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  • St. Peter Claver Parish Corner of Cochran & Stow Streets

    Parish Mission Statement

    We, the parish of Saint Peter Claver,

    are a Catholic faith community within the

    Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the

    Universal Church. Firm in the hope of the

    Gospel of Jesus Christ and inspired by the

    example of our patron, we proclaim the

    kingdom of God to embrace everyone in

    love without discrimination of any kind.

    We are devoted to worship, to witness,

    and joyful service in the Spirit.



    Saturday: 5pm Vigil; 7pm (Español)

    Sunday: 8am; 10am; 12noon & 5pm

    Holy Day of Obligation: 5pm Eve before;

    Day-7:30am; 12noon & 7pm

    Weekdays: 7:30am (Monday - Friday)

    DEVOTIONS: Perpetual Help Novena, Wednes-

    days, 7pm, Mass on first Wednesdays, 7pm;

    Adoration every Friday, 7pm

    First Saturday Mass, 7:30am


    3 - 4:30pm (or by appointment); Eve of Holy Day

    & Thursday before first Friday, 4 - 4:45pm

    SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM: Sundays, 1:30 pm;

    4th Sunday - Spanish Baptism BAPTISM INSTRUCTION:

    Second Monday of each month, 7pm

    SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE: 6 months prior

    notification needed

    Pastor: Rev. Riz J. Carranza

    email: Riz [email protected] - archdiocese.org

    Associate Pastor: Rev. Adrian M. San Juan

    email: [email protected] - archdiocese.org Permanent Deacons:

    Rev. Mr. Brian Clements and

    Rev. Mr. Melecio Zamora

    Parish Office Address: 5649 Pittman St.

    Simi Valley, CA 93063-3525

    Parish Office hours: (Monday - Friday)

    9am-12noon, & 1-5pm

    Phone: (805) 526-6499

    Fax: (805) 526-7233

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Web Site: www.saintpeterclaver.org

    Bulletin e-mail: [email protected] Pre-School & Kindergarten:

    (805) 526-2244 Fax: (805) 526-2225

    Website: www.stpeterclaverschool.org Office of Faith Formation:

    Bianca Langlois, Director

    (805) 526-0680

    email: [email protected] Office of Youth Ministry:

    Cosha Stanley, Director

    (805) 526-7975

    email: [email protected]

  • Bereavement Ministry:

    Paul Stewart, 526-0073

    Annulment Assistance:

    Wally & Linda Cravens, 526-6499

    Knights of Columbus: Joe Gray, (818) 421-0170

    email: [email protected]

    Society of St. Vincent de Paul:

    For assistance: (805) 404-3178

    Music Director: Jim Leslie, (818) 324-2109

    Couples for Christ:

    Chito & Beth Coronel, 285-7453

    Filipino Catholic Comm. Group:

    Cynthia Ramos Fernandez, (805) 890-4885

    Hispanic Catholic Community Group:

    Dcn. Melecio Zamora, (818) 262-1090

    Las Guadalupanas: Pilar Osorio, (310) 597-9548

    Parish Library: Sue Marron, (805) 770-0922

    BINGO: Thursday, 6:30pm BINGO hotline: 526-2781

    Safeguard the Children Committee:

    Clyde Allen, Chair

    email: [email protected]

    Bible Study: Richard Kimmet, 581-2742

    Women’s Adult Bible Study:

    Sherry Kimmet, 581-2742

    Becoming Catholic (Rite of Christian Initiation

    of Adults):

    Office of Faith Formation, 526-0680

    Parish Vocation Animator:

    Michael Johnson, 526-6499

    Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:

    Coley Maddigan, Coordinator, 526-6499

    Peter and Gloria Venzon, Scheduling, 813-4647

    Lector Coordinator: Jim Small, (805) 390-7260

    Altar Servers: Brian Kane, 583-0466

    Eucharistic Ministry of Hosp. & Home:

    Joni Egan, 527-2444

    Parish Information

    Nearly two hundred years before the Declaration of Independence proclaimed “that all men are created equal,” two hundred fifty years before the Emancipation Proclamation mandated an end to slavery, three hundred fifty years before Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream”, and four hundred years before the election of an American president boasting African heritage, Peter Claver left his native Spain

    behind to volunteer for the Jesuit missions in Colombia.

    There, he was horrified both by slavery as an institution and by the inhuman brutality inflicted upon the slaves. He solemnly vowed to become “the slave of the slaves,”

    and lived that vow heroically for close to forty years. Not knowing their language, Peter began his ministry among the slaves by using the

    universal language of practical charity, providing medical care and a tangible though wordless assertion of their human dignity:

    “We spoke to them not with words but with our hands, kneeling beside them, bathing their faces and bodies, encouraging them with friendly gestures” (see Liturgy of the Hours, Volume 4, p. 2018).

    Then came evangelization and baptism. Holiness as human wholeness: Peter Claver’s enduring witness.

    The Holy Spirit's might and power are manifested in the striking decisions and bold actions of Peter Claver.

    A decision to leave one's homeland never to return reveals a gigantic act of will difficult for us to imagine. Peter's determination to serve forever the most abused, rejected and lowly of all people is stunningly heroic. When we measure our lives against such a man's, we become aware of our own barely used

    potential and of our need to open ourselves more to the jolting power of Jesus' Spirit.

  • Page Three September 9, 2018

    I am now campaigning, advocating for Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration!

    December 2nd 2018 is a very special day in the devotional life of our parish. It will be the inauguration and blessing of our Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration chapel! After the 5PM Mass that day Our Lord will always be waiting to converse with us, to bless us and transform us!

    Our present Blessed Sacrament chapel located at the back of the sanctuary will be renovated into a Place of Encounter like Mounts Sinai and Tabor as well as the Garden of Gethsemane.

    Please commit and invite souls to an hour of Adoration and let our Lord love you and do miracles for you. We are meant to spend eternity with the Lord. Let us choose to practice that NOW. Adoration is only a foretaste of the ineffable eternal joy and peace promised to us.

    In adoring Our Lord, yes, He begs for our love and company. The more we immerse ourselves into this holy devotion of presence and listening, He strengthens us in friendship (which is Faith!) and uses us to be witnesses, shining with Hope amid a very dark world and we intercede for the needs of the world and our neighbor (not just ourselves!). Adoration (also) prepares us, making us vigilant for the Day of Justice. Mercy now, Justice later. But in both, “Stay awake!” (Matthew 24:42) and “Keep your lamps burning!” (Luke 12:35)

    Why do we adore for an hour? It is Our Lord’s request just “being with Him” before He suffered lovingly to save us. Or perhaps, this request of “being with Him” can and will save us from a lot of suffering!

    Then Jesus came with them to a place called Gethsemane, and he said to his disciples, “Sit here while I go over there and pray.” He took along Peter and the two sons of Zebedee and began to feel sorrow and distress. Then he said to them, “My soul is sorrowful even to death. Remain here and keep watch with me.” He advanced a little and fell prostrate in prayer, saying, “My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; yet, not as I will, but as you will.” When he returned to his disciples he found them asleep. He said to Peter, “So you could not keep watch with me for one hour? Watch and pray that you may not undergo the test. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” (Matthew 26:36-41)

    + + +

    I would like to share with you a theological reflection: The Real Presence: What Do We Believe by Fr. John A Hardon SJ (a Jesuit American theologian who passed away in 2000 and is now recognized by the Catholic Church as a Servant of God).

    On the answer to what do we believe depends in large measure whether we shall only know about sanctity or also attain it, whether holiness will remain only an idea or whether we shall actually become holy. What a difference!

