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    Upcoming Events

    October 25 Tuesday 2:00pm Dismissal

    26 5th-8th Grade Honor Roll Awards

    following Mass

    27 Used Uniform Closet Sale 3:00pm-

    5:30pm GYM

    31 Out of Uniform Day - Canned Goods


    November 1 NO SCHOOL (Extended Care

    Closed)- All Saint’s Day

    2 Winter Uniform Regulations Begin

    6 Open House 1pm for Prospective


    11 Veterans Mass - 8:15am Church

    15 PTO Meeting 8am Activity Room

    19 First Reconciliation 10:00am;

    Pee Wee Basketball Deadline

    23-27 School Closed for Thanksgiving

    Break (Extended Care Closed)

    28 Classes Resume

    29 Tuesday 2:00pm Dismissal


    Phone: 388-7321 Absentee: 381-2555 Ext. Care: 381-2595 MMI: 381-2551

    Fa the r Robe r t Marsha l l , Pas to r Mrs . Ka thy S che re r , P r i nc ipa l

    Mrs . A l i c i a B rown , Ass i s tan t P r i nc ipa l Volume , Issue

    SFA Open House for Prospective Parents

    Would you like a chance to receive $50 in SFA Wolf Bucks?

    (you choose from a variety of gift cards available)

    Simply invite your family and friends with prospective SFA students to our Open House this Sunday, November 6th at 1:00 p.m. For

    each visiting family that signs in and attends our Open House, you will receive $50 in SFA WolfBucks!

    Please email [email protected] with the family's name that will be visiting.

    Thank you for talking about the great things that happen at SFA! Send your family and friends to our Open House so

    they can see that... Catholic Schools Do Make a Difference!

    SFA eighth grade graduates have gone on to accomplish many

    honors: Nine National Merit Finalists, Three Salutatorians, and Seven Valedictorians from our local area high schools. We had

    three, Class of 2016 Valedictorians - Christian Brothers, St. Agnes and St. Mary’s! SFA Elementary School does make a difference!

    Whew! We have so many great new happenings at St. Francis, we all

    have been too busy to even catch our breath! We hope you are not too

    busy to read all about it in this newsletter, or too busy to come to the

    next PTO meeting on November 15th. With Thanksgiving quickly

    approaching, we are reminded of the one thing we are never too busy

    to do--count our Blessings.

    Here at St. Francis of Assisi we are thankful for:

    Wonderful students who come to school eager to learn.

    Wonderful parents who help us in so many ways.

    A wonderful faculty and staff who tirelessly give of themselves.

    A wonderful parish that has given us this opportunity for

    Catholic Education.

    Mrs. Kathy Scherer

    “O give thanks to

    the Lord, for he is

    good, for his

    steadfast love

    endures forever.”

    Psalm 107:1-2

    mailto:[email protected]


    Congratulations to the First Quarter CHRISTIAN WITNESS Award Recipients:

    1st Grade: Gracie Qui, Noah Williams 2nd Grade: Chloe O’Brien, Matthew O’Brien, Jillian Beatty 3rd Grade: Matthew Lukevics, Dominic Weiss, Anegelo Arismendi, Vitor Ferrer Guimaraes 4th Grade: Claire Conn, Mallory Walker, Ellis Morgan 5th Grade: Tristan Kopinski, Ben Bosque, Hillary Humble 6th Grade: Cara Pirani, Rachel Igharas, Emily Esnard, Luke Wiliemon, Ryan Beatty, Joseph Opferman 7th Grade: Molly Butler, Sara Israel, Jordan Simpson, Michael Iovinelli, Mason Myles, Aaron Blankenship 8th Grade: Christina Iovinelli, Frankie Barczak, Sophie Matheson, Hardy Greene, Cooper Wilson, Alain Cipriano

