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St Luke's Spring 2011 Newsletter

Date post: 17-Mar-2016
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A quarterly newsletter of St Luke's Lutheran Church, Federal Way, WA
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spring 2011 newsletter In This Issue Lent/Easter Schedule 2 Families “On Fire” for Jesus 3 Upcoming Events 4 Missions 5 Youth Ministry 5 Children & Families 6 Operations 7-8 Building Update 8 God Stories 9-11 Staff 12 Easter Weekend Saturday, April 23 Easter Vigil, 5 pm Sunday, April 24 Easter Celebration Services 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00 am “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes, for you will spread out…” Isaiah 54:2 We chose this verse when St. Luke’s began the “For Those To Come” building campaign back in 2008. Members of this congregation stepped forward in faith and pledged over 2 million dollars to expand our facilities. We have raised over 1 million dollars toward that goal, in hard economic times. Thank you to all who have sacrificially given to see God’s work continue to grow here at St. Luke’s! Thank you to all who have worked diligently on those future plans! Thank you Lord Jesus, that you continue to turn hearts and save souls here at St. Luke’s! Today I read Isaiah 54 with fresh eyes. The prophet calls the people to “enlarge” and “expand” because LORD Almighty is with them. It is not our strength or our dreams that drive us. It is God’s presence, power and purpose that move us to action. In fact Isaiah says that He is “God of all the earth.” Our God’s heart is bigger than St. Luke’s, Federal Way, Washington state, or even America. He is the One who is redeeming all the earth! As we move forward the real expansion is not the building, it is the growing of the Kingdom of God in the hearts and minds of people. Jesus said “the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all your seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of the garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and perch in its branches” (Matthew 13:31-32). We are still moving forward with plans to add over 14,000 square feet to our facility, but our real hope is that through our efforts God would transform the hearts and lives of the people we meet each day. Jesus invites each and every one of us to be a part of this great work. Look at the opportunities in this newsletter and open your heart to call of God in your life. Then watch and see the Master Builder build His Kingdom! Pastor Chris
  • spring 2011 newsletter

    In This Issue

    Lent/Easter Schedule 2

    Families On Fire for Jesus 3

    Upcoming Events 4

    Missions 5

    Youth Ministry 5

    Children & Families 6

    Operations 7-8

    Building Update 8

    God Stories 9-11

    Staff 12

    Easter WeekendSaturday, April 23

    Easter Vigil, 5 pm

    Sunday, April 24Easter Celebration Services

    8:00, 9:30, and 11:00 am

    Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back;lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes, for you will spread out Isaiah 54:2

    We chose this verse when St. Lukes began the For Those To Come building campaign back in 2008. Members of this congregation stepped forward in faith and pledged over 2 million dollars to expand our facilities. We have raised over 1 million dollars toward that goal, in hard economic times. Thank you to all who have sacrificially given to see Gods work continue to grow here at St. Lukes! Thank you to all who have worked diligently on those future plans! Thank you Lord Jesus, that you continue to turn hearts and save souls here at St. Lukes!

    Today I read Isaiah 54 with fresh eyes. The prophet calls the people to enlarge and expand because LORD Almighty is with them. It is not our strength or our dreams that drive us. It is Gods presence, power and purpose that move us to action. In fact Isaiah says that He is God of all the earth. Our Gods heart is bigger than St. Lukes, Federal Way, Washington state, or even America. He is the One who is redeeming all the earth!

    As we move forward the real expansion is not the building, it is the growing of the Kingdom of God in the hearts and minds of people. Jesus said the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all your seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of the garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and perch in its branches (Matthew 13:31-32). We are still moving forward with plans to add over 14,000 square feet to our facility, but our real hope is that through our efforts God would transform the hearts and lives of the people we meet each day.

    Jesus invites each and every one of us to be a part of this great work. Look at the opportunities in this newsletter and open your heart to call of God in your life. Then watch and see the Master Builder build His Kingdom!

    Pastor Chris

  • 2Easter Season Alive! In a world where many settle for breathing, Jesus says, I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. Each Easter we celebrate that Jesus is Alive! This Easter we celebrate that we, too, were made Alive that first Easter morning. In the weeks following Easter we will continue our study of Jesus words in the book of John and how to come Alive and be Alive each day.

    Wednesday Communion Services - 7 pm

    In church we often talk about pursuing God and forget that we have a God who is pursuing us. Wednesday nights we will be studying through the prophet Jeremiah what it means for God to have us in his sights/sites.

    Weekend Worship during Lent

    Saturday, 5:00 p.m.Sunday 8:00/9:30/11:00 a.m.What makes us afraid? How does fear impact our actions and choices? Is fear a good or bad emotion? What does it mean to fear God? How do we overcome fears in our life? This series invites us to face our fears and find the peace of God in the chaos of life.

