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    Our vision for St. Pius X school community is that in providing a quality, positive learning

    environment, all children will reach their true potential and be witnesses to the Catholic faith.

    East Street

    Dubbo 2830

    Phone: 6882 3808

    Fax: 6884 4519

    Email: [email protected]

    Website: www.stpiusxdubbo.catholic.edu.au

    Term 2 Week 4 Monday 11th May, 2015

    Dear Parents I hope you enjoyed your special day yesterday and didnt do any house work. Thank you for attending our Liturgyyou made your children very happy. A big thank you to Mrs Hunt for organising such a beautiful Liturgy. Year 4 you were really good. Thank you to Year 5 girls who taught the dance. The dancers were excellent. Thank you for supervising them Mrs Jones.


    Listening is often a difficult thing to do. We are usually much better at talking to God than listening. Moreover, the pace of contemporary life makes it a challenge for many of us to find any time for silence and listening in our daily routine. Taking such time regularly, however is essential if we really want to grow in our relationship with the Lord. The first step, of course, is simply to carve out a time and a place where we can slow down and sit in silence with God. Heres how Bish-op Joