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St Ignatius College Archibull Prize 2011 entry Grains

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  • 1. Sustainability at Saint Ignatius College - Riverview
  • 2. What Sustainability means to usThe boys in the Saint Ignatius College Agricultureclass, take the topic of farming sustainability veryseriously. They try and be as sustainable as possible,by using different methods of production.
  • 3. Types of Sustainable Methods We UseDoing things like recycling used materials, growingour own vegetables and raising our own chickens toproduce eggs and eat our excess garden materials. Wealso have a hydroponics system that grows plants byuse of other mediums such as perlite rather than soil.
  • 4. RecyclingWe at Saint Ignatius College are doing our absolutebest to reduce our carbon footprint by recycling. Wedo this by having 3 different types of bins that areused to recycle different types of recyclable materialsand waste. We also have various environmentalcommittees and groups that are set up around thewhole school. During the week, every Wednesday theschool runs a program known as Low WasteWednesdays. This is essentially where people bandtogether to not drop as much rubbish and create aslittle waste as possible.
  • 5. Recycling
  • 6. Growing our own Vegetables
  • 7. Growing our own VegetablesThe boys from Riverview have banded together to dotheir absolute best to grow the best quality vegetables.These include lettuce, beetroot, strawberries, potatoes ,celery and spinach all grown in mushroom compostand garden mix. The potatoes are grown in old usedtruck tyres that are stacked up as the plants grow.
  • 8. Raising our own ChickensWe have mixed breeds of layer hens that are fedcoarse grain mix along with different vegetable scrapsfrom the gardens. In return, the layers provide a dozeneggs a day.
  • 9. Hydroponics System
  • 10. Hydroponics SystemHydroponics is the technique of growing plantswithout soil. Plants are grown directly in nutrientsolutions, or in materials such as sand, gravel orvermiculite and watered regularly with a nutrientsolution. Here at Riverview we have a fully functionalliquid flowing culture hydroponics system. This is theprocess where the nutrient solution flows past theroots in shallow troughs or pipes.
  • 11. Junior SchoolThe SIC junior school has made an attempt to be moreenvironmental by setting up an environment club thatfocuses on recycling their food scraps and using themin a worm farm, from which they get manure from.The Regis Environmental club also focuses on makingideas such as Low Waste Wednesday and gettingtheir energy from solar panels located on the roofs ofthe building.
  • 12. Senior SchoolThe Saint Ignatius College senior school is leading thecharge in the in terms of sustainability. They have abig focus on recycling and reusing materials as well asreducing the amount of energy that we use.
  • 13. Water RecyclingHere at Saint Ignatius College our climate ischaracterized by long periods of droughts andflooding rain. Other farmers who are not prepared fordrought, leave the land bare and exposed to theeffects of heavy rain resulting in erosion.An example of being a well prepared farmer is here atRiverview, we ensure there are adequate water storagefacilities , such as dams, in our case water tanks, toeven out the supply of water.
  • 14. Water Recycling
  • 15. Organic RecyclingBy recycling nutrients, we at Saint Ignatius Collegeensure that soils are able to produce goods in thefuture. This can include spreading animal manures,composting, using bio solids and using green manurecrops in a crop rotation.
  • 16. Organic Recycling
  • 17. EducationFarmers are able to adjust certain developments whichdirectly affects their future. Educational programs setup by both the community and governmentorganisations help farmers to pass on the latestfarming techniques. The World Wide Web also assistsfarmers access to the most up-to-date information ofimportance.
  • 18. Education
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Sustainability at Saint Ignatius’ College - Riverview
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