    March 12/13 Behind the Curtain

    March 19/20 The Cowardly Lion

    March 26/27 The Tin Man

    April 2/3 The Scarecrow

    April 9/10 Guest, Leonard Sweet

    Holy Week

    April 22 April 23 7 p.m. 5 p.m. Good Friday Easter Vigil

    April 23/24 Easter Weekend Alive!, John 10

    April 30/May 1 When Dreams Die, John 11

    May 8/9 Get a Life, John 12-13

    May 15/16 Resurrecting the Dead, John 14

    May 22/23 Staying Alive, John 15

    May 29/30 Catching Your Breath, John 16-17

    March 16 - Eat the ScrollJeremiah 1:4-10We are Called by God into service

    March 23 - Lamb to the Slaughter

    Jeremiah 11:18-23We are Separated (made holy) by this call and opposition will appear because of this call

    March 30 - Fire in My BonesJeremiah 20:7-9The Holy Spirit will fill us with Fire and passion as we pursue Gods calling for us

    April 6 - The HammerJeremiah 23:25-29We are Gods Hammer and through His word he will use us as His tool

    April 13 - Innocent BloodJeremiah 26:13-15God calls us to Die to sin and be a sacrifice, giving our all for God and our death is not in vain.

    The services have reflective music and soft lighting and are a preparation into Holy Week, with a Bible Study style of teaching time.


    St. Lukes presently has a number of wonderful programs directed toward children and teens. Each program is served by dedicated and passionate volunteers and is touching lives in Jesus name. Our programs are all independently created and run, and there often seems to be no overarching direction or goal for our children and youth ministries. This means we are also not communicating a clear goal or direction with parents, many of whom have not had positive parenting models in their own lives.

    Our dream is to see families walking together in faith on fire with the love of Jesus and on fire about our mission to seek out and bring people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. In order to see this vision happen we are focusing on four areas of development:

    1. Building Parent and Family Communities by Age/Grade2. Developing a Comprehensive Curriculum Plan for Our Ministries3. Partnering with Parents and Improving our Communication to Parents4. Create a Culture of Anticipation

    Building Parent and Family Communities by Age/GradeWe believe that the family is still the primary place where children grow. Therefore we are intent on supporting, equipping, and connecting parents. We believe one of the most effective ways of doing this is to help create parent communities who are raising their kids together. We will be asking parents in each age/grade to play a centering role for their group.

    Developing a Comprehensive Curriculum Plan for Our MinistriesOver the last year we have been intently researching, interviewing, and seeking feedback from parents on what we long to teach our children before they graduate from high school. We are presently developing curriculum, memory work, and experiences around specific themes and bible characters for our Sunday morning learn time. The following list captures the central themes for each year. This will not encompass everything the students do during this year, but it will be a central part of the learning plan.

    Age 0 Joy (Isaac/Elizabeth) 1st Family (Abraham/Lois) 7th Love (Jonathan/Ruth)Age 1 Peace (Noah/Eve) 2nd Bible (Josiah/Miriam) 8th Team (Elijah/Priscilla)Age 2 Jesus (Joseph/Mary) 3rd Choices (Gideon/Rahab) 9th Surrender (Caleb/Esther)Age 3 Prayer (Samuel/Hannah) 4th Identity (Daniel/Puah) 10th Character (David/Abigail) Age 4 Help (Barnabas/Tabitha) 5th Truth (Nathan/Martha) 11th Witness (Stephen/Mary Magdalene)K Worship (Moses/Anna) 6th Gifts (Sampson/Lydia) 12th Calling (Paul/Deborah)

    Partnering with Parents and Improving our Communication with Parents As we develop this new program we are inviting parents to participate, give us their thoughts, and tell us how we can help them raise children to know and walk with the Lord. Part of our planning is considering how to be more intentional with parents and how to communicate better to parents. Our new website (www.stlukes-church.com) is designed to be a source of connection and information for families.

    Create a Culture of AnticipationPresently there are certain high points in the children and youth program such as baptism, first communion and confirmation. Our goal is to create rallying moments around the theme every year for students. By structuring this way it will help parents and students get fired up about what is to come in their journey of faith. It could be a community birthday party (age 1), a backstage worship tour (age 5), a secret agent mission (6th grade), a True Love retreat (7th grade), or a rite of passage into adulthood (12th grade). Having fun, creative, meaningful moments will help provide an energy and excitement to our ministry.

    St. Lukes Purpose StatementTo seek out and bring people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord

    Family Life Core Values1. Family and individual values are derived from the Word of God2. Parents have a God-given call to love and instruct their children3. The home is the primary place where children and adults grow4. Every family needs the support and strength of a larger community5. A healthy family life requires stability and intentionality6. Spiritual growth is a continual process7. Each family and family situation is unique

  • 4NEW L-TEAM?

