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SSH Tunneling

Date post:28-Nov-2014
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Send unencrypted traffic in encrypted tunnel. Bypass firewall/proxy servers
  • 1. -by Mahesh Bheema
  • 2. Just a security enthusiast, Working as Security Analyst in Anthelio. Ex-Trainer in Innobuzz, Hyderabad. [email protected] @0xmahesh
  • 3. SSH is a secure replacement protocol for telnet as data is encrypted in transmission. Secure Shell, a network protocol for secure data communication and remote command execution. --Wikipedia
  • 4. SSH provides us Confidentiality Integrity Authentication
  • 5. SSH tunnel is an encrypted tunnel, used to transfer unencrypted traffic over a network in an encrypted tunnel. A Secure Shell tunnel, consists of an encrypted tunnel created through an SSH protocol connection. --Wikipedia
  • 6. Remote Shell Securely connect to a remote shell. Port Forwarding / tunneling To divert unencrypted traffic to encrypted traffic. X11 forwarding / VNC session tunneling Secure remote Desktop / application.
  • 7. Start sshserver by using command service sshstart in terminal. If using a nattedip. We can either port forward or add internal ipin DMZ.
  • 8. Open putty client, enter IP & Port number of the SSH Server. Configure settings in putty for tunnel as below, In Connections SSH Tunnels In Source port, enter a port number. ex: 9999 In Destination, enter loopback address. Select Dynamic Radio button. Click on add, to use these setting for tunnel. Click Open and enter user credentials of the Home PC Configure proxy in browsers with IP Address and Port number 9999. Use Sock Proxy instead of http.
  • 9. Firefox: Open Options / Preferences. Go to advanced tab Network tabSettings. Select Manual Proxy, enter IP and Port details in SOCKS proxy. Chrome / IE: Open Internet Options. Go to Connections tab Lan settings Check Proxy Server and go to advanced tab, fill IP and Port numbers in SOCKS proxy.
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  • 11. Thank you all Special Thanks to CA Technologies for providing venue.

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