    Congratulations to the First Quarter HONOR ROLL Award Recipients

    Principal’s Honor Roll 8th Grade: Lauren Banks, Frankie Barczak, Zander Card, Austin DeVine, Ryan Diaz, James Finkelstein, Sarah Gammill, Hardy Greene, Sophia Guinocor, Lydia Han, Emma Hooper, Lauren Kalchbrenner, Kate Kiameh, Jonathan Lepp, Lauren Logan, Sophie Matheson, Catherine McCulley, Matt Minatra, Weyland Rawlings, Bryce Richards, Emily Rogers, Laura Schaffler, Owen Sobalvarro, Caroline Stiefvater, Kaley Watkins, Catey Welch, Mollie Wright 7th Grade: Ethan Armada, Aaron Blankenship, Willow Blythe, Amber Buckingham, Molly Butler, Daniel Capocaccia, Joe Cappadona, Seamas Carrasco, JD Clorina, Gianna DiGaetano, Lucas Ferro, James Reid Hamblen, Kathryn Hosp, Sara Israel, Penelope Link, Hunter Lomasney, Kate McBride, Ryan McCulley, Joe McDaniel, Thomas Odom, Lauren Pham, Remi Schaber, Jordan Simpson, Neely Taylor, Bianca Von Bergen, Johnny Vorwerk, Drake Watters 6th Grade: Ryan Beatty, Ryleigh Deeley, Lily Demilio, Emily Esnard, Rachel Gammill, Sommer Griffis, Rachel Igharas, Joseph Opferman, Farrah Rector, Mark Schaffler, Michael Spain, Vina Vedala, Madeline Wade, Emma Wadovick, Michael Weber 5th Grade: Olivia Baker, Olivia Beattie, Emmy Brenner, Elliot Cheseldine, Jarrett Clancy, Paige Corzine, Trevor Hoang, Jazmin Jaime, William McBride, Clare Palasz, Gunnar Rawlings, Caroline Redding, Kate Rogers, Kasey Rosenberger, Erica Ruoff, Sydney Schwartz, Lilly Sobalvarro, Wilson Webster, Cecilia Weiss

    First Honor Roll 8th Grade: Avery Baker, Sebastian Bougeois, Maggie Campbell, Nikki Caron, Mary Hannah Craddock, Lexie Davis, Carter Deeley, Michael England, Maggie Esnard, Jacob Garrido, Kennedy Glatzer, Ryan Grantham, Elizabeth Hans, Owen Hensley, Emma Hofer, Hanna Jones, Carson Massa, Joey Nolan, Chatan Parker, Daniel Pickett, Cyrus Rector, Maria Rodriguez, Alina Stark, Carson Taylor, Bobby Westbrooks, Cooper Wilson, Ty Wilson 7th Grade: Sofia Baltz, Avery Barber, Jesslyn Card, Mia DeFilippo, Kelly Dinh, Bianca DiVito-Brown, Ava Evans, Meghan Garcia, Rose Guimera, Emily Houston, Sara Lammers, Colin Lee, Weston McAlexancer, Isabella Polania, Evan Schroeppel, Coy Stiles, Rachel Tolbert, Sarah Wiggins, Libbi Workman, Courtney Zoccola 6th Grade: Hailey Bond, John Carkeet, Zach Cathcart, Josh Catron, Max Clark, Sammy Clark, Gianna Claus, Teagan Engdahl, Miller Fislinger, Jared Glatzer, Magdalena Gore, Charlie Harrell, Jaylon Hawkins, Cheyanne Henry, Michael Hoffmeyer, Alexandra Lafferty, Riley May, Emily Mireles, Sam Morris, Jackson Parker, Kiera Parker, Hannah Person, Cara Pirani, Jacob Ryan, Joshua St. John, Zoe Vales, Luke Wilemon 5th Grade: Olivia Abuelouf, Ben Bosque, Carlo Duran, Cristal Hernandez, Elena Hoch, Eva Hoch, Claire Hollingsworth, Hillary Humble, Marian Jamora, Evan Jones, Tristan Kopinski, Lauren Mazeika, Cannon McAlexander, Tyee Parker, Wallace Peterson, Arturo Rodriguez, Drake Warren, Conor Wells, Blake Whitehorn, Edward Wilemon

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    What a great St. Francis Feast Day we had yesterday! Beginning with Mass,

    followed by the Pet Blessing, then an AWESOME field day for everyone -

    our students had a wonderful day! We spent a big part of the day in service to those in need.

    Here is what we did, by the numbers:

    **LOTS of pets blessed!

    **300 bags of Halloween Candy assembled by 4th grade for the Jubilee Schools

    **600 sandwiches made by 5th grade for the St. Vincent de Paul Food Mission

    **210 baby items for Birthright collected & assembled by 1st grade partnered with 6th grade

    **57 placemats made by 3rd grade for Ave Maria Home

    **1,100 sandwiches made by 6th, 7th and 8th grade for St. Mary Soup Kitchen.

    **803 candy poppers for VA Hospital created by the middle school

    **307 "Socks of Love" - tube socks stuffed with toiletries for the homeless -

    collected and assembled by 2nd and 3rd graders along with their

    8th grade prayer partners.

    **131 "I Care Bags" - filled with socks, chapstick, toothbrush &

    toothpaste for the homeless assembled by 4K and Kindergarten, with

    help from the 6th graders

    **217,300 tabs counted and collected by the whole school for the

    Ronald McDonald House

    **Hundreds of "Thank You" & "We will miss you" cards for

    Bishop Steib

    **Hundreds of "Welcome" cards for Bishop Holley.

    Such a great way to honor St. Francis! What a truly blessed and wonderful day for our school!!

    Second Honor Roll 8th Grade: Lauren Campbell, Lucy Garry, Kaitlyn King, Angelina Nguyen 7th Grade: Aiden Bolling, Madeline Carter 6th Grade: Corey Campbell, Mikayla Ditto, Alma Eastman, Kennedy Kattawar, Burke Ryan 5th Grade: Madison Berry, Tanier Massey

    Veteran’s Day Celebration - In Honor of those who served, In Honor of those

    who serve us now! We would like to invite all Veterans within our SFA

    family and friends to celebrate Mass with us 8:15am on

    Friday, November 11th at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church.


    Here at SFA, we have been blessed with the placement of two sisters from the Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia in Nashville, TN who will be student teaching in our middle school this quarter:

    Sister Ann Thomas will be working with Mrs. Tyer teaching Ancient History to the 6th grade in the mornings and with Mrs. McDaniel in 7th grade teaching Geography to her 5th and 7th period classes. Sister Ann Thomas is originally from New York. She entered Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia in 2011 in Nashville, TN. She has been studying history at Aquinas College for the past few years and recently completed student teaching at St. Benedict. Sister will be with us until Dec. 2nd. Sister Chiara will be working with Mrs. McBride teaching pre-algebra to our 7th grade students.

    She is originally from Charlottesville, Virginia. She joined the Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia in Nashville in August of 2012. She is currently studying at Aquinas College to earn her Master's Degree in Teaching and Learning with a Second-ary Certification in Math, Chemistry and English. She has recently completed the first half of her student teaching placement teaching mathematics to sophomores and juniors. Sister will be with us at SFA through Dec. 2nd.

    Please join us in welcoming both Sister Ann Thomas and Sister Chiara to our

    St. Francis of Assisi Family. We are excited to have them at our school!

    SFA Athletics Pee Wee Basketball Registration is now Open - 4, 5, and 6 year old BOYS and GIRLS (Preschool -

    Kindergarten and Participants must be 4 by January 1st, 2015). Games will be played on Saturdays beginning

    Jan. 16th. $60.00 participation fee is due at registration. DEADLINE for registration is November 19th.

    Registration is available through the St. Francis Church office, through the Athletic Director's office or online at:


    There is an additional fee for the online registration.

    A printable form can be found at: http://www.sfawolves.org/index.php/athletics

    Congratulations to the following SFA Fall Sports Teams on their accomplishments this season:

    Cross Country: Congratulations to 5th grader Wilson Webster on qualifying for the Tennessee State Championship

    meet with a 12th place finish out of 133 runners (6.33 minute mile) . Wilson also competed at the

    state level and placed 56th out of 299 running a personal best of 6:14 minute mile!