    Its easy to start an L-Team! Email Jan Grothe at [email protected] or go to the St. Lukes website (stlukes-church.com). Highlight Members on the top bar, Login and register yourself on our site. (It might take a day for your registration to be approved.) On your homepage, click on Profile. In the second column there will be a list of options. Click on Start a new L-Team and fill it out! If you need help, email Jan or call: 253-941-3000.


    Life with God This workshop and Next Steps events are designed to learn about the vision and purpose of St. Lukes, as well as our ministries and L-Teams. We cover topics in the Christian faith, including Baptism and the Lords Supper. This workshop is held three times throughout the year. The next date is April 15 & 16.

    CAREGIVER KITScoming again this May!

    Be a part of a supporting those who travel far and wide, quite often on foot, to administer care to those suffering from HIV/AIDS in places like Swaziland and Haiti. We are doing a Caregiver Kit build May 21 and May 22 at St. Lukes. Put your faith in action and bring the whole family to be a part of this event. Our kits are going to Mahlalini, Swaziland, our partner in Africa through World Vision. Each kit costs $28.

    LEONARD SWEET will be here soon! April 9 workshop and book signing Tickets on sale for $10

    Len Sweet teaches on both coasts (Drew University, George Fox University). He knows first hand that the Northeast and the Northwest are post-Christian cultures, where Christianity no longer has the home court advantage, and all games are away-games. How do you share the gospel in this new context, on this new mission field?

    The first thing any missionary does is learn the language of the culture. Len will help us learn to speak in ways that this culture can hear us. He will also introduce the concept of Nudge, a revolutionary new look at evangelism which Len defines as paying attention to what God is already doing in someones life and nudging that along. Discover how every person is a burning bush of divine activity, and how we can help people see and share in the shining. Find out whether or not nudge ever turns to shove, and why old models of evangelism are deeply flawed. Explore also what happens when evangelism is no longer disconnected from discipleship. For Sweet, what yokes evangelism to discipleship is the art of attention, attending to life and attending to God. Or as Sweet puts it, using one of Jesus favorite phrases (pay attention): Pay Attention: Every Bush is Burning.

    Love Pours Out Womens Event

    A social column in a small town newspaper reads, A good time was had by all. We did have a good time! Our speaker, Jodi Detrick, was fabulous. She set the stage for the day by talking about Gods love. His love is amazing and abundant. His love pours out from Him to us by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is also by that power that we love others. How do we show God we love Him? We pour out His love in our lives to others.

    Jodis stories and experiences touched our hearts. We were so grateful for her presence on this special day.

    From the moment women walked through the door, they were welcomed with thematic decorations, delicious breakfast foods, and a warm, inviting spirit. Workshops varied from hands on activities (like scrapbooking and card making) to cooking on a budget, exercise class, relationship topics, prayer and much more.

    We were delighted to hear the mens chorus sing a special song written for the occasion by Joan Kroeller. Curt Genzlinger led on guitar with the back-up chorus of Kevin Gottlieb, Paul Acuna, Jerry Church, Dan Buethe, and Dick Bean. Ian Krueger provided background music for our listening pleasure throughout our wonderfully delicious lunch.

    Worship, speaker, lots of delicious food, and great workshops melted together like smooth chocolate to sooth our souls and provide that bit of deliciousness that we needed to energize us as we went home to our families, our work, and our activities. Such a blessed day!

    Next year? Who knows? Stir us, Lord, to hear your Spirit speak!


    MISSIONSSWAZILAND PARTNERSHIP UPDATEOur partnership is in its 6th month already! Here are some things that have been going on:

    We as a congregation have sponsored over 100 kids! That is incredible. Keep writing those letters!

    Our youth raised approximately $3000 toward a new water project in Mahlalini.

    Our childrens ministries are doing a loose change drive for the same water project.

    Remember those orange caregiver kits? Well, we are doing them again. May 21/22 come build a kit! We are building 500 (a mere project scope of $14,000)!

    We are planning a small team vision trip to Swaziland in October.


    Okanagan Gleaners Mission Trip for 7-8 graders, July 31-August 6. Okanagan Gleaners dries and packages surplus food into soups and fruit mixes. These dried mixes are donated to relief organizations in the USA and around the world.

    Mexico Outreach Unshakeable for 9-12 graders, June 17-25, Ensenada, Mexico. Participating teams are assigned a ministry site. Our team will facilitate a Vacation Bible School.

    Fundraising through SCRIP: Earn a percentage of gift card purchases for your youth account. Funds may be used for mission trips or youth events. Contact Donna Breyer 253.941.3000 or [email protected]


    April 3, the youth mission team to Mexico will host a dinner and auction. Come support the youth and this great ministry in Mexico. Tacos are on the menu and many great items to bid on!


    April 15-17 Camp Berachah - $99Its the annual house competition for 7-12 graders. Contact: Donna Breyer 253.941.3000 [email protected]


    Join us on June 5, 11:00 a.m. service, as 22 of our young adults affirm their baptism through a public profession of their faith.