    The simplest way to express what Christ asks us to believe about the Real Presence is that the Eucharist is really He. The Real Presence is the real Jesus. We are to believe that the Eucharist began in the womb of the Virgin Mary; that the flesh which the Son of God received from His Mother at the lncarnation is the same flesh into which He changed bread at the Last Supper; that the blood He received from His Mother is the same blood into which He changed wine at the Last Supper. Had she not given Him His flesh and blood there could not be a Eucharist.

    We are to believe that the Eucharist is Jesus Christ – simply, without qualification. It is God become man in the fullness of His divine nature, in the fullness of His human nature, in the fullness of His body and soul, in the fullness of everything that makes Jesus Jesus. He is in the Eucharist with His human mind and will united with the Divinity, with His hands and feet, His face and features, with His eyes and lips and ears and nostrils, with His affections and emotions and, with emphasis, with His living, pulsating, physical Sacred Heart. That is what our Catholic Faith demands of us that we believe. If we believe this, we are Catholic. If we do not, we are not, no matter what people may think we are.

    Our faith is belief because we do not see what we believe. We accept on Christ’s words that all of this is there, or rather, here in the Holy Eucharist. Faith must supply what, as the Tantum Ergo sings, “the senses do not perceive.” And faith must reveal what the mind by itself cannot see. Let us never forget this phrase, first in Latin, Iumen fidei, the light of faith. Faith reveals, faith discloses, faith enlightens, faith empowers the mind to see what the mind without faith cannot see.


    Parish Lending Library after 8:00am, 10:00am and 12(noon) Masses

    Coffee and Donut Hospitality after 8:00am and 10:00am Masses

    RCIA, 9:15am

    Baptisms, 1:30 pm

    Choir, 4:00pm

    Page Four St. Peter Claver

    Monday, September 10th Parish Office closed until 1pm 6:00 pm Cub Scout Bear Den Meeting (PC) 7:00 pm Baptism Class (C) 7:00 pm Misioneros de Cristo (PC) 7:00 pm Holiday Boutique Committee Meeting (O) Tuesday, September 11th 6:30 pm Perpetual Adoration Team Leader Meeting (PC) 6:30 pm Hispanic Community Prayer Group (PC) 7:00 pm Young Adult Ministry (PC) 7:00 pm Claver Coffeehouse (PC) 7:00 pm Bereavement Support Group (CLR) 7:00 pm First Communion Parent Orientation and Registration (H) 7:00 pm K of C General Meeting (PC) 7:00 pm Adult Music Ministry (C) Wednesday, September 12th 7:00 pm Hispanic Bible Study (PC) 7:00 pm K of C Golf Committee Meeting (PC) 7:00 pm First Communion Parent Orientation and Registration (PC) 7:00 pm Perpetual Help Novena and Divine Mercy Chaplet (C) 7:00 pm Boy Scouts (H) 7:00 pm Confirmation Catechist Meeting (YC) 7:00 pm Catholic Mothers in Prayer (S) Thursday, September 13th 8:30 am School Pictures (YC Hallway) 6:00 pm Children’s Choir (C) 6:30 pm BINGO 7:00 pm Noon Choir (C) 7:30 pm Adult Bible Study (CLR) Friday, September 14th 8:30 am School Pictures (YC Hallway) 12:30 pm After School Irish Dance Program (YC) 3:00 pm After School Irish Dance Program (YC) 6:30 pm Misioneros Praise and Worship (PC, H) 6:30 pm Hispanic Couples for Christ (PC) 6:30 pm Divine Mercy Chaplet (C) 7:00 pm Holy Hour (C) 7:00 pm Hispanic Community Choir (PC) Saturday, September 15th 8:30 am Hospitality Workshop for Ushers, Greeters, and Commentators (PC) 3:00 pm Confessions (C) 4:15 pm Choir Practice (C) 6:00 pm Koinonia John the Baptist Session (PC) 6:15 pm Confessions (Español) (C)

    Saturday, September 8th

    5:00 pm Socrates Inonog (RIP)

    Rogelia and Francisco Gatchalian (RIP)

    Sunday, September 9th

    10:00 am Niko Bucaro (RIP)

    Seth Fabry (INT)

    12(noon) Frances Terraneau (INT)

    5:00 pm For the Clergy of the Church Worldwide (INT)

    Monday, September 10th

    7:30am Ray Wargo, Jr. (RIP)

    Witeby Family (INT)

    Tillie Raya (RIP)

    Tuesday, September 11th

    7:30 am Gertrude Franck (RIP)

    Souls in Purgatory (RIP)

    Wednesday, September 12th

    7:30 am Willie Gedang (RIP)

    Arabella Serenity Ferry (RIP)

    Thursday, September 13th

    7:30 am Leslie Lugo (RIP)

    Enrique Barboso (RIP)

    Friday, September 14th

    7:30 am Peggy Jacobson (RIP)

    Edward Kondzielski (RIP)

    We’d like to welcome our newest Christians through Baptism…

    Isabella Anel Kuhlman

  • Page Five St. Peter Claver

    St. Peter Claver Youth Ministry “Inspiring Youth to Follow Jesus'“

    Cosha Stanley, Director of Youth Ministry

    [email protected]


    The Office of Faith Formation is open

    Monday - Thursday, 1-5pm and 6-8pm.

    Mark 7:31-37 Christians are like the man and his

    friends in today’s Gospel. We have great news about

    Jesus that we can't help but share with others so that

    they might also know Jesus’ love.




    V SPROUTS 3-5yr olds - Meets Sundays in the preschool twice monthly. Registration is Sunday,

    9/30 at 11am in the West Hall.

    V WARM EMBRACE - ALL AGES - For persons of all

    ages with special needs who need assistance

    preparing for their First Holy Communion. Meets

    Sundays twice monthly 9-10am. Registration is on

    10/7 at 9am in the West Hall. Please bring

    baptismal certificate.

    V Last TWO DAYS, 9/11 and 9/12, FOR First Communion Registration are this week! Year 1 can

    begin in the first grade. You must have a copy of

    your child's baptismal certificate to register. Year

    2 must present the signed copy of the child's

    reconciliation paper. Thank you for your

    continued cooperation!

    V 3 - 5 CLUB - 3rd-5th grade - Meets Sunday twice

    monthly in the West Hall from 11am-12pm.

    Registration and sessions begin 10/7 at 11am. V Sunday, September 16th, during the 8am and

    10am Masses is Catechetical Sunday and we

    celebrate YOU, the Parent as the First Catechist!

    Please come to the hall afterward to meet your

    Catechists and share some hospitality!


    download our year at a glance for all elementary

    session dates for the year!




    V Middle School Youth Ministry - Grades 6th - 8th We are planning something really huge and can't

    wait to see all of you on our new day and

    time, Sunday, October 7th at 3pm! We will meet

    every Sunday and end with 5pm Mass!

    V High School Youth Ministry - Grades 9th-12th YM Nights will never be the same when we kick

    off on October 7th beginning with 5pm Mass, and

    ending at 8:30pm. We look forward to seeing everyone there! Bring your friends.

    V Youth First Communion

    For Youth grades 6th-12th grade who have not received their First Communion. First class is registration and orientation on Sunday, September

    23rd at 3pm in Room 5.

    V Confirmation Grades 9th - 12th The last day to turn in your registration form for

    the sacrament of Confirmation is September 20th. If you have not attended a Parent

    Orientation and Registration Meeting, there will

    be a make up on Wednesday, 9/19 at 7pm

    in the Youth Center.

    Come join the St. Peter Claver St. John Paul II Society

    for an evening of fun, conversation and prayer.

    Our next meeting will be Tuesday, September 11th,

    7pm, in Room 5 of the Parish Center. Contact Coley Maddigan or John Miller for more

    information at [email protected]

    Thinking about becoming fully Catholic?

    Never been baptized? Baptized in a different faith?

    Baptized Catholic but never confirmed and/or

    received first communion? Then the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) is just for you!

    Come to CLAVER COFFEEHOUSE, our twice-

    monthly gathering for inquirers (2nd & 4th Tuesdays),

    and bring your questions. Call the Faith Formation

    Office at (805) 526-0680 for more information.

  • Page Six St. Peter Claver

    Please pray for the souls of… Rosina Paluzzi, 8/30/18; John W. Lyons, 8/30/18; Nicholas Kormanik, 8/13/18; Juanita Dela Cruz, 9/13/14; Arthur Anderson, 9/11/14; Adoracion delas Alas, 9/15/13; Salvador Solis, 9/12/13; Thomas Lozano, 9/11/13; Alice Ochoa, 9/9/13; Rufina Alkuino, 9/13/12; Bernadine "Dean" Ashley, 9/10/12; David Lopes, 9/15/11; Lawrence Barbato, 9/15/10; Mary Ellen Fister, 9/13/10; Joseph Morello, 9/15/09; Anthony Marchese, 9/14/07; Blanche Blair, 9/13/05; Denis Walsh, 9/12/05; Harold Boyer, 9/12/04; Joseph Sandwick, 9/9/04; Hugh Stinson, 9/11/01; Steven Pina, 9/10/00; Louis Barbato, 9/12/99; Ryan Estrella, 9/11/99; Mary Nash, 9/9/98; John Pramesa, 9/9/96; Mary Barry, 9/10/95; Louis Lucchese, 9/14/94; George Thatchell III, 9/12/94; Gifford Cravens, 9/12/94; Nasario Rodriguez, 9/11/93; David Bibb, 9/13/91; Hugo Constantino, 9/10/91; Dale Huhn, 9/12/88; Marie Spinaio, 9/13/86; Lisa Carstensen, 9/11/86; Adela Sullivan, 9/15/84.

    Please pray for the health of… Leanne Walsh; Molly Johnson; Saralyn Holmquist; Andrew Rivera; Skip Rugg; Sue Marron; Audrey Slack; Priscilla Squires; Jane Baking; Paz Sandoval; Darl Daly; Natalie Ann Larios; Teresita Dela Cruz; Richard Remy; Steve Matuke; David Covarrubias; Ron Poncino; Carol Acker; Cathy Carter; Agnes Sugay; Ralph Nicoletti; Joseph Gillooly; Lucy Estrada; Al McKinley; Stephanie Carvalho; Cameron Lavallee; Anita Boncato; Pat Ryan; baby Quinn “Kiki” Forward; Joe Meyer; John Gabriel Bergeron; Bob McConnell; Crispina Gorre; Bridget Wakcher; David McCutcheon; Betty Grosslight; Curt Atwell; Francisco Leon; Jean Roberts; Carla McCorkle; Jon Teague, Jr.; Catherine Capaldi; Alina Malakian; Enid Dach; Dave Morley; Mary Lant; Sherri Egan; Lupe Pina; Moon McCullough; Patricia Knoebl-Wood; Mary Jane Wickman; Richard Bryan Reilly; Georgia Altmayer; Judy Strack; Bill and Vera Barker; Natali Wilde; Phyllis Sherin; Jim Womack; Justin Warn; Bradley Sharp; Erick M., Jacob A., and Cecilia Frances; Diane Hazlewood; Carla Maria Molina; LaVonne Emerson; James Yncera; Charles Leo; Sheana Green; Deann Glynn; Dan Lang; Joe Ortega; Dan Boland; Gregg Cassity; Virginia Dalcoe; Bruce Vandelinder; Susan Womack; Helene Parlms-Jackson; Maria Lozano; Carolyn Currie; Chelsea White; Mary Smart; Mimi McGilvray; Rick Schuler; Elaine Swieca; Bill Waters; Marge Porterfield; Aaron Byron; Bob Bower; Jacqueline Sylvestre; Kittie Fidermutz; Martina Peters; Dillon Tunney; Barbara Pogorzelski; Sherry Estrella; Chase Dobson; Loretta Payne; Barbara Knight; Suzanne Shaefer.

