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SpectraSuite-Run your practice your way

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  • Spectra SuiteVersion 2.0

    IG-2350-10-0005Complete EHR,

    Ambulatory Practices

    Paramount Health Solutions SpectraSuite EHR is 2011/2012 meaningful use stage1 compliant and was certified as a complete EHR on December 08, 2010 by InfoGard, in accordance with the applicable eligible provider certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

    Healthcare practice is very challenging and competitive; utilizing technology is an effective method to help meet these challenges. On a daily basis, you look to manage a patients quality of service while in your clinic, improve staff productivity, and boost revenues. While at the same time reducing costs and repetition of work performed by your office staff.

    When selecting an EHR/EMR solution, why not choose one that is:

    Simple to learn Easy to Adopt Customizable

    About Paramount Health Solutions

    Paramount Health Solutions began when health care professionals were not satisfied with the selection of EHR solutions on the market. They enlisted the technological expertise of Yash Technologies, based in East Moline, Illinois and formed Paramount Health Solutions. Together they designed SpectraSuite 2.0 to meet ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 Complete EHR meaningful use guidelines and is certified by InfoGard.

    Spectra Suite is a packaged solution providing Practice Management, Electronic Records Management, Electronic Billing and Electronic Prescriptions. These modules assist physicians, ambulatory clinics and health groups leverage technology faster. Adoption of SpectraSuite makes complete automation of front & back offices and practice management, simple resulting in improved patient care with quality and precision.

    Spectra Suite follows established health care industry guidelines established by:

    HL7 ICD9 RX Norms LOINC


    Run the practice your way!

    Your Time, Your Practice, Your Terms

  • Choose SpectraSuite and make tommorow happen today!

    Adopt the correct EHR/EMR

    A full integration with SpectraSuite makes your office smarter by providing an effective dashboard to provide real time information from the moment a patient arrives in your office. The clinic is aware of the patient, and their progress through your office is easily monitored while updating their records. These real time updates minimize functions being repeated and places the patient in queue for their next step in your clinic.

    To ensure an easier learning curve, workflow templates are already pre-loaded. Your office staff will perform their job function then provide updates in the patients file within a template related to their duties. Once complete the patient is handed off to the next team member. Each time more information on the patient is captured and their file is updated for more effective records management!

    By initiating technological improvements your practice will enjoy:

    Secured data exchange

    Improved preventive care

    Discrete Data mining

    Electronic patient records reducing paper consumption

    Electronic faxing

    Electronic billing

    Eligible for Federal EMR Stimulus program

    EMR/EHR automation made easy with SpectraSuite. Looking for a short learning curve? SpectraSuite is user friendly and easily navigated!

    SpectraSuite is rich with system and functional usability giving you a true experience of how to save time while practicing on your terms.


    Operates on Microsoft Windows


    Allows for specialty content

    Charting by exception

    Minimal keystrokes

    Reduced number of mouse clicks

    Tab Based interactive systems


    Access info from any page

    Strong anatomy features for SOAP notes

    Reduced number of screens to navigate

    Customizable features include:

    Dash Board for a complete snap shot of the days work with real time updating

    Rule based scheduling

    Simplified patient charting with Patent Pending anatomy notes capture

    Document management made simple for quick access

    E-prescribing: Reduces pharmacy calls Increases patient safety Improve patient QOS

    Patient Health File offers a complete organized patient health sheet for easy file navigation (tabs may be added according to practice selection)

    Referral management keeps your network updated

    Health Maintenance/Preventive Care Management for improving patient quality care

    Create Patient hand-outs on diagnosis finds

    Vitals graphs assist point care decisions for patient treatment

    Labs integration (HL7 compliant, electronic faxing)

    Note making and Health alerts via imaging process

    Pre-loaded specialty templates


    Intra office messaging tools

    State of the art reporting module

    Integrated billing

    Create prescribed drug list which eases refill management

    2012 Paramount Health Solutions. All rights reserved. Referred products/ services may be registered trademarks of belonging companies.

  • Choose with confidence choose SpectraSuite.

    Improved practice efficiency

    A physician friendly EMR will assist with decisions by providing electronic records to manage the patients treatment process, thus assisting and improving clinical decision making. SpectraSuite is able to provide complete patient history with a few mouse clicks!

    Additional benefits:

    Accessibility of charts chart indexing, multi user accessibility, reduced filing functions

    Legible notes. Reduce transcription errors since there are no handwritten notes or voice recognition errors

    Automated lab and X-ray results

    Drug to drug and allergies data-base. Proper recorded point of reference

    Electronic prescriptions

    Medication / allergy checks

    Disease management program

    Improved patient communications


    Order sets providing standard of care for new/existing group of providers

    Multi format multi-purpose text and graphical reports

    Increased Revenues

    Better time management resulting in higher patient volume

    Health maintenance alerts for advance planning

    Coding optimization & charge captures

    Payer contract leverage

    Pay for performance, PQRI incentives

    Reduce costs by shortening bill cycles, better claims submission and other core administrative and clinical operations

    Reduce Overhead

    Direct Data entry by clinicians and staff reduces transcription costs

    Better quality documentation

    Storage of paper files is eliminated

    Medical records and coding staff is minimal

    Reduced risk

    HIPAA compliant

    ONC / ATCB 2011 / 2012 Complete EHR certified by Info Guard

    Disaster recovery with back up support

    Surescripts Mini Certified

    Customized Product Training for your specialty

    Flexible implementation plan designed to fit your practice

    Trainer either on site or in a virtual Webinar

    Comprehensive on-line help and web tutorials

    Skilled & reliable support with trained resources

    Based on your clinical preferences best implementation services which include :

    Project planning Business continuity Disaster recovery planning

    By initiating an effective EMR your practice will benefit through improved patient management, increased patient satisfaction and improved service from the office staff. This all contributes to patient retention and increased referrals thus increasing your ROI!!

    See how SpectraSuite can automate your office. Call for a free demo!

    2012 Paramount Health Solutions. All rights reserved. Referred products/ services may be registered trademarks of belonging companies.

  • Figure 1: Dashboard - A snapshot view of to-do tasks for a day.Single view: Get insights. Get real-time alerts.

    Figure 2: Anatomy - Make patient notes from the anatomy image.Click and select customizable templates: Use for notes making. Improve quality of documentation.

    Integrated suite. Benefits realized. Select SpectraSuite today.

    2012 Paramount Health Solutions. All rights reserved. Referred products/ services may be registered trademarks of belonging companies.

  • Figure 4: SOAP Notes Record SOAP Notes on the go.Logical controls for easy documentation. Common formats available. Quickly document SOAP.

    Figure 3: Health File - A snapshot view of the patient health record.Patient health records at your fingertips. Easy tracking of information. Well organized documents.

    Practice with a new smarter way.Improve patient quality care, and adapt health care reforms quickly.

    2012 Paramount Health Solutions. All rights reserved. Referred products/ services may be registered trademarks of belonging companies.

  • Spec





    Contact us today to find out how SpectraEMR fits in your practice.

    2012 Paramount Health Solutions. All rights reserved. Referred products/ services may be registered trademarks of belonging companies.

    We were in the market for an EMR system and after evaluating various systems we decided to use Spectra. Over the past 3 years we have been using Spectra and find it to be very beneficial to our practice. The software is very easy to use and the best part is we were able to customize it to our specific needs. As a consultant based practice we are able to send letters to our referring physicians with the information that matters the most, i.e diagnosis and treatment plan.

    Since utilizing Spectra we have saved money as well as time spent on locating charts. The e-prescription pro

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