    If you have been looking forward to swinging a hammer for Habitat for Humanity, your time is coming! Be on the look out for volunteer days coming in April and May.


    Ask in the office for more information about how you or you and your family can pray over this community.

    FAITH IN ACTION UPDATEWorld Vision 30 Hour Famine

    Our youth fasted for 30 hours to raise money for a water project in Mahlalini, Swaziland. The 7-12 graders raised money through personal pledges, a telethon and a food drive in local neighborhoods. Over $3000 and 500 cans of food were collected. Canned food will be given to Operation Blessing and our local food bank.

    CREATION NW 2011

    When: July 20-23When: Enumclaw Expo CenterFor: Youth, 7th grade and above, & adultsCost: $150 (includes ticket to Creation NW, food and camping)Contact: Teri Johnson 253.332.4403 or [email protected] up on youth bulletin board.

  • 6CHILDREN & FAMILYSCHOOL ENROLLMENTWe are currently enrolling children in our preschool and kindergarten classes for the 2011-2012 school year. We offer classes for children who are three, four and five-years-old by August 31. We have all day kindergarten for five-year-olds. We have a variety of choices for preschool classes, and a four-year- old class that runs five days a week from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Registration packets are available at the Information Counter or in the office. Call Heather at 253.839.0173 with questions, to set up an observation or come in to register your child.

    Visit our St. Lukes website for more information. Enrollment will continue until we fill our classes.

    SUNDAY SCHOOLJourney to the Cross and Hosanna FestivalDuring this Lenten season, our first-sixth grade Sunday School classes are on a Journey to the Cross. The sixth grade class and other volunteers help in the craft, food and drama centers. This takes place in Malkow Hall during the regular Sunday School hour. Together we experience events in the life of Christ leading up to his death and resurrection.

    The children are collecting and saving money for our water well project in Mahlalini, where the three children we support through World Vision live. There is a contest among the classes to see who can raise the most money.

    On Palm Sunday, April 17, we will have our Hosanna Festival. Much of the art work the children do during the Journey to the Cross will be on display in our Meditation Walk rooms. As part of the Hosanna Festival, there will be an Easter Egg Hunt for the three-five-year-old Sunday School classes in our fenced playground.

    BIBLE CAMPAs you make summer plans for your family, mark your calendar if you have children entering 4th-7th grades in Sept, 2011, Bible Camp dates are August 12-14, 2011.

    Our theme this year is Treasure Island Seeking the treasure of the kingdom of heaven, Gods Word and the treasure in you! Watch for registration forms and more information. Kids are encouraged to invite friends!

    KIDS FOR CHRISTAll fourth, fifth and sixth graders are invited to the KFC activities. In April come for Bible Games Nighton Wed, April 20, at 6:30 p.m. Bring your friends. Dinner is a little cheesy mac and cheese and cheese cake for dessert.

    In May, we will have Wet and Wacky Night on May 18 at 6:30 p.m. in Malkow Hall and at Mirror Lake School. Bring a friend you will all get soaked!

    VACATION BIBLE SCHOOLThe dates for our annual Vacation Bible School are July 11-15 for four and five-year-olds and children going into 1st - 5th grades in Sept 2011. Our theme is PandaMania where God is Wild about You! Psalm 139. We will need lots of donations and volunteers. You will be able to register and volunteer online.

    CHILDRENS CHOIR & JR BELLS CONCERTOn Sunday, May 22 at 5 p.m., our Junior Bells and Childrens Choir will present their end-of-the-year concert in the Worship Center. All families are invited. A reception in the lobby will follow the concert.

    HAPPENINGS AT ST LUKES!Please update the church office (253.941.3000) with new addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses.

    Baptized:Brycen Lyons-Curry 1/2/11Jason Brucker 1/29/11Jaime Salyer 1/29/11Elliot Finney 2/19/11

    Weddings:Jacob and Sarah Simons 1/2/11Matt and Rachael Stonehocker 2/19/11

    New Members:Gaylen Floy Rob & Paula NorwoodDave Ford Chang PakAaron & Morgan Griffith Eric SmithNadia Moore

    FIRST COMMUNION KIDSAllison Avaiusini Isaac SatoBrandon Bell Jonathan DicksonBen Ray Mari RuggelsKendall Brockmann Natalie MeansCameron Rud Nicholas HallstromEmily Gunderson Regan MeyerHaley Ruppel Sammy McConnellHannah Hileman Sarah HartmanHannah Pacquing Sophia MusiakIsabella Faccone Zoe deCillia

  • 7OPERATIONSFINANCIAL UPDATE Giving (Q1 and Q2 Results)Every time we review our finances from the previous month, we are always taken back at how God is continually blessing His ministry at St. Lukes. Not only do our finances show us the gifts that God is blessing us with, but these financial statements also tell a story of the lives that are being changed each and every month. There are so many stories to share from the various ministries happening through L-Teams, and there have been countless relationships developed because of such stories. And our financial resources are certainly one aspect in how some of these opportunities have been able to occur. Pastor Chris mentioned in one of the CORE classes from a few weeks ago that our response to God through our giving and how we talk about it is a tremendous gift to the people around us. That is an amazing thing to think about with the 632 families that are actively giving to the St. Lukes ministry. God is certainly speaking and moving in our lives!

