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Date post:21-Mar-2020
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    Spring prices guaranteed until at least the 16th May 2020

    5 Year Ducksback 5L


    Upright Carpet Washer

    Garden Tidy Set

    NEW£100£179.99 SAVE £80


    £10 ONLY

    £22 2 FOR

    or £13.99 each

    Superhoze Expanding Hose Set 15m

    £25£47.99 SAVE £23


    Fence painted using Silver Copse and Black

  • 2

    CUT & cultivate Hand Push Cylinder Lawnmower AHM 38 G D62906

    • Lightweight and easy to push • Variable cutting heights

    £59.99Electric Grass Trimmer ART 24 D74240

    • Advanced 400W Bosch motor • Lightweight 2.5kg • 24cm cutting diameter


    Electric Rotary Lawnmower Rotak 32 R D28473

    • Powerful 1200W Bosch PowerDriveTM motor

    • Lightweight 6.8kg

    Electric Rotary Lawnmower Rotak 34 R D63512

    • Powerful 1300W Bosch PowerDriveTM motor

    • Lightweight 11.1kg

    Electric Rotary Lawnmower Rotak 36 R D63501

    • Powerful 1300W Bosch PowerDriveTM motor

    • Lightweight 12kg

    Cordless Pole Hedgecutter UniversalHedgePole 18 D76662

    • 18V/2.5Ah Bosch Li-ion battery • Adjustable length telescopic pole 2-2.6m

    • Pivoting head

    RCD Adaptor D21071

    • Protects from the dangers of electrocution

    Cable Reel 4 Socket D65160

    • L:10m, 10amp • Thermal cut out

    Weatherproof Double Switched Socket D65559

    • IP66 seal to withstand strong jets of water

    • 13 amp



    Easi Reel 4 Socket D65161

    • L:20m, 10amp • Thermal cut out



    Electric Hedgecutters • Powerful 450W Bosch motor

    AHS 50-16 50cm Blade Length D53295

    AHS 60-16 60cm Blade Length D64973

    £62.99 £69.99

    Electric Chainsaw AKE 35 SDS D64974

    • 1800W motor, 14” bar length • Safety kick back brake


    Cordless Hedgecutter EasyHedge Cut 12-35 D76660

    • 12V.2.0Ah Bosch Smart Li-ion battery • 35cm blade length • Lightweight 2kg


    Electric Grass Trimmer EasyGrassCut 23 D81760

    • Powerful 280W motor • Lightweight 1.9kg • 23cm cutting diameter

    Cordless Shrub and Grass Shear Isio III D62908

    • 3.6V/1.5Ah Bosch lithium-ion battery

    • Up to 50 minutes run time • Lightweight 550g


    Powered Secateur EasyPrune D76666

    • Fully manual cutting on small diameters, automatic assistance on bigger cuts up to 25mm

    • User can adjust the diameter at which the product assists with cutting (low, medium, high)



    Cordless Hedgecutter EasyHedgeCut 18-45 D81762

    • 18V.2.0Ah Bosch Smart Li-ion battery • 45cm blade length • Lightweight 2.3kg


    Cordless Linetrimmer EasyGrassCut 12-230 D74876

    • 12V/2.0 Ah battery • Lightweight 1.7kg • 23cm cutting diameter

    £89.99£104.99 SAVE £15


    £26.99£34.99 SAVE £8


    £109.99£139.99 SAVE £30


    £129.99£159.99 SAVE £30


    £174.99£189.99 SAVE £15


    £84.99£104.99 SAVE £20


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    Bulldozer Dustpan and Brush Set D82166

