “Change course” select the new course that you have just created.
9. Hide from the second unit of your cycle to the last unit of the book.
Don’t hide units from previous cycles or the Video Podcasts section.
10. For your first unit, hide all the lessons, except the first lesson of the first unit of your cycle.
7 - 19
IMPORTANT: If you know that you won’t be able to go back into the system to show the corresponding units/lessons/exercises that you have hidden, don’t hide anything.
At the beginning / end of your course
1. On the first day of classes (and every time you have a new student) give them the course ID so they can join your class. If your students are in B01 or you have many students that are new to Speakout, show them how to navigate and use myenglishlab. Also you can register new students (students who have just bought a new Speakout book) if they feel that they are not very techie. Go to Settings > Course Management > on your course click on “Edit”, and in “Manage Students” click on “Register new student(s)”.
8 - 19
Fill in the required information (make sure your student has an active email account) and preferably use your student’s email address as Username.
If you do not know the student’s email address the registration process will use yours. The student may amend this when they sign in. The password is auto-generated (the student will be prompted to change the password on first use). If you want, you can put something easier (like password1).
9 - 19
Optionally you may add the 16-character access code. If you don’t have the Access Code, your student will have to provide it once he logs into the system.
2. Once the cycle finishes, you have to delete your course.
Go to Settings > Course Management > Edit (on the course you want to delete) > Course Settings > click on “Delete this course”.
10 - 19
Checking your students’ work To see your students’ work, click on “Gradebook”
In the “Change view” part, select “Practice only”
You will see your students’ progress:
11 - 19
Click on the units and the lessons to obtain more specific details:
If you click on the individual exercises, you will see the “Common error report”
12 - 19
Sometimes the system doesn’t read some characters and this is why some answers might appear as if they were wrong. If there is an answer that you would accept, you can click on “Accept” so that your students get the marks for this question.
To see how many exercises your students have completed, click on the name of the student and select “Practice only” again:
13 - 19
In this way, you will be able to see how many exercises your students have done:
If you want to see how your students performed the first time they did the exercises, choose “First attempt” in the Practice Part:
14 - 19
About students having access to MEL Find below a link to a video that explains how to have access to MEL for the first time (for students): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odBHJUGRqmI IMPORTANT: If a student finishes a book and buys another one (for example, finishes B06 and buys the Pre-Intermediate book to start studying B07), it is not necessary to create a new account. They should:
- Go to www.myenglishlab.com/speakout and - Click on “Log in” - Enter the access code provided in his/her new book and click on “Next”:
Click on “Next” again
15 - 19
In this part they should not click on “Create an Account” because they have already created one with their previous book. Instead, they should type their username and password in the “Sign in”:
Then students should click on “Finish” and continue with the steps the system will ask them for:
16 - 19
Students can see their progress in the same way teachers do. If students click on “Gradebook” they won’t see their work automatically. They have to go to the “Change view” part and click on “Practice only”.
In this way, students will see how many exercises they have done and the score they got:
You can also see how a student’s page looks like by clicking on “Course” and on “Student View”
Should you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us: [email protected] [email protected]
1. Is it compulsory for teachers to use MyEnglishLab?
Yes, it is. All teachers must use the online tool as this is one of the components of the SPEAKOUT
2. Is it compulsory for students to use MyEnglishLab?
No, it is not. However, teachers should encourage their students to use the tool as it has lots of
benefits for them. If there are students who claim he/she does not have access to the Internet or
that is not into technological components, do not penalise them. Tell them they can always do the
exercises in the regular Workbook, but that their teachers will not be able to monitor their progress
and they will not get the same hints or help in the regular Workbook.
3. When do we have to create our courses?
When we are assigned courses.
When we are reassigned courses.
When we come back from holidays and are assigned a Saturday course which has already
started with another teacher.
4. When do we have to delete our courses?
When the course finishes (on the day of the exam or on the day of marks).
When a course is closed or reassigned to another teacher.
When we go on holidays and our Saturday course will be in charge of another teacher.
5. When do we have to give the Course ID to our students?
On the first day of classes along with other important general information such as Evaluation
When detecting students who were absent on the first day of classes.
6. Can students use MEL if they don’t have an e-mail?
No, he/she can’t. To register, the student must have an e-mail as the system will ask for one in case
the user loses their username or password.
7. If students change their schedule, can they be moved to their new course?
No, they can’t. If this happens, the new teacher has to provide them with the new Course ID.
8. If I’ve created a course, but I made a mistake in the name of the course. Do I have to delete it and
create it again?
No, you don’t. You only have to change the course information. Please, check page 6 for more
information about this.
9. Do we have to set an “End Course Date” when creating a course?
No, you don’t. You mustn’t modify this part. If you do this, the course might become “inactive” and
will not be able to delete it. You only have to name your course and choose the correct book
(Product). Just ignore “End Course Date” part.
18 - 19
10. There might be some students that use books that belonged to a friend or relative. How will they
use MEL?
If a student is using another person’s book, the person who borrowed the book should also “borrow”
his/her account. This means that they should ask the owner of the book for his/her Username and
password to have access to the tool. When the student has access to the owner of the book’s
account, he/she will find the exercises that were previously done with “Try again”, not with “New”.
To clarify this to our students we can make a comparison with the Student’s Book. If we do not buy
a new one and borrow a book that belonged to another person, we will find the answers written
down and we will have to erase them. Something similar happens with MEL, students will not find
“New” exercises to be done. They will find the “Try Again” option.
11. What are the advantages of MyEnglishLab that I can tell my students?
By using MyEnglishLab, students will be able to:
Do the exercises online instead of using the regular Workbook. It’s easier, more attractive
and interactive.
If students get a wrong answer, the system does not give the correct one. They will find hints
and help icons. By clicking on them, students will open windows with grammar explanations
or clues to get the right answer. In this way, MEL makes them think and analyse the exercises
instead of just “checking” with the Answer key.
If students use MyEnglishLab and join a class, the teacher will be able to monitor their
progress. This is “Informed teaching”: Teachers can check the “Common Error Report” and
prepare some remedial work based on their student’s mistakes.
Lessons can be entirely devoted to do the Student’s Book, speaking and communicative
activities and reinforce weak aspects instead of “doing the workbook” in class, as this can
be done at home and teachers can check students are doing it.
It promotes autonomous learning with guidance. Students can learn on their own at home
and come to class with specific doubts.
It has a message system and teachers can communicate with students to make them
remember some important activities in class. Students can also send messages to the
teacher in order to justify answers or ask for some information. (Important: don’t forget to
disable the messenger among students; communication must only take place between the
teacher and his/her students).
12. There are new students all the time. How can I help them get an account in MyEnglishLab?
Explain briefly what MyEnglishLab is about and tell them they have to go to the webpage indicated
in the book and use the access code. If they need further support, they can go to the SAC. The people
in charge have been trained to support students.
13. Can I use the Access Code that appears in the book I receive in my centre?
No, you can’t. It is prohibited to do it. If you receive a Student’s Book with the access code still with
the protective cover, remove it and send the code to Gustavo Sánchez Piérola, E-Learning
Coordinator: [email protected] indicating the level (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate,
Intermediate or Upper Intermediate) Teachers are not allowed to use this code.
19 - 19
14. What should I do if my students have technical problems with MEL?
First, try to help them. If you can’t solve the problem, tell them to go to the Reception Area. The
staff there have received special training to deal with these difficulties. If they can’t help them, they
will contact the E-Learning or Studies Area.