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  • Spring Typography 1 week task Mon 11 May - Sun 17th May - 1 hours min SET TASK ( you can do this task or continue with your independent mini project task e.g making a film)

    • Collect a selection of natural objects to design your lettering with, e.g leaves, grasses, shells, sticks, stones, wild flowers (please only pick flowers if a plentiful area and with permission from parents/guardians)

    • Carefully arrange your lettering, this is the really creative part where you can decide on the look of each letter. Write your name, or a longer slogan around hope and spring if you want a challenge!

    • From your layout draw a direct copy in pencil in your sketchbook or larger if you prefer. ( If you find it easier to draw from a photograph you can do)

    • Add colour to your design. You can use paint if you have it, or colour pencil ( please avoid pen) and aim to get your colours and tone as close to your original as possible.


    Whether it’s on our phones, in books or on websites, we’re constantly digesting written words. From instruction booklets to shop fronts, type is all around us. We often reflect on the power of the written word, but rarely do we consider the designer’s role in emulating the tone of the word or sentence

    Typography- typography is the art of arranging letters and text in a way that makes the copy legible, clear, and visually appealing to the reader. Typography involves font style, appearance, and structure, which aims to elicit certain emotions and convey specific messages. In short, typography is what brings the text to life.

    (Spot the whippet!)

  • Stefan Sagmeister

    Stefan Sagmeister is an Austrian born graphic designer who now runs the design firm Sagmeister Inc. based in New York. He is known for his bold and creative typography

  • Elizabeth Blackadder

    We will look at this artist to get inspiration for our final painting/ drawing

    Dame Elizabeth Violet Blackadder, Mrs Houston, (born 24 September 1931) is a Scottish painter and printmaker. She is the first woman to be elected to both the Royal Scottish Academy and the Royal Academy

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