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Specalog for CS and CP-323C Soil Compactors, QEHQ9778 · 2 CS-323C and CP-323C Soil Compactors...

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CS-323CCP-323CVibratory SoilCompactors

Operating WeightCS-323C 4540 kg 9,985 lbCP-323C 4745 kg 10,440 lb

Cat 3054 DINA Diesel EngineGross Power 52 kW 70 hp

Compaction Width 1270 mm 50"Centrifugal Force 66,8 kN 15,000 lbVibratory Frequency 35 Hz 2,100 vpm


CS-323C and CP-323C Soil CompactorsIdeally-sized for small compaction jobs or working in tight areas such as trenchesor job sites with limited space.

EngineCaterpillar 3054 DINA Diesel Enginedelivers 52 kW (70 hp) and is built forperformance and reliability withoutsacrificing fuel economy. Page 4

Propel SystemThe single pump propel system withflow divider provides balancedhydraulic flow to both the rear driveaxle and the front drum drive motor.(Flow divider is optional on CS-323Cwithout a blade.) This systemminimizes drum and wheel spin-out onslopes or in loose underfoot conditions.Plus, there is plenty of tractive effortand power to effectively utilize theoptional leveling blade.Page 4

Vibratory SystemAn industry-proven eccentric weightdesign combined with high amplitudeand frequency delivers superiorcompaction in the fewest number ofpasses.Page 5


Operators Station C-Series Soil Compactors featureexceptional operator comfort andvisibility. All controls and gauges arepositioned to maximize operatorproductivity and convenience. Fourheavy-duty isolation mounts minimizemachine vibration transfer to theoperators station.Page 5

ServiceabilityAn open sided engine and a swingdown rear grill permit easy serviceaccess. Wide opening and lockable sideengine doors are optional. Theoperators station tilts forward toprovide access to the hydraulic pumps.Page 7

Performance and Reliability You Can TrustDurable Cat power train, field-proven hydraulic and vibratorysystem, production enhancing options, and the worlds largest andmost dedicated dealer support system ensure the Cat CS-323C andCP-323C Soil Compactors will provide maximum compactionperformance and value.

Leveling BladeThe optional leveling blade increasesmachine utilization to tackle backfilling,material knockdown and light dozingapplications. Page 6


Caterpillar 3054 Direct Injection, Naturally Aspirated (DINA) Diesel EngineIndustry-proven Caterpillar technology designed to provide performance, reliability andfuel economy in demanding construction applications.

Efficient Propel SystemSuperior tractive effort and gradeability for outstanding productivity and utilization.

Precise balance and optimum runningspeed for smooth operation, good fueleconomy and long engine life.

Adjustment-free direct injection fuelsystem provides individually meteredhigh-pressure, direct injection of fuelfor maximum efficiency.

Good displacement-to-power ratioensures long life and exceptionalreliability.

High torque rise for consistent powerunder increased loads.

Low-mounted oil pump for quickerstart-up lubrication.

Dual fuel filters and water separatoroffer superior protection for the unitinjection system.

Air inlet heater helps cold weatherstarting.

Meets U.S. EPA emissions standards.

Single propel pump with flow dividerprovides separate, balanced flow to therear wheel drive motor and the drumdrive motor. Increases tractive effort insoft material and on slopes. (Flowdivider is optional on CS-323C withouta blade.)

Limited slip differential providessmooth and balanced tractive effort toboth rear wheels.

Infinitely variable speed range formaximum torque when blading or gradeclimbing, plus the ability to movequickly over longer distances.

Flushing valves in each propel circuithelps keep hydraulic oil cool and clean.

High travel speed up to 8,9 km/hr (5.5 mph).

1 Propel Pump2 Caterpillar 3054 DINA Diesel Engine3 Limited Slip Differential4 Rear Wheel Drive Motor5 Drum Drive Motor6 Flow Divider

b c






Vibratory SystemIndustry-proven drum design delivers superior compactive force and high reliability.

High centrifugal force and amplitudeprovide superior compactive effort andexceptional productivity.

Vibratory frequency of 35 Hz (2,100vpm) combined with optimal drumweight, enables the operator to achievedensity in fewer passes.

Heavy-duty bearings for the weightshaft allows higher frequency forgreater force and greater reliability.

1 year/1,000 hour vibratory bearing lubeservice interval for reduced maintenance.

Rubber isolation mounts allow moreforce to be transmitted to the groundand less vibration to the operator.

Operators StationDesigned for simple control, comfort and productivity.

1 Swinging Eccentric Weight2 Heavy-duty Bearings3 Isolation Mounts b



Single lever control for propel andvibratory On/Off provides simple, one-handed and low effort operation.

Easy to reach propel lever located tothe right of the operators seat forconvenient and accurate machinecontrol.