    Below is a brief review of the past two quarters of the 2011 fiscal year (July 2010 - June 2011). As of December 2010, our weekly offerings are up compared to this time last year. However, as noted in the operating budget review shown below, we are 3.55% under budget in giving.

    Revenue and ExpensesTotal income (church, preschool & kindergarten, childcare, rental groups, and interest/investment) as of December 31, 2010 of $872,847 exceeds net operating expenses of $804,598 by $68,249, although our general fund offerings of $589,064 are under budget by $20,936 (-3.55%). After mortgage principle payments, the current budget surplus to date is $54,587. This surplus is due to a number of contingencies built within the budget, as well as keeping a watchful eye on spending, and the money is not spent until after the fiscal year is complete in which the ELT will then recommend how it will be utilized. In years past, this money has been applied to the mortgage principle, capital improvement projects and/or safety reserves.

    General Fund CashGeneral Fund Cash (aka Cash Surplus) at the end of this reporting period is $907,662. $500,000 has been dedicated by the ELT to the current building expansion project (as approved by the congregation in April 2010), and the remaining $407,662 is dedicated towards the churchs safety reserves, which is approximately three months of salary and facility expenses.

    Capital Improvement FundThe Restricted Capital Improvement Fund (aka the Building Fund) is $120,669. The ELT is currently evaluating our overall capital needs and is putting together a comprehensive capital improvement plan in which to implement over the next five years. This plan includes such items as computer network replacement, door replacements, exterior and interior painting, roof replacement, AV-IT upgrades, etc. Look forward in the near future various fundraising opportunities in which to help fund these needed projects.

    OPERATING BUDGET (Q2 Results | July December 2010)

    To go one step further, we can provide a significant gift to other people by how we talk about money as a whole, not only how we give but how we individually spend our money, as well. Next to love, money is the second most referenced topic within Scripture. That certainly says something in our Christian walk to how we are to look at our finances. Look forward within the next four months as we refresh how we communicate about our overall financial position, as well as how God is leading us in supporting His ministry at St. Lukes as well as we are to engage our personal finances as followers of Christ.

    Q1 (July-September) | FY 2011 vs FY 2010

    FY 2010 Gen Offerings YTD $ 271,725.80

    FY 2010 Gen Offerings Avg/Week $ 20,901.98

    FY 2011 Gen Offerings YTD $ 264,928.76

    FY 2011 Gen Offerings Avg/Week $ 20,379.14

    FY 2010 Avg Offering / Active Family TD $ 429.95

    FY 2011 Avg Offering / Active Family TD $ 419.19

    FY 2011 vs. FY 2010 -2.50%

    Q2 (October-December) | FY 2011 vs FY 2010

    FY 2010 Gen Offerings YTD $ 580,658.73

    FY 2010 Gen Offerings Avg/Week $ 22,333.03

    FY 2011 Gen Offerings YTD $ 591,498.73

    FY 2011 Gen Offerings Avg/Week $ 22,749.95

    FY 2010 Avg Offering / Active Family YTD $ 918.76

    FY 2011 Avg Offering / Active Family YTD $ 935.92

    FY 2011 vs. FY 2010 1.87%

  • 8BUILDING UPDATEConstruction

    Whats Happening? (as of March 12th) Concrete footings and walls on the main expansion (14,500 sq ft) have

    been poured Interior drywall and roofing has been installed in the Worship Center

    storage room (500 sq ft) Finalized interior and exterior color selections Designing all signage (interior and exterior) Moved out of west hallway on main level (bookstore, main chair closet,

    Warehouse, Operation Blessing office)

    Whats Coming Up Next? Pouring of main expansions concrete flooring (late March) Steel and wood framing installation (late March) Completion of Worship Center storage (early April) Interior remodeling begins in existing main and lower floors (late April) South parking lot renovation begins (Monday, April 25th early August) / look out for more information in early

    April about parking and building access revisions

    What to Pray and Give Thanks For? Pray for each individual of the building committee (Shane Doig chair; Teri Sato; Dave Ramsay; Tim Waisanen;

    Todd Zern; Pastor Chris Davis) as they continue to make decisions on various financial and design changes Pray for Abbott Construction as they proceed with steel and wood framing Pray for Abbott Construction and BPH Architects as they continue to pursue a late August / early September completion

    date Pray for Church leadership as they work through space constraints due to the closing down of the west hallway Pray for the Operations Office and the Parking Lot L-Team as they prepare for the renovations of the south parking lot

    taking place after Easter Thanksgiving for New Hope Church in opening their facility to host the Operation Blessing ministry for the duration of

    the construction project Thanksgiving to the following St Lukes members who have volunteered their skill, time and efforts towards this

    project: Jerry Church (plumbing installation), Dale Rene (signage design, materials and installation), Mark Taylor (data communications/network design and installation), David Emmert (audio-visual design and installation) and Ken Breyer (various interior carpentry projects)

    FOR THOSE TO COME (Building Expansion Funding)

    As we approach the official completion at the end of March of For Those To Come, we have certainly been enjoying in watching the visible results of this effort through the construction of the new building. It is absolutely amazing to think that it was three years ago that we launched this vision in which to expand our facilities. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for walking along side of us in making this dream a reality!