    Volleyball: Congratulations to the 7th & 8th grade Varsity team on their 1st place finish in the

    PAA league. The team members include Lauren Banks, Molly Butler, Mary Hannah Craddock,

    Lucy Garry, Kennedy Glatzer, Anna Henson, Christina Iovinielli, Kate McBride, Jordan

    Simpson, and Brooke Wolfanger. Coached by Mrs. Amy Iovinelli.

    Golf: Congratulations to James Reid Hamblen on scoring a 75 at the end of season golf

    tournament and placing first as an individual player. The SFA team placed 3rd at the tournament.

    Soccer: The 5th & 6th grade soccer team coached by Mr. Darin Griffis went undefeated for the season with a 8 - 0

    record. Team members include Olivia Abuelouf, Regina Ballesteros, Emily Esnard, Rachel Gammill, Sommer Griffis,

    Cristal Hernandez, Elena Hoch, Eva Hoch, Jazmin Jaime, Kathryn Rogers, Erica Ruoff, Reagan Thomas,

    Vina Vedala, and Cecelia Weiss.

    Are you Proud to be a Timberwolf? YES WE ARE!

    Welcome Sisters!


    Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of SFA and Missoula’s performance

    of Peter & Wendy! Great job to All!

    Patrick Flynn, Bailey Gegg, Teagan Enghahl, Ryan Beatty, Carson Kavin, Kaley Watkins, Matt Minatra, Zoe Vales, Cooper Williams, Graci Workman, Jordan Simpson, Meredith McCusker, Isabella Donato, Mary Spain, Natalie Antonopulos, Ari Bichelman, Maggie Esnard, Mia Campochiaro, Caitlin Flynn, Maddie Cluck, Rachel Gammill, Claire Conn,

    Sarah Gammill, Oliver Leavitt, Mason Myles, Haydn Redding, Chatan Parker, Ava Rosengarten, Emma Petit, Mattysen Warner, Rachel Tolbert, Wallace Peterson, Natalee Campbell, Ryleigh Deeley, Ava Coleman, Tanier Massey, Kennedy Gegg, Kiera Parker, Alyssa Guinocor, Caroline Redding, Juliana Mata, Ornella Villegas, Sarah Swearingen, Mallory Walker, Jillian Beatty , Daniel Donato, Natalie Drey, Logan Dugger, Hudson

    Dunehew, Delaney Hartwein, Margaret Jamora, Reagan Leavitt, Josie Li, Emma Lockwood, Luisana Mata, Nicky Meister, Andrew Opferman, Chloe O’Brien, Bella Saba,

    Marian Jamora, Tyee Parker, Justin St. John, Catey Welch

    Easy ways to Save and Suppor t SFA

    Kroger Community

    Rewards Program

    St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School #80739

    Go to: https://www.kroger.com/communityrewards

    Enroll Today and Earn $$ for SFA every time you swipe your

    Kroger Card!

    Cell Phones & Electronics


    Cell Phones • Ink Jet Cartridges •

    • iPads, iPods & Tablets • Jewelry

    SFA participates in the

    EcoPhones Recycling

    Fundraiser Program

    for cell phones,

    electronics & jewelry.

    Simply drop off your used cell phones, ipads,

    tablets, ipods, ink jet printer cartridges, gold and

    silver jewelry in the collection box located near

    the main office in St. Edward Hall.

    Help our school!

    Protect the Environment!

    Donate your used electronics & jewelry

    Support our School AND Earn

    Tuition Credit

    SFA Wolf Bucks (www.sfawolves.org under Parents Tab)

    Contact Debbie Farler to order at 901-388-7321

    or [email protected]


    Go to www.target.com

    Choose “Take Charge of Education” and Enroll.

    Our school number is 124131.

    Donate 1% of all purchases to our school from

    purchases at Target and Target.com


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