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SQA Plan SETEAM1 Adam Jundt (Team Leader) Philip Galloway Roland Craddolph Steven Chu Philip...

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  • SQA PlanSETEAM1Adam Jundt (Team Leader)Philip GallowayRoland CraddolphSteven ChuPhilip GallowayKyle BeckerPatrick Rogers-Ostema

  • SCENARIOA medium size company with a small department. The company wants the IT department to develop innovative approaches to improve the business processes.

  • INTRODUCTIONIn order to develop an SQA plan that will improve the business process of the company at hand, we have decided to advocate the development of a project dashboard to track and monitor key data within any business environment. This will include things such as Earned Value analysis data & budget tracking as well as graphical representations of all user data. The various aspects leading to a possible SQA plan are described in the following pages.

  • REQUIREMENTS ELICITATION1.) Why is the process needed?2.) What will the process do?3.) How much will it cost?4.) When will the process begin service?5.) How long will the process be in service?6.) Will the process stand alone, or will it improve a process already in place?

  • PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION & TESTING: Extreme ProgrammingImplementation - Because our company is composed of a small IT department, we will use an extreme programming approach for the programming and testing portions of this project. We feel that this methodology matches our experience and project statement perfectly.

  • PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION & TESTING: Extreme ProgrammingTesting - We will utilize automated testing in the form of unit testing. We have chosen to use the JUnit classes to help us out here because they are free, and we would like to keep this project as low budget as possible. This will confine us to using Java. JUnit testing involves using assert statements that will be fully automated and will be executed before every submission of code. Also, these test cases will be written in a report before programming begins.

  • PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION & TESTING: Extreme ProgrammingTesting Cont-As another method of software quality assurance, we will also be doing customer testing. We will poll a small set of users to discover their thoughts on the current state of the project. This will occur once every two weeks, which is the recommendation of extreme programming.

  • PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION & TESTING: Extreme ProgrammingProgramming -As discussed earlier, we will be implementing the project in Java so that we can accomplish automated testing. We will use paired programming to help ensure:Much cleaner codeBetter testedEasily refactor codeKeeps employees honestHelps employees learn from each otherEveryone knows and modifies all parts of the codeMore easily changed requirements (less cost)We will also be open for changing requirements and will follow an iterative development.

  • PROJECT DASHBOARDWOW We Are So Good Dashboard This is an effective dashboard because it displays in each area of the operation where we lack in and what needs to be important. If we combine the Average Salary By Work Department and Budget By Project, shows how much each team and their projects are worth for the company. The outstanding balances is what counters the Budget By Project, by showing how each team lead is behind on sales on their team. The bottom diagrams show how much each site is selling to their respective region. Currently, Amsterdam, Toledo, and Ontario are the higher sellers, whereas Lawrence is at the bottom of selling.



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