    Additional Fundraising

    Look forward to hearing about an opportunity in April to come together and celebrate what God has done thus far in For Those To Come, and learn about new opportunities in which to help fund this project. Such opportunities will include helping purchase some of those more tangible items including furniture, kitchen appliances, childcare center cubbies, various AV equipment, upgrades to Holy Grounds, etc.

    Concrete footings and walls have been poured in the main expansion (picture taken March 12)

    Project Funding Review

    Pledge Commitment(March 2008-March 2011)

    $2.00 million

    Pledged Funds Received(as of February 28, 2011)

    $1.57 million (78.5% to goal)

    General Fund Cash $500,000

    Mortgage Loan(Lutheran Church Extension Fund)

    $2.315 million

    Total Funds Received to Date(Pledged funds, general fund cash, loan)

    $4.385 million

    Total Construction Cost $4.54 million

    Minimum Funds to be Raised to Meet Budget $155,000

  • 9WHO IS THIS?by Jan Grothe

    It is amazing how little things can be so uplifting!

    Throughout 2010, I would occasionally receive a card from my Secret Pal. The envelope always had a label on it no handwriting. The card was never signed no handwriting. The postmark indicated it was local not a family member. For quite a while, I tried to guess who it could be. Several names would float through my mind each time I received a card. I mentioned it in the office a couple of times to see if anyone would spill the beans. Nope. Either they were keeping it quiet, or they didnt know.

    How well did I know this Secret Pal? Was it someone close to me that I should know? Was it someone who I knew a little bit? As the year progressed, it bothered me less and less that I didnt know this person. Heres why.

    Every time I received a card, I needed the words that were written there. There was never anything major going on in my life that was depressing or harmful or bad. It was just moments where I was extra busy or had been praying for people who were hurting or troubled. It was moments where I needed that little reminder that someone else was thinking of me. When I saw the card from that special someone, I also was reminded that Someone was with me, too. God uses all sorts of people and circumstances to remind us of His love and care. In 2010, the reminder of His presence was from my Secret Pal. It was uplifting and encouraging. It was supportive, kind, and loving.

    Cards, notes, messages, letters, emails, or texts can provide words of encouragement. They are simple ways to tell someone else that were thinking about them and praying for them. A small thing can be so very meaningful for the recipient. I know its true. I was a recipient for a year! It made my day each time.

    Who was my Secret Pal? Lita Sippy! Thank you, Lita; you made my year!


    Mike and I moved back to Washington after spending five years in Naples, Florida. I had wanted to move back to Federal Way because our kids, Adam and Nicole, were raising children, and I didnt want to miss any more moments in their lives. The miles were just too many! We never worried about finding a job, as we have always worked. Even when we had been downsized before, we were able to find more work.

    We arrived back in Federal Way in August of 2007. I had not realized the job market was in the midst of crashing. We both applied to numerous places and found that every time we interviewed, although we were told how over-qualified we were, the job offers just did not come. As time marched on, we both became increasingly stressed and worried. Three years had come and gone, and our unemployment would soon run out. The stress was taking its toll on our emotions and self esteem. Thank goodness that we have such a wonderful array of friends. St. Lukes periodically helped us out financially, and our friends seemed determined to help us survive as well. Our good friends, Joe and Linda Schultz, gave us temporary work until the market forced Joe and his son, Luke, to downsize, too. Mike

    and Etroy Hudson made sure we had all the trimmings to make Thanksgiving complete. Soon it was May and our unemployment had run out of resources and our claims exhausted. We were facing the real possibility of having to either move in with one of our children, or be homeless. Mike and I and our friends were praying like crazy. I could not believe God had brought us this far to only end up homeless and broke and beaten down to the point of mental exhaustion.

    We had given our landlord notice that we no longer had income, and had to move. We had no way to pay for rent. One night I prayed to God to guide me and if it was His will, I would indeed accept the fact that my life would forever be changed. Then, in the morning, Mike was reading the want ads and said, Hey, Shari, check this out! The ad said, Needed: a couple for management. We looked at each other and said, Why not? We have nothing to lose.

