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  • ST. PIUS V CATHOLIC CHURCHST. PIUS V CATHOLIC CHURCHST. PIUS V CATHOLIC CHURCHST. PIUS V CATHOLIC CHURCH “Mother Church of African American Catholics in Jacksonville, Florida”“Mother Church of African American Catholics in Jacksonville, Florida”“Mother Church of African American Catholics in Jacksonville, Florida”“Mother Church of African American Catholics in Jacksonville, Florida”

    2110 Blue Avenue Jacksonville, Florida 32209 Phone: (904) 354-1501 FAX: (904) 354-7240

    Website: www.stpiusjax.org

    Palm Sunday of the LordPalm Sunday of the LordPalm Sunday of the LordPalm Sunday of the Lord April 9, 2017April 9, 2017April 9, 2017April 9, 2017

    Mission StatementMission StatementMission StatementMission Statement The Mission of St. Pius V Church family is to know, love and serve God and to share and build upon our rich Catholic African American legacy and culture. We proclaim Jesus as Lord through worship and service, education and social ministries.

    Parish Ministries/Organizations

    Administrator/Religious Ed. Mrs. Regina Taylor-Murphy 629-1664 Adult/Family Ministry Mrs. Endya Freeman 463-2392 Altar Rosary Council Mrs. Angela Myers 358-1866 Altar Servers Mr. Athanase Jones 997-0508 Mrs. Leah Mills 713-1968 Annulment Companion Mrs. Shirley Mills 768-9155 Bereavement Committee Mrs. Anethette Durham 751-6397 Bruce Seldon Gym Project Mr. Alexander Hice 751-0956 Building Maintenance Mr. Sidney Gaines 891-3954 Choir - 5:30 PM Adult Mr. Paul Witkowski 504-9952 Choir -10:30 AM Adult Mr. Roy Wilson 382-5183 Choir - Wee Folk Mrs. Leah Mills 713-1968 Choir - Youth Mrs. Leah Mills 713-1968 Counters Mrs. Deirdre Clayton 463-6994 Extra-Ordinary Ministers Mrs. Brenda Battle 765-9738 Finance Council Mr. Mark Dawkins 557-4937 ICARE Ms. Joanne Thayer 765-3768 Jr. Dgtrs. of Peter Claver Mrs. Janice Hice 751-0956 Jr. Knights of Peter Claver Mr. Ricardo Stallings 625-1053 Knights of Columbus Mr. Alexander Hice 751-0956

    Knights of Peter Claver Mr. Ricardo Stallings 625-1053 Ladies of Peter Claver Mrs. Claudine Pannell-Goodlett 751-7060 Lectors/Commentators Ms. Paula Goins 565-9093 Lawn/Landscaping Mr. Alexander Hice 751-0956 Parish Nursing Mrs. Tinye Dawkins 764-2248 Mrs. Ta’Kiesha Franklin 541-0263 Pastoral Council Ms. Joanne Thayer 765-3768 Prayer Group Mrs. Shirley Mills 768-9155 RCIA Sr. Elise Kennedy 509-7493 Respect Life Mrs. Gloria Mendez 707-9203 Sulzbacher Center Ministry Mr. Cyril Traeye 363-3915 Scouts - Boy Mr. Martin Jackson 655-6151 Scouts - Cub Mrs. Mona Norris 924-1364 Sound System Engineer Mr. Roy Wilson 382-5183 St. Bernadette Council Mrs. Stephanie Fisher 716-1083 Stewardship Committee Mrs. JoAnn Buggs 765-1223 Ushers - Adult Ms. Patricia Wilson 930-8386 Ushers - Junior Mrs. Darlene Gaines 891-3954 Welcome and Outreach Mrs. Anethette Durham 751-6397 Youth Ministry Mrs. Mary Granger 768-8062

  • Palm Sunday of the Passion of the LordPalm Sunday of the Passion of the LordPalm Sunday of the Passion of the LordPalm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord April 9, 2017April 9, 2017April 9, 2017April 9, 2017

    ST. PIUS V CATHOLIC CHURCH 2110 Blue Avenue

    Jacksonville, FL 32209 www.stpiusjax.org

    Rev. Bernardine Eikhuemelo Pastor

    CHURCH OFFICE Phone: (904) 354-1501/FAX: (904) 354-7240 Office Hours: Monday-Friday 10 AM - 3 PM Appointment with the Priest: Call the office

    Business Manager: Mrs. Mitzi Ellis Secretary: Ms. Selena Mendez Bookkeeper: Mr. Cyril Traeye

    ST. PIUS V CATHOLIC SCHOOL 1470 W. 13th St.

    Jacksonville, FL 32209 Stpiusjax.com

    Pre-K3 through 8th grade Phone: (904) 354-2613

    Principal: Mrs. Lauren May Office Manager: Mrs. Janice Hice

    Secretary: Mrs. Na’Quanda Dennard

    MASS SCHEDULE Saturday Vigil: 5:30 PM Sunday: 10:30 AM

    CONFESSION Saturdays: 5:00 -5:30 PM or by appointment

    Baptism: Parents who have registered for three months or more are required to attend Baptism preparation classes. Please call the Rectory office to schedule your class.

    Bulletin Announcements: All items for the Church Bulletin are due to the Rectory Office by 2 PM, on Wednesday. Bulletin announcements must be brief and written by the submitting ministry or entity. Please email announcements to [email protected] or drop them off at the Rectory Office Monday-Friday 10 AM - 3 PM.

    New Parishioners: St. Pius V Catholic Church wishes you a warm welcome to our parish. Regis- tration forms are on the religious articles display counter. You may bring or send your completed form to the Rectory or drop it in the collection dur- ing Mass. Thank you.

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    The Week of Weeks

    And just like that, Holy Week is here! This year’s season of Lent is almost over, and in a few days, we get into the central mysteries of our faith, the suffering, death and resurrection of Christ. These next few days are a time of deep and so- ber reflection on these mysteries and how we can live out their values in our Christian lives.

    There are different ways of engaging in this reflection on the paschal mysteries. Today, we all have access to resources by way of the written word to guide our meditation on the mysteries. This often happens on a personal and individual level. As a community, however, the Church invites us to come together and celebrate these mysteries in our various parish communities. I think our partici- pation in these liturgical events can be an integral part of delving into these mys- teries.

    When we come together during these last days of Lent and the Easter Triduum, we immerse ourselves as a community into our Lord’s last moments with his apostles, and journey with Him on the way to the cross. By paying attention to the liturgical readings for each day and celebration, we actively participate and prayerfully remind ourselves of the mysteries that wrought for us our salvation.

    Today is Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord. Being Sunday attendance is usually large like other Sundays in the year. However, the challenge for many Catholics, I believe, is treating the days of the Easter Triduum with the same at- tention and weight that leads to a similar attendance level. Obviously, for a vari- ety of reasons, it is not always possible for everyone to be present at all the events for Holy Week. But we can sure do a lot better!

    By now we all have our schedules for our three parishes. A quick reminder is not out of place - On Holy Thursday we celebrate the institution of the Holy Eucharist and the priesthood. On Good Friday, we have a tri-parish celebration of the Lord’s Passion at Holy Rosary at 7pm. And our tri-parish Easter Vigil celebra- tion will be at St. Pius V at 8.30pm.

    I want to encourage everyone to be a part of these sacred events to celebrate the paschal mysteries of our salvation. It is always very uplifting when we celebrate our faith as a community, and especially more so during these days.

    Have a blessed week everyone!

    Fr. Bernardine

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    LP: © Liturgical Publications of St. Louis

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    LENTEN FISH FRY The Lenten Fish Fry will be held on Good Friday, April 14th at 1:30 PM. The cost of the dinners is $10, and fish sandwiches are $5.

    STATIONS IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Come walk with us in prayerful remembrance of Jesus' suffering while also praying for our neighbors surrounding St. Pius V. Sta- tions of the Cross in the Neighborhood, Friday, April 14, 2017, beginning at 12 Noon and ending approximately 1:15 PM. All are welcome.

    BRUCE SELDON FUND For several years, funds have been raised to build a school gymna- sium on these grounds in honor of Mr. Bruce Seldon. As we all know, circumstances have changed – St. Pius V and Holy Rosary schools will merge into The Guardian Catholic School beginning with the next school year. So, building a gymnasium here is no longer required. At an emergency meeting of the Parish Finance Committee, it was decided that part of the funds raised be used to honor Mr. Seldon at the new school by way of a project donation that would secure naming rights on a part of the new gymnasium. The remaining funds will be used to honor Mr. Seldon within these parish premises. We are requesting opinions on the decisions reached as well as other suggestions for the repurposing of the funds collected. Please contact the parish office to share your thoughts.

    ENCOUNTER OUR NEIGHBORS We encounter Jesus this week in Jerusalem, a community he knew well. We prayerfully enter into our own are communities too, en- countering those who are hungry and thirsty, and others who need our help. How does our Lenten journey motivate us to serve those we meet in our daily lives? Visit crsricebowl.org for more.

    ADULT CONFIRMATION On Pentecost Sunday this year - June 4th, Bishop Estevez will ad- minister the Sacrament of Confirmation on adults 18 and older, who have been baptized, received their first Eucharist and reconciliation. This is an opportunity for those who have not received the sacra- ment to do so. Forms are available in the parish office. The cele- bration will take place at the Cathedral Basilica in St. Augustine. For more details and any questions, call the parish office.

    ATTENTION The Diocese of Saint Augustine treats

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