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Ssis 2016 RC3

Date post:16-Apr-2017
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  • SQL Server 2016

    Integration Services (SSIS)

  • SSIS Timelines
  • Usability &


    Three Focus Areas


  • Better deploymentIncremental project deployment

    Always On support for the SSIS Catalog

    Better debuggingColumn names included in error outputs

    Customized logging levels in the SSIS Catalog

    Better package managementPackage templates

    Automatic MaxBufferSize for Data Flow Task

    Do more. Achieve more.

  • Always On support for SSISDB

    DBA can set up Always On availability groups

    for the SSIS Catalog

    High Availability for the SSIS Catalog

  • Error Column Name Support

    No need to manually figure out the column name

    Developer can see the error column name the

    data viewer

    Developer can also see the IntToString lineage

    ID mapping in the log

    Developer can also programmatically get the

    column name using the lineage ID

  • Custom Logging Level & Log Reader Role

    Define custom logging levels for package

    executions within the SSIS Catalog

    Additional ssis_logreader role to see the SSIS logs

    (no need to be DBA / Admin)

    Customize your SSIS log with exactly what you need

  • Package Template

    Save part of the package as template and reuse it in the

    design of other packages

    Give you code reusability

  • Automatic MaxBufferSize in Data Flow Task

    Set AutoAdjustBufferSize to TRUE to automatically calculate the

    buffer size for your data flow task:

    BufferSize = DefaultBufferMaxRows (design time) * RowSize (runtime)

    Suitable max buffer size is calculated for you

  • More on-premises connectivityHDFS Connectors

    Hadoop HIVE/PIG Tasks

    Excel 2013 / 2016 support

    OData V4 Support

    Teradata / Oracle updates

    Execute SQL Task to run analytics with R in SQL Server 2016

    More cloud connectivityAzure Storage Connectors

    HDInsight HIVE/PIG Task

    Do more. With more sources.


  • Azure Storage Connectors

    Move files or read and write data Azure Blob storage

    Enables hybrid ETL

  • HDFS Connectors

    Move data to and from HDFS as source or destination

    Enables data movement between HadoopBIG DATA

  • HDInsight Tasks

    Trigger HDInsight jobs and manage your HDInsight

    cluster life cycle directly from SSIS

    Orchestrate and manage HDI clusters

  • Hadoop Tasks

    Submit Hive and Pig jobs to your Hadoop cluster directly

    from SSIS

    Orchestrate and manage on-premises HadoopBIG DATA

  • OData V4 Support

    Use the same OData source data flow task to connect to

    OData V4 feed

    Connect more with applications out of the box

  • Faster Design ExperienceMulti-version support in SSDT

    Many designer improvements

    Faster Install ExperienceIS designer is now part of SSDT install

    Faster Management Studio ExperiencePerformance improvement on SSIS Catalog views

    Usability &


    Do more. Faster.

  • Multi-Version Support in SSDT

    Author, execute, deploy and debug multiple versions of

    SSIS package from a single version of SSDT Designer.

    Handle different SSIS package versions with a single designer

  • SSIS SQL 2016 at a glance Manageability Connectivity Usability & Productivity

    Incremental Project DeploymentIncrementally deploy projects to the SSIS Catalog.

    Error Column Name SupportSee lineage identification string from the log / data viewer

    Custom Logging LevelCustomize your own logging level for more flexibility

    Package TemplateAchieve code usability by creating template part

    Always On SupportBuild your SSIS server farm with high availability

    Automatic MaxBufferSizeAutomatically calculate the suitable max buffer size for you

    Azure storage connectorsMove data to/from Azure storage for hybrid data scenarios.

    HDInsight TasksOrchestrate HDInsight jobs and manage your HDInsight cluster life

    cycle directly from SSIS.

    HDFS ConnectorsMover data to/from Windows File system and HDFS

    Hadoop tasksOrchestrate HIVE jobs and manage the lifecycle of your on-

    premises Hadoop from the SSIS Control Flow.

    Expanded ConnectivityOData V4, Excel 2013/2016, Teradata/Oracle

    Execute SQL Task to run analytics with R Prepare data for model training and trigger R prediction

    Multi-Version Support in SSDTAbility to author, execute, deploy and debug multiple versions of

    SSIS packages from a single version of SSDT.

    Designer ImprovementA number of enhancement and fixes on the designer capabilities

    such as drag and drop, resizing, etc

    Unified Install for SSDTFaster and easier to install

    Catalog View Perf ImprovementMake viewing the SSIS catalog view faster

  • HDFS Connector ImprovementHDFS-to-HDFS copy support

    Kerberos support

    ORC file format support (Destination Only)

    Custom Logging Level ImprovementServer wide logging level

    Designer ImprovementNew design for multi-version support, (One Designer) More

    compatible with 3rd extensions

    Package Template ImprovementName changed to Package Part


    in CTPs/RC0


    Learn More. Be Better

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