    That day, we called the number and made arrangements for an interview the next day. We interviewed; they loved us; and now we are the newest apartment managers for Howe Investments. Mike runs the maintenance division, and I run the rental office. Part of our pay is a two bedroom unit, with all utilities, cable, and phone paid. God so blessed us with the gift of this job. We were humbled, and then given the gift of life again.

    BIBLES FOR THE BLINDby Harry RothEach year the members of the Braille L-Team work on different books of the Bible to be sent around the world for those who are unable to see. In 2010, our Braille workers produced 2207 copies of the book of Romans. The Braille L-Team is composed of several different smaller teams who work at various times during the day and different days of the week. The L-Team can always use more people to help with this immense project. Approximately 800 volunteer hours went into making the books.

    The Braille books were shipped to 16 nations all over the world, directly from St. Lukes. Literally, all over the world! Cameroon, Canada, Chile, England, Indonesia, Singapore, Ghana, Pakistan, Japan, South Africa, Columbia, France, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, United States, Uganda, Bangladesh, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, and India.

    It is truly amazing to see God at work through the commitment of the Braille team. As the teams work around the table in the Braille room, there are discussions of life, of support and encouragement, laughter, and fellowship. Not only are we serving people around the world as we work, we are also growing together.

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    CENTRO de AMISTAD CRISTIANOAt times, when trying to describe in detail the wondrous works of our mighty God, we may find ourselves in a difficult situation. How do we describe the indescribable and his awesome power? As his works come to mind, we are reminded that God has always been for Centro de Amistad Cristiano, and He will continue to be. God has always had a great purpose for the church.

    CDAC was born in Auburn, and after thirteen years God brought us to the city of Federal Way. We understand that our latino community needs a church that cares for their necessities and hardships suffered. We have seen the power of God upon the partnership with St. Lukes. Its moving to see how St. Lukes has opened their doors as well as their hearts, allowing a pathway and greater potential for Gods works in CDAC. We are preparing ground and forming strategies to get to the soul of our community. We have seen and are seeing how God is working.

    For example, its astonishing to see how just one month ago Mario and Sherry Aguillar with their three children, found themselves in a rut. Mario, looking for a job saw Brother Roy and Brother Ignacio performing the landscaping work on St. Lukes grounds. Brother Roy said that they were members of CDAC and they were just doing volunteer work. But Mario

    did not leave empty-handed. Instead, he left with words of encouragement and an invitation to the Saturday night service. To date, Mario and his family have been attending both Auburn and Federal Way service while they grow and learn. Mario also found a job after prayer and connecting with some members of the church.

    In continuation to our outreach, on our Thanksgiving potluck, a great number of new individuals attended after opening this event to the public through our radio affairs. It is clear to see how God is in control and involved with the churchs efforts and strategies of outreach.

    In our Childrens Ministry, we have recently reached a number of 50+ after being in the teens just a month ago. This shows how God has strengthened the childrens programs; that through these kids, their parents and families can come to know the church. By March, our goal is to double the number of kids and continue with the process of initiation of our Childrens church.

    There is tremendous energy and excitement to see what God has in store. We can see the beginnings, but we know its only the start. We thank St. Lukes for its missionary spirit by giving CDAC the opportunity to work as a team given that our success is St. Lukes success as well. We are a team!

    A LONG JOURNEY TO FORGIVENESSThis is a story about my long, long journey to forgiving a once very special person in my life, lets call him Jeremy. Jeremy and I shared some very special years together, but too soon it was tainted by betrayals of trust. My heart was so hardened by the physical, emotional and mental abuse it suffered that I became very bitter towards Jeremy. I not only turned away from Jeremy, I also turned my back on GOD. I could not forgive Jeremy and as time went on the wall I had built around my heart got thicker; I could not even be in the same room with him. Due to circumstances there were times through the years that we had to be at the same life events. I certainly dreaded those times, although Jeremy seemed to have been able to forgive, I would not. He would try to approach me to give me a hug or say hello, but I would retreat in the opposite direction. Dont get me wrong, I was not totally blameless in the relationship by any means. My reactions and responses to the transgressions were not Christian at all and not full of Gods good grace either. I needed forgiveness as well, and it seemed Jeremy was full of Gods grace and forgiveness, but I would have nothing to do with it or him.

    Time goes on and GOD started working to soften my heart. First by calling me to move to Federal Way from sunny, dry and warm Southern California. Second by calling my son, his family and me to worship at St. Lukes and for a chance to grow my faith. Third by calling me to take part in CORE. I felt GODs tug at my heart to strengthen my relationship with his son Jesus Christ and to grow spiritually, so I signed up. One of the CORE small group challenges or maybe it was the Big Idea (God in a Google World) in any case it was to Forgive someone that has done you wrong either on the phone, written letter or in person. Wow, this one was going to be a challenge for me.

    Within a couple of weeks of the challenge an opportunity presented itself. I had read on Facebook that Jeremy was going to be in the area in a few days, so I sent him email and took the plunge and asked him if we could get together for dinner. He graciously accepted the invitation and met for dinner.