    Did not God choose those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs to the kingdom?

    ...for your donations on the weekend of September 1st and 2nd

    Saturday, September 1st, 5pm $ 3, 215.00 Saturday, September 1st, 7pm $ 513.00 Sunday, September 2nd, 8am $3, 691.00 Sunday, September 2nd, 10am $ 2, 914. 00 Sunday, September 2nd, 12(noon) $ 4, 727. 50 Sunday, September 2nd, 5pm $1, 457.50 Online Giving $ 480.00 ____________________________________________ Total: $16, 998.00

  • Page Seven St. Peter Claver

    What a chance Christ took. “Lord,” Peter looked around, “whom shall we go to?” (And he spoke for all of us.) “You have the message of eternal life, and we believe, we know, that You are the holy one of God.”

    There is a prayer in the Coptic Liturgy that I think perfectly answers the first question we are asking. “What do I believe when I believe in the Real Presence?” The prayer goes as follows, a little long, but worth it:

    “I believe and I will confess to my last breath that this is the living bread which Your only begotten Son, Our Lord and God and Savior, Jesus Christ, took from Our Lady and the Queen of Mankind, the holy, sinless Virgin Mary, Mother of God. He made it one with His Godhead without confusion or change. He witnessed before Pontius Pilate and was of His own free will condemned in our place to the holy tree. Truly I believe that His Godhead was not separated from His manhood for a moment, not even for the twinkle of an eye. He gave His body for the remission of our sins and for eternal life to those who partake of this body. I believe, I believe, I believe that this is in very truth that body. Amen.”

    That is your faith and mine.

    Strange as it may sound, when we believe in the Real Presence, we believe in things twice unseen. We see only what only looks like bread and wine, tastes and smells like bread and wine, and yet we are to believe that behind these physical appearances is a man. Faith number one. And we are further to believe that behind the unseen man is God. Faith number two.

    Is it any wonder the Church calls the Eucharist, Mysterium Fidei, the Mystery of Faith? Those who accept the Real Presence accept by implication all the cardinal mysteries of Christianity. They believe in the Trinity, in the Father who sent the Son and in the Son who sent the Holy Spirit. They believe in the Incarnation, that the Son of God became man like one of us. They believe in Christ’s divinity since no one, but God could change bread and wine into His own body and blood. They believe in the Holy Catholic Church which Christ founded and in which through successive generations is communicated to bishops and priests the incredible power of making Christ continually present among us in the Blessed Sacrament. They believe against all the betrayals by the Judases of history and all the skepticism of Christ's first disciples, in an unbroken chain of faith ever since Peter replied to Christ’s question whether he and his companions also wanted to leave the Master.

    “Beginning Experience” is part of an international ministry for those men or women who have

    experienced the loss of a spouse through death, divorce or separation. A “Beginning Experience”

    weekend will be held on September 14th-16th, 2018, at Holy Spirit Retreat Center in Encino, CA.

    This weekend helps a person move from the darkness of grief into the light of a new beginning with renewed hope. “Beginning Experience” is recognized by the Office of Family Life for the

    Archdiocese of Los Angeles. To register for this weekend, or obtain more information, contact:

    Peg Setti at (818) 767-1007 or Brenda Mikhail at (818) 352-5265 or

    Maria Rojas (Spanish) at (310) 365-0186.

    The Filipino Catholic Community Group will

    take to the road on Saturday, October 20th for

    one of their lively turnaround trips to

    Pechanga Resort and Casino! The round-trip ticket is $20 per person; you must be 21 years of age to

    go. You’ll have a great time! There are a limited amount of seats available. For more information, or to make reservations, please contact Cynthia Fernandez at (805) 890-4885 or Darlin Go at

    (805) 304-7541. Please look for departure details in a future bulletin!

