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St. Luke's Health System overview

Date post: 28-Nov-2014
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St. Luke's Health System is Idaho's largest not-for-profit health system with more than 10,000 employees, six hospitals and more than 100 clinics.
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St. Luke’s Health System “One St. Luke’s” Serving Our Community 1
  • 1. St. Lukes Health SystemOne St. Lukes Serving Our Community 1
  • 2. More Than a Century of Caring: 1902-2010 Our Mission To improve the health of people in our region Not-for-profit No investors or stockholders Community Ownership Community Governance Excess revenues reinvested in people, facilities, and technology Philanthropic support stays at St. Lukes and in Idaho 2
  • 3. St. Lukes Health SystemA Brief History 1902 St. Lukes Hospital founded in Boise. 1928 St. Lukes opens new four-story hospital at the corner of Bannock and First Street. 1952 St. Lukes opens a new $1 million expansion becoming Idahos largest hospital with 245 beds. 1968 Dr. Rodney Herr performs the first open-heart surgery in Idaho at St. Lukes. 1972 Mountain States Tumor Institute (MSTI) created. 1996 St. Lukes Meridian opens as outpatient facility. 2000 St. Lukes Wood River opens. St. Lukes Hospital opened in this 2001 St. Lukes Meridian opens as full-service community hospital. Boise home on December 1, 1902. 2006 St. Lukes and Magic Valley Regional Medical Center form partnership; St. Lukes Health System is created with St. Lukes Boise/Meridian, St. Lukes Wood River, and St. Lukes Magic Valley. 2010 McCall Memorial Hospital joins St. Lukes becoming St. Lukes McCall. 2011 St. Benedicts joins St. Lukes becoming St. Lukes Jerome. 3 2012 St. Lukes opens St. Lukes Nampa Medical Plaza
  • 4. St. Lukes Health System 2012 St. Lukes Magic Valley St. Lukes Meridian St. Lukes Boise Beds: 167 Beds: 228 Beds: 399 Employees: 1,372 Employees: 1,978 Employees: 6,035* St. Lukes Wood River St. Lukes Jerome St. Lukes McCall Beds: 25 Beds: 25 Beds: 15 Employees: 379 Employees: 178 Employees: 222 * Includes, St. Lukes Eagle Health Plaza, outlying MSTI and medical clinics, and system staff.
  • 5. St. Lukes Health SystemIdahos Largest Health Care Provider 6 hospitals 100+ clinics 866 licensed beds 1,000+ physicians 10,000+ employees 1.8 million outpatient visits each year 5
  • 6. St. Lukes Health System A Community Asset St. Lukes is community-owned. St. Lukes is Idaho-based and Idaho- led. The only Idaho-based health system. Governed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of local community leaders. St. Lukes is not-for-profit. 100 percent of net revenue is reinvested in the organization and the communities served. St. Lukes accepts all patients regardless of their ability to pay. 6
  • 7. Idahos Most Awarded Health System Recent Awards: St. Lukes MSTI designated as an National Cancer Institute Community Cancer Center St. Lukes Boise Meridian Medical Centers are a Health Grades Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence. Consumer Choice Award ongoing since 2001 Thomson Reuters 50 Hospital for Cardiovascular Care Proud to be a Magnet-designated Hospital for Nursing Excellence 7
  • 8. St. Lukes Areas of Focus: The 3 EsExcellence: In all that we do PeopleEfficiency: R S E Good stewards of our L T communitys resources S Q U A E W E T Lean implementation A R I A V L O R I I N DEngagement: C T S S E Of employees and Y H H I I physicians P P Our people are St. Lukes S most valuable resource 8
  • 9. St. Lukes Health System by the NumbersSt. Lukes Boise St. Lukes McCall Babies Delivered: 4,158 Babies Delivered: 83 Inpatient Visits: 25,309 Inpatient Visits: 456 Outpatient Visits: 796,693 Outpatient Visits: 67,304St. Lukes Magic Valley St. Lukes Meridian Babies Delivered: 1,613 Babies Delivered: 1,185 Inpatient Visits: 10,719 Inpatient Visits: 10,046 Outpatient Visits: 518,567 Outpatient Visits: 311,067 St. Lukes Wood River Babies Delivered: 221 Inpatient Visits: 1,333 Outpatient Visits: 78,351FYE Numbers (9/30/2011) 9