Operational gauges are located on thesteering console for easy referencewhen operating.

Exceptional visibility to the drum, tiresand rear of the machine.

Comfortable and durable adjustableseat with flip-up arm rests and 76 mm(3") wide retractable seat belt.

Isolated operators station with fourheavy-duty rubber mounts reducemachine vibration transmitted to theoperator.


Compact Size for Specific Applications Features and benefits designed specifically for trench work and limited space job sites.

Narrow machine width of 1393 mm(54.8") is ideal for working in trenchapplications or limited space job sites.

Propel system with flow dividerprovides effective hydraulic pressure toboth the wheel and drum drive motorseven if one loses traction and begins tospin.

Short turning radius for goodmaneuverability in confined work areas.

Padded drum features a tapered paddesign, chevron pattern and individuallyadjustable scraper teeth for maximumcompactive effort transmitted to thematerial.

Optional leveling blade expandsmachine versatility and utilization.

Optional Leveling BladeIncreased versatility and machine utilization with plenty of power for blading applications.

Single lever blade control located tothe right of the operators seat forsimple and convenient operation.

Exceptional tractive effort for effectiveblade utilization in backfilling, materialspreading, light dozing and trenchapplications.

Good grade approach angle of 30 withthe blade in the raised position.

Efficient propel system combined withcorrect engine horsepower providesplenty of power to effectively use theblade in tough material and on grades.


Reliability and ServiceabilityReliability and serviceability are integrated into every Caterpillar Soil Compactor. Theseimportant features keep your machine investment profitable.

Convenient ground level access to all daily maintenancechecks and fuel fill.

Visual indicators for the hydraulic oil tank and filter, and theair restriction indicator.

Operators station tilts forward to allow convenient access tothe hydraulic pumps.

1 year/1,000 hour vibratory bearing lube service interval forreduced maintenance.

Quick-connect hydraulic test ports simplify systemdiagnostics.

Electrical wiring is color-coded and numbered to simplifytroubleshooting.

Nylon braided wrap and all-weather connectors ensureelectrical system integrity.

Maintenance-free Caterpillar batteries are mounted in therear of the machine and are accessible through the swingdown rear grill. Cat batteries are specifically designed formaximum cranking power and protection against vibration.

Secure hose routing with poly blocks to reduce rubbing andincrease service life.

Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS) ports allow for simple fluidcollection.

Factory Reman parts are a cost-effective and reliable solutionto keep your machines productive. Caterpillar offers a largechoice of Reman components.

8 CS-323C and CP-323C specifications

Four-stroke cycle, four cylinderCaterpillar 3054 Direct InjectionNaturally Aspirated (DINA) DieselEngine. Meets EPA and CARBemissions engine regulations.

Ratings at RPM kW hpGross power 2200 52 70

Ratings of Caterpillar machine enginesare based on standard air conditions of25C (77F) and 99 kPa (29.32" Hg) drybarometer. Power is based on using 35API gravity fuel having an LHV of42,780 kJ/kg (18,390 Btu/lb) when usedat 30C (86F) [ref. a fuel density of838.9 g/L (7.001 lb/U.S. gal)]. Netpower advertised is the power availableat the flywheel when the engine isequipped with fan, air cleaner, mufflerand alternator. No derating required upto 2134 m (7,000') altitude.

The following ratings apply at 2200RPM when tested under the specifiedstandard conditions:Net Power kW hpEEC80/1269 49 66ISO 9249 49 66SAE J1349 JUNE95 49 66

DimensionsBore 100 mm 3.93"Stroke 127 mm 5"Displacement 4 L 243 cu. in.

Dual-element, dry-type air cleaner withvisual restriction indicator.


ElectricalThe 24-volt electrical system consists oftwo maintenance-free Caterpillarbatteries, color-coded and numberedwiring wrapped in nylon braid. Thestarting system provides 750 coldcranking amps (cca). The systemincludes a 45-amp alternator.

TransmissionA variable displacement piston pumpsupplies pressurized flow to single-speed piston motor driving the rear axleand a single-speed piston motor drivingthe drum

A fl ow divider (optional on CS-323Cwithout a blade) splits the hydraulicflow between the wheel drive motorand the drum drive motor. If either thedrum or wheels begin to slip, the flowdivider restricts flow to the spinningdrive motor and routes the additionalflow to the other motor to keep themachine moving.

A single propel lever located on thecontrol console provides smoothhydrostatic control of the machinesinfinitely variable speeds in bothforward and reverse.

Top Speed (forward and reverse):8,9 km/hr (5.5 mph)

SteeringA priority-demand hydraulic power-assist steering system provides smoothlow-effort steering. The system alwaysreceives the power it needs regardlessof other hydraulic functions.