  • Page Eight St. Peter Claver

    Our parish is offering VIRTUS (Safe Environment)

    training and fingerprinting for all those who wish

    to volunteer in ministries serving the young of our

    community. The Archdiocese requires that all persons,

    whether paid or volunteer, who have regular contact

    with minors or vulnerable adults

    be fingerprinted and complete and maintain VIRTUS

    certification. Here at St. Peter Claver, Virtus training

    will take place on Monday, September 24th,

    from 6-9pm. We have also scheduled a recertification

    class on Saturday, September 29th from 3:30-5pm.

    Fingerprinting will take place on Friday, October 26th,

    beginning at noon.

    Sign-ups are required for both VIRTUS sessions

    and fingerprinting. Please call Mary at

    (805) 526-2244 or (805) 526-6499.

    Professional Comedians Complimentary Desserts

    Raffles Silent Auction Items

    50/50 Drawing

    St. Peter Claver Parish Youth Center 5670 Cochran Street Simi Valley, CA 93063

    For Info or Tickets: Rick Lepore

    (805) 218-5703 [email protected]


    $25.00 per person

    Time: 7:30 - 11pm

    Saturday, September 29th, 2018

    Italian Catholic

    Federation News

    WELCOME BACK MEETING, Friday, September 23rd, 7pm, St Rose Parish Hall.

    Join us for our first meeting after summer break! We are excited to get back to business! Pizza and desserts will be served.

    AND I know Barbara will have some great activity for all of us!!!!! Come & see what’s cookin’! - Mark your calendar…

    October 19th - Nomination Meeting Officers and - Author/speaker, Mary Contini Gordon will discuss her

    book “Built by Love to Last in the Desert”, about Italian immigrants and their journey to America!

    There will be a small entrance fee to help defer costs.

    On Sunday, October 14th from 2 - 4pm at San Roque Parish, 3200 Calle Cedro, Santa Barbara, 93105, the Office of Diaconate Formation is hosting an

    information day for those who would like to inquire into the permanent diaconate. This is an opportunity to

    learn about the qualities of good applicants, requirements, the application process, and the diaconate

    formation program itself. Those attending will meet members of the formation staff, will have an opportunity to discuss their interest in the permanent diaconate, and the staff will be available for questions. The event is for

    married couples and single men. Wives are highly encouraged to attend.

    Doors open at 4:30pm

    Games begin at 6:30pm

    All games pay $250

    Major credit cards accepted

    Phone: (805) 526-2781

  • Page Nine St. Peter Claver

    Archdiocese's Continued Commitment to the Protection and Prevention of Abuse - Since 2004,

    the Office of Safeguard the Children of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles has trained more than

    329,000 adults in the VIRTUS® child abuse prevention adult awareness programs and more than

    1.4 million children and young people in the children’s program. More than 168,000 adults have

    been fingerprinted as part of a program of background checks for Church and school personnel

    and volunteers. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles continues our longstanding commitment to the

    support and healing of victim-survivors of abuse and reaffirms our commitment to protect against abuse

    and misconduct. For more information on the Archdiocese’s policies and protocols concerning

    abuse prevention and support for victim-survivors, visit http://www.la-archdiocese.org/org/


    El compromiso continuo de la Arquidiócesis para la protección y prevención del abuso -

    A partir del 2004, la Oficina de Protección para la Niñez de la Arquidiócesis de Los Ángeles ha entrenado a más de 329,000 adultos en los programas VIRTUS®,

    para concientizarlos sobre la importancia de la prevención del abuso infantil. También ha entrenado

    a más de 1.4 millones de niños y jóvenes en el programa para niños. Más de 168,000 empleados de la