  • 10. St. Lukes Health System Main Service Lines St. Lukes is home to First open-heart Founded in 1971, MSTI Idahos only Childrens surgery in Idaho has become Idahos Hospital. performed at St. largest cancer care Lukes in December provider. St. Lukes Childrens 1968. Hospital at our Boise St. Lukes MSTI treats facility is a hospital St. Lukes provides approximately 800 within a hospital. cardiac care for heart patients each day from patients throughout Idaho, Nevada, Utah, St. Lukes Childrens Idaho, and in parts of and Oregon. Hospital has Idahos Oregon, Nevada, and largest and most Utah. St. Lukes MSTI is one experienced Level III of only 30 National Newborn Intensive Care St. Lukes provides Cancer Institute Unit and the states only more heart procedures Community Cancer Pediatric ICU and than any other hospital Centers. Hospital School. in Idaho. 10
  • 11. St. Lukes Health System Core Values Integrity Being honest; doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. Compassion Acting to help others in need, and doing so with kindness and understanding. Accountability Being responsible for your job duties, the quality of your work, and the consequences of your actions. Respect Being considerate of other people, their property, and their point of view. Excellence Always doing your best and doing what is best, in every situation. 11
  • 12. Transforming Healthcare St. Lukes is transforming so that our patients experience better health and better care at lower cost, our Triple Aim. VALUE 12
  • 13. Our Income Comes from Three Places Operations Debt (Loans) Philanthropy 13
  • 14. SLHS Payer Mix Medicare 38% Medicaid Commercial 14% 40% Other 4% Self Pay 4% 14
  • 15. Financial Summary Last 5 Years ($ in 000s) FY7 FY8 FY9 FY10 FY11 Net Operating Revenue 834,432 898,237 988,552 1,082,195 1,296,938 Cash Flow (EBITDA) 122,902 107,843 134,252 136,189 181,284 Cash Flow Margin (EBITDA) 14.7% 12.0% 13.6% 12.6% 14.0% Capital Plan 111,013 130,466 158,327 190,559 185,000 Ending Cash 238,067 244,468 487,694 433,552 417,594 Total Debt 228,221 257,661 533,327 531,172 527,124 Cash to Debt Position 9,846 (13,193) (45,633) (97,620) (109,530) Days Cash on Hand 119 111 189 159 130 Debt to Capital 31.6% 32.4% 48.2% 45.7% 42.7% 15
  • 16. Community Benefit R E S L T Q A E P S P E U T W E e R A I A O o V L O R P p I I N D L C l T S S E E e Y H H I I P P S 16
  • 17. St. Lukes Health System Economic Impact Idahos largest private employer: 10,000+ jobs Annual salaries and benefits for employees: $450 million.University of Idaho Economic Impact Study - 2009Economic Multiplier Effect of St. Lukes Produced nearly $1.87 billion in sales Generated more than 18,700 jobs Produced $36.7 million in sales and property taxes (indirect business taxes) 17
  • 18. St. Lukes Health System 2010 to 2020 St. Lukes must invest $1.28 billion over the next decade to continue providing the exceptional level of care that people of our communities expect and deserve. Philanthropy is critical to achieving our long-term goals. We will work with community leaders and donors to raise $128 million over the next decade 18
  • 19. Future Investments in St. Lukes Communities New Facility in Nampa Hospital, ED, and Medical Plaza New Facility in Fruitland Medical Plaza Electronic Medical Records One Patient, One Record A new Healthy Living Center in Meridian Expanded Cancer Services in Meridian, Boise, Nampa, and Fruitland Expansion of downtown Boise campus Childrens Hospital expansion 19
  • 20. St. Lukes Health SystemPerspective on Health Care Reform Positive: 10 million 30+ million more people with health insurance; coverage for folks with a pre-existing condition Concerns: Cuts to Medicare and Medicaid to pay for reform Provision of health insurance for all not supported by adequate supply of primary care providers and health care services Likely increase in number of Medicaid beneficiaries. Medicaid doesnt cover our costs. 20St. Lukes Health System position paper: www.stlukesonline.org
  • 21. St. Lukes Health System ChallengeBecoming an Integrated Health Care SystemDriven by the unified efforts of physicians,community leaders and committedemployees St. Lukes will provide: A comprehensive health care delivery system with convenient, timely access to care providers. Safe, effective and efficient care with a strong focus on wellness and prevention throughout our patients lives and across our health system. Timely and convenient access to health care data across St. Lukes Health System with a system-wide electronic record system (one patient, one record). 21
  • 22. The St. Lukes Health System Promise We will focus on providing value to those we serve. Our aim is to achieve superior outcomes at the lowest possible cost. In all that we do we will never lose sight of the reason we are here to serve patients. 22