Minimum turning radius:CS-323C and CP-323C

Inside 2625 mm (8' 7")Outside 3895 mm (12' 9")

Steering angle: (each direction) 38

Oscillation angle: (each direction) 15

Hydraulic system:Two 63.5 mm (2.5") bore, double-actingcylinders powered by a gear-type pump.

Operator and MachineProtective EquipmentRoll Over Protection Structure / FallingObject Protective Structure(ROPS/FOPS) A two-post type thatbolts onto flanges integral with theoperator platform. The structure meetsSAE recommended practice J1040May94 for Roll Over ProtectionStructure.

Backup Alarm 112 dB(A) alarmsounds whenever the machine is inreverse. The backup alarm has threesound levels that can be changed with aswitch located on the alarm.

Seat Belt 76 mm (3") wide seat belt isstandard.

InstrumentationAlternator Light, Hour Meter, FuelGauge, Horn, Audible Warning Hornfor the: Engine Oil Pressure Light,Engine Water Temperature Light,Hydraulic Oil Temperature Light, LowCharge Pressure Light.

Service Refill CapacitiesLiters U.S.

GallonsFuel tank 144 38Cooling system 22,7 6Crankcase 7,6 2Vibratory bearing lube

CS-323C 50,8 13.4CP-323C 25,4 6.7

Differential andFinal drives (planetaries) 9,5 2.5Hydraulic system 49,2 13Filtration system (pressure type)

Propel 15 micron absoluteVibratory 20 micron absolute

9CS-323C and CP-323C specifications

BrakesService brake featuresClosed-loop hydrostatic drive systemprovides dynamic braking duringmachine operation.

Secondary brake featuresSpring-applied/hydraulically-releasedmultiple disc-type mounted on a drumdrive reducer.

Secondary brake is part of the drumdrive gearbox. It is activated by: buttonon the operators console; loss ofhydraulic pressure in the brake circuit;or when the engine is shut down.

A brake interlock system helps preventdriving through the secondary brake.

*Braking system meets SAE J1472 JAN99

Final Drives and TiresHeavy-duty final drive is hydrostaticwith gear reducer to the drum andhydrostatic with differential andplanetary gear reduction in each wheel.

Tires:284 mm (11.2") x 610 mm (24")

6-ply traction

Frame and Drum YokeFabricated from structural steel plateand joined at the articulation pivot. Thearticulation area is structurallyreinforced and joined by hardened steelpins. Two vertical pins provide asteering angle of 38 and a horizontalpin allows frame oscillation of 15.

AxleHeavy-duty fixed rear axle with gearreducer and limited slip differential.

Axle width 1270 mm 50"

Weight (approximate)Operating weight includes lubricants, coolant, 79 kg (175 lb) operator, ROPSstructure, full fuel tank and full hydraulic system.

CS-323C CP-323COperating (Standard) 4540 kg 9,985 lb 4745 kg 10,440 lb

Operating (Opt. Blade) 4850 kg 10,665 lb 5055 kg 11,120 lb

Shipping (Standard) 4395 kg 9,670 lb 4600 kg 10,125 lb

Shipping (Opt. Blade) 4705 kg 10,350 lb 4910 kg 10,850 lb

Weight at drum (Standard) 2040 kg 4,490 lb 2250 kg 4,945 lb

Weight at drum (Opt. Blade) 2350 kg 5,170 lb 2560 kg 5,625 lb

Vibratory SystemDrum diameter (over drum)

CS-323C 1016 mm 40"CP-323C 840 mm 35"

Drum diameter (over pads) CP-323C 1016 mm 40"

Drum width 1270 mm 50"

Drum shell thickness 20 mm .78"

Pads (CP-323C only)Number of pads 88Pad height 88 mm 3.5"Pad face area 79,3 mm sq 12.3 in sqNumber of chevrons 11

Eccentric weight drive Hydrostatic drive

Frequency 35 Hz 2,100 vpm

Nominal AmplitudeCS-323C 1,30 mm .05"CP-323C 1,30 mm .05"

Centrifugal force @ 35 Hz (2,100 vpm) 66,8 kN 15,000 lb

Weight at DrumCS-323C 2040 kg 4,490 lbCP-323C 2250 kg 4,945 lb

Static CentrifugalPLI (CS-323C) 16 kg/cm 90 lb/in 54 kg/cm 300 lb/in

PSI (CP-323C) 11,3 kg/cm2 160 lb/in2 34,5 kg/cm2 490 lb/in2

10 CS-323C and CP-323C specifications




DimensionsAll dimensions are approximate.