    • Flagged PVC bristles • Large capacity dustpan with integrated rubber lip

    The Rosemoor 85L Galvanised D78332

    • Pneumatic wheel

    The Shire 90L Wheelbarrow - Lilac D62999

    • Pneumatic wheel • Polypropylene



    Garden Kart 60L D75533

    • Roller makes it easier to manoeuvre on all surfaces


    Digging Spade D25574 Digging Fork D25595

    Traditional Range • Mirror polished stainless steel head

    • Weatherproofed hardwood shaft

    Edging Knife D25699

    Soil Rake D25681



    Razorsharp Notched Hedge Shears D25620

    • Chrome plated blades • Notched for cutting thicker stems


    £14.99Razorsharp Advantage Edging Shears D25616


    Razorsharp Bypass Secateurs D56087

    • Ideal for living stems

    Razorsharp Active 22” Bypass Loppers D56088

    • Hardened carbon steel blades • Maximum cutting width of 32mm

    Kew Neverbend Digging Spade D63415 Digging Fork D63417

    • Stainless mirror polished head

    • Resistant to rust

    Razorsharp Advance Soft Feel Geared Bypass Secateurs D76698

    • Geared cutting action


    Kew Razorsharp Heavy Duty Bypass Secateurs D63452

    • Ideal for cutting tender green stems


    Kew Razorsharp Easy Reach Pruner D65183

    • Lightweight long handle ideal for light pruning

    Kew Razorsharp Wishbone Hand Shears D63455

    • Hardened steel blades for precise easy cuts


    Elements Hand Trowel D56080 Weed Fork D56081

    £4.99 each

    Garden Tidy Set D84734

    • Includes garden rake, stiff green PVC broom and jumbo dustpan

    Bulldozer Heavy Duty Broom 610mm (24”) D79960

    • Combination of stiff and soft PVC bristles

    • Metal handle


    £29.99 each


    £10 ONLY

    £9.99£18.49 SAVE £8.50



    £24.99£37.49 SAVE £12.50


    £24.99£40.49 SAVE £15.50

    RRP each

    £34.99£42.99 SAVE £8


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    GARDEN savings

    O’Keeffe’s Working Hands 96g Jar D69864

    • Unique formulation of moisturising ingredients to improve dry skin


    Less Mess Fence Care 6L Autumn Gold D60855 Autumn Red D60856 Black D60857 Rich Oak D60858 Rustic Brown D60859 Woodland Green D60860

    £9.99 each

    5 Year Ducksback 5L Autumn Brown D08821 Autumn Gold D06616 Black D70480 Forest Green D06614 Forest Oak D06615 Harvest Brown D06851 Rich Cedar D06617 Silver Copse D54440 Woodland Moss D54439

    Garden Shades 2.5L Country Cream D06693 Forget-Me-Not D06661 Pale Jasmine D34140 Seagrass D06666 Wild Thyme D06698 Willow D06670

    £22.99 each

    One Coat Fence Life 5L Dark Oak D73889 Medium Oak D73890 Red Cedar D73891 Forest Green D73892 Harvest Gold D73893 Tudor Black Oak D73894

    £6.99 each

    4” Fence Life Brush D76487

    • Designed for decking, sheds and fencing


    Ultimate Decking Stain 2.5L Cedar D62651 Charcoal D62656 Country Oak D62648 Dark Oak D62657 Mountain Green D62653 Medium Oak D62649 Rich Mahogany D62652 Stone Grey D62655 Slate D62658 Teak D62650 Walnut D66113 White Wash D62654

    £24.99 each

    Ultimate Decking Oil 5L Dark Oak D62633 Natural D62634 Natural Cedar D62635 Natural Oak D62636 Natural Pine D62637 Teak D62638

    £39.99 each

    Mesh Metal Riddles 1/4” D62919 1/2” D62921 3/8” D62920

    £8.99 each

    Plastic Lawn Edge D62914

    • L:100 x H:13 x W:3cm • Easy installation with interlocking sections that fit together then bend to shape

    £4.99 each

    Slate Planters Pewter D84094 Stone D84095

    • Dia:30 x H:45cm • Slate effect plastic planter

    NEW £14.99 each

    Green Basics Campana Mild Terra Pots

    • Made of recycled plastic • Frost-resistant

    Dia:30mm D76762


    Dia:40mm D76765


    Dia:50mm D76767


    Fence Life Plus+ 5L Country Oak D70608 Medium Oak D70609 Dark Oak D70610 Red Cedar D70611 Forest Green D70612 Willow D70613 Sage D70614 Cornflower D70615 Slate D70616 Tudor Black Oak D70617 Harvest Gold D70618 Charcoal Grey D73901 Warm Stone D73903 Teal D76486 Midnight Blue D76485

    £9.99 each

    £19.99 each

    Algarve Cilindro Wheeled Pots Terra D81723 Anthracite D81724

    • Dia:48cm • Easy to move thanks to the invisible wheels

    • Made of recycled plastic • Frost-resistant

    Vertical Forest - Anthracite D84021

    • Made from recycled plastic • Consists of 3 pots • L:17 x W:26.7 x H:29.7cm

    Corsica Easy Hanging Fence Pots Anthracite D76791 Vintage Blue D78902 Mint D76792

    • Fits a railing or fence up to 6cm wide • Fits a pot size up to 16cm

    £5.99 each

    Kew Gardens Collection Garden Master Gloves Small D82006 Medium D82007 Large D82008

    • Ideal for heavy duty garden maintenance work

    £1.99 each

    Grow Bag Tray D18859

    • Ridged to help avoid over-watering


    Grostart 38cm Unheated Propagator D58876

    • Rigid clear top • Adjustable ventilation


    £14.99 £24.99

    £22 2 FOR

    or £13.99 each

    Lid and base shown together for illustration purposes

    Green Basics Grow Table D78578

    • L:75.5 x W:36.5 x H:65.1cm • Made of recycled plastic

    Green Basics Grow Table Lid D76805



  • 5


    Use plant protection products/biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. For further product information including warning phrases and symbols refer to product labels.

    Blood, Fish and Bone 1.25kg D22558 Bonemeal 1.25kg D22554 Growmore 1.25kg D79341


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