    Iglesia y de escuelas, y voluntarios han realizado el proceso de toma de huellas dactilares como parte del

    programa de revisión de antecedentes. La Arquidiócesis de Los Ángeles mantiene su compromiso

    de largo plazo de apoyo y sanación de las víctimas-sobrevivientes de abuso y reafirma su compromiso de

    luchar contra el abuso y los abusadores. Para más información sobre las políticas y protocolos de la

    Arquidiócesis sobre la prevención de abuso y apoyo a víctimas-sobrevivientes, visite http://www.la-


    The Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ Office of Ethnic Ministry cordially invites you to the 14th annual Celebration of Cultures Mass presided by Archbishop José H. Gomez on Saturday, September 15, 2018 from 3 - 5pm at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels (555 W Temple St, Los Angeles, 90012). With the theme, “Do not be afraid of Holiness,” organizers seek to unite and celebrate the

    different cultures that enrich the Church and the local community, through prayer, songs and cultural expression. All are invited!

  • For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 • www.4lpi.com St. Peter Claver Church, Simi Valley, CA B 4C 05-0691

    Maryann Fiore

    Hopkins, E.A.

    Tax Preparation805.522.7763 • Fax: 805.522.2323

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    Professional Business Services Parishioner

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    3695 ALAMO ST., STE. 201 • SIMI VALLEY, CA 93063

    (805) 520-3300 • www.HLWTax.com

    !"#$%&'(&)"*"+",-./&0123-"-%&'1"+&4567%2NMLS# 1271240 | Cal BRE# 01307514

    89:;[email protected];&C&D"#$%E.$FF.,2G3#123-"-%(71#

    Company NMLS# 1377835 | Company Cal BRE# 01979670

    “Over 20 years of experience helping clients throughthe home loan process with integrity and patience.”




    [email protected]



    Parishioners for over 32 yearsLIC# 01233917, 01071734


    Contact Travis Lawmaster to place an ad today!

    [email protected] or (800) 950-9952 x2688

    Were you injured at work? Call me.

    Need help to understand what to do in case of an injury at work? Call me.

    Help with your immigration paperwork? Call me.

    Citizenship papers? Any type of legal paperwork.

    Call or text me at 818-210-8317 Hablo Español

    Hello I’m Elsa and I am a Parish member. Honest and

    reliable legal clerk for all your paperwork needs.

    Simi Valley Now Open!

    Dine In • Take Out



    818.360.7737 Owners Are SJE17923 Chatsworth St. & Crespi Alumni

    Join our Mailing List at www.PrestoPasta.com to


  • For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 • www.4lpi.com St. Peter Claver Church, Simi Valley, CA A 4C 05-0691

    Ralph Norton#1 Simi Valley O"ce Agent 2002-2012

    29 Years ExperienceAlmost 700 Homes Sold!!!

    [email protected]

    Cell: (818) 422-7355O#ce: (805) 349-9997


    Parishioner Since 1996

    Knight of Columbus

    Over 30 Years of Experience at Your Service!


    559 Country Club Dr.

    Simi Valley, CA 93065

    “Everything we touch turns to $OLD”


    Ed PongraczREALTOR®

    DRE #01195613



    Elena AcostaREALTOR®

    DRE #01481635

    Hablo Español


    Now AcceptingNew Applicants!

    11111 Alemany Dr.

    Mission Hills, CA

    (818) 837-5222


    Proud Community Partner1357 East Los Angeles Ave., Simi Valley, CA 93065

    Visit us todaywww.vallartasupermarkets.com

    Plan your next big event with us!

    Party Trays Available



    Reardon Simi Valley Funeral Home2636 Sycamore Drive, Simi Valley, CA

    805 .526 .6677www.reardonsimivalley.com FD License # 1091

    Deborah Tucker, MA, MFT

    Local Parishioner

    1633 Erringer Rd. #204, Simi Valley

    www.simi-therapy.com/catholic 805-583-3976

    Contact Travis Lawmaster to place an ad today!

    [email protected] or (800) 950-9952 x2688

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