CS-323C CP-323CA Operating length 4095 mm (13' 5") 4095 mm (13' 5")B Length with blade 4469 mm (14' 7") 4469 mm (14' 7")C Yoke width 1393 mm (4' 6") 1393 mm (4' 6")D Drum width 1270 mm (50") 1270 mm (50")E Width at tires 1270 mm (50") 1270 mm (50")F Blade width 1575 mm (62") 1575 mm (62")G Blade height 558 mm (22") 558 mm (22")H Blade cutting depth 78 mm (3") 78 mm (3")I Drum diameter 1016 mm (40") 840 mm (35")

Drum diameter over pads 1016 mm (40")J Height at ROPS 2514 mm (8' 2") 2514 mm (8' 2")K Ground clearance 347 mm (13") 347 mm (13")L Wheelbase 2240 mm (7' 4") 2240 mm (7' 4")

Inside turning radius 2625 mm (8' 7") 2625 mm (8' 7")Outside turning radius 3895 mm (12' 9") 3895 mm (12' 9")










11CS-323C and CP-323C specifications

Leveling Bladebolts onto the drumyoke and is available for both theCS-323C and CP-323C. The completeassembly includes blade, push arms,reversible/replaceable cutting edges,replaceable skid plates, center-mountedhydraulic lift cylinder, control valve andflow divider. The moldboard isconstructed of heat-treated structuralsections. Blade raise and lower iscontrolled by a lever to the right of thepropel lever. The blade measures 1575mm (62") wide and 558 mm (22") high.Maximum depth of cut is 78 mm (3").

Working Light Package that isdesigned to illuminate the work areaunder dim or low light conditions. Fourvariable adjustment, flood-type lightsare positioned two forward and two rear.This system is intended for use underworking conditions and not for highwaytransport purposes.

Engine Compartment Enclosuresfeatures lockable engine covers toreduce operating noise and protect theengine from vandals and harshenvironmental conditions.

Spark Arrester Muffler meets thespecifications for those applications thatrequire it.

Suspension Seatis fully adjustable foroperator comfort on rough terrain.

Padded Drum Conversion Kit isinterchangeable with the CS-323Csmooth drum and includes all internalcomponents plus external drum cleanerteeth. Conversion time is about sixhours. Padded drum dimensions andperformance specifications are the sameas the CP-323C.

Smooth Drum Conversion Kit isinterchangeable with the CP-323Cpadded drum and includes all internalcomponents plus external drum scraper.Conversion time is about six hours.Smooth drum dimensions andperformance specifications are the sameas the CS-323C.

Vibratory Tachometer displays theactual vibratory system frequency on theconsole in front of the operator.

Drum Guard Systemhelps protect thedrum hydraulic components. Especiallyuseful when working in trenches.

Urethane Scrapersfor the front andrear on the CS-323C replace thestandard steel scraper. They contact thedrum continuously and do a better job ofdrum cleaning when working oncohesive material.

Rear Scraper Teeth are available for theCP-323C. The optional scraper teethwork in conjunction with the standardfront scraper and uses the same steel tipsas the front scraper.

Flow Divider is standard on the CP-323C and CS-323C machines orderedwith a blade. A CS-323C, orderedwithout a blade, can be ordered withthis option to provide increased tractiveeffort in climbing steep grades orworking in thick lifts of soft material.

Spanish or Portuguese WarningLabels aid in safe machine operationwhen operating in a primarily Spanishor Portuguese-speaking area.

Optional Equipment

Parts availability most parts on dealers shelf when you needthem. Computer-controlled, emergency search system backup.

Parts stock lists dealer helps you plan on-site parts stock tominimize your parts investment while maximizing machineavailability.

Machine management services effective preventivemaintenance programs, cost-effective repair options, customermeetings, operator and mechanic training.

Remanufactured parts vibratory pods, pumps and motors,engines, fuel system and charging system components availablefrom dealer at 20-50% of new part cost.

Service capability dealers shop or fast field service by trainedtechnicians using latest tools and technology.

Literature support easy-to-use parts books, operation andmaintenance manuals, and service manuals help you get maximumvalue from equipment.

Flexible financing your dealer can arrange attractive financingon the entire line of Caterpillar equipment. Terms structured tomeet cash flow requirements. See how easy it is to own, lease orrent Cat equipment.

Total Customer Support System

QEHQ9778 (4/00)Replaces QEHQ9232-01

2000 Caterpillar


Featured machines in photography may include optional equipment.

Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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CS-323C CP-323C Vibratory Soil Compactors Operating Weight CS-323C 4540 kg 9,985 lb CP-323C 4745 kg 10,440 lb Cat ® 3054 DINA Diesel Engine Gross Power 52 kW 70 hp Compaction Width 1270 mm 50" Centrifugal Force 66,8 kN 15,000 lb Vibratory Frequency 35 Hz 2,100 vpm
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