    Amazingly enough, Jeremy felt compelled to admit how poorly he treated me those many years ago, and he actually apologized to me, before I had a chance to tell him why I had wanted to have dinner. That was the first time he had ever admitted or apologized for his wrongs to me. Through GODs good grace I was able to tell him I forgave him. Then I tearfully asked him for forgiveness of how I had responded to him over the years. I was finally able to hug him and receive his hugs graciously. It was for sure a GOD Thing....From the moment I forgave Jeremy and he forgave me, a huge weight was lifted from me and I felt a peace within me like Id never felt before. It may have taken me many, many years to get here, but through GODs grace I found forgiveness and the peace of GODs ever present LOVE.

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    For some of you getting this letter, you may be good friends, some are acquaintances and others I dont personally dont know, but you have played an important part recently in my life. In spite of the range of introductions that I have with you, one thing you all have in common is that you were part of a surprise team that blessed my family this past year.

    Some of you may know extended versions of my family story, where others may know the more recent events, but all of you were part of a Christmas story for my family that would not have been otherwise.

    Ive been a Christian most of my life and when it came to family, being a single mom wasnt ever part of the dream. That said; please understand that in loving my children dearly and trying to do my best to raise them as an involved parent, there have been many difficult times. It is fair to say that this year has been the toughest Ive had, and one I never imagined Id have. From job struggles and basically sole provider responsibilities to trying to cultivate the life I hope for my children, myself and our place in the world, its felt like being a tennis ball bounced back and forth. My own immediate family is extremely supportive in so many ways. Every day we are blessed with their generosity, and I know its also hard for them to see me go through these times. One particularly trying day this past fall, I shared with my dear and patient friend, Cherie, my struggles and pretty bare circumstances; blowing off steam in a moment of shear weakness and sadness and just plain exhaustion.

    That to say that a few weeks later, Cherie presented me with the wonderful gifts, books, cards and financial blessings that you all chose to provide for us, and I wanted you to know how much that meant to my family.

    I wanted you all to know that without your gifts, I would not have been able to buy any of the presents my children hoped for this year. In fact, before I received these gifts, I had just completed

    TREMENDOUS THANK YOUby AnonymousThis is a letter that I wrote to a group of people who helped me this Christmas, and the people of St. Lukes are also very much included. Thank you!

    a week with $1.20 left in my bank account until I got my next paycheck in the mail. (Another provision from the Lord in a timely blessing.) The gifts and help I received from you all, as well as from those at my church, St. Lukes, were the only way I made it though this Christmas with my wits about me, and that is the honest truth. I also believe the Lord may have used your graciousness not only for my childrens sake, but also as a gift to give me peace of mind this season to be able to provide for them, which I wouldnt have been able to do otherwise.

    My family was able to enjoy the festivities of Christmas this year, and I continue to be persistent with the Lord to deliver my family through these circumstances and into a new vision for our life. Due to some last minute job changes, my bills are currently covered and Im starting 2 new jobs this week, with time to start getting some financial footing underneath us.

    Though Im not at a place where I can even pretend to understand the brilliance that God may be cultivating through the path that was last year; what I can say is that I will have a range of experience from which to draw from to help others in the future who find themselves in similar circumstances.

    Your gifts and care brought joy and humbled me in a way I will never forget. Knowing what it is like to be on the receiving end of such help, inspires me more to hope that I will someday be able to do the same for others.

    Thank you so much, to all of you for what you provided. In addition to the financial help, the personal lessons Ive experienced of faith, caring and charity are ones I will carry through the years beyond this past one.

    May God bless your families with fulfillment, joy and faith this year and forward~

    KEEPING WARMby Nola Davenport

    It is a misconception that the Needlers L-Team makes only quilts. Our L-Team is busy throughout the year making so much more than only quilts. We also make baby quilts, burp cloths, bibs, lap robes, and hats. We were privileged to see the quilts as they adorned our Worship Center pews near Thanksgiving time. So many colors and kinds of materials go into the quilts!

    Our Needlers Team meets on Tuesdays to cut cloth, sew, put together the items, tie quilts, and finish the edging. As we use our talents, we feel blessed to be able to help others in communities. Recently, we personally delivered 15 quilts and 7 baby quilts to the Compass Veterans Center in Renton. The need is great at the Compass Center, which helps individuals and families with homelessness and poverty in the Seattle area, providing services, shelter, and transitional housing.

    We were also blessed to be able to help out a variety of organizations in the Puget Sound area: the Tacoma Nursing Home, Fusion, Union Gospel Mission, Operation Blessing, New Life, Pierce County Health Department, and the Reach Out Mens Shelter.

    It is a joy to be working with our hands, doing what we enjoy doing, and blessing others through our labors of love. Nola Davenport would love to talk with you about how you can be a part of this ministry and bless others as you serve. Call her at 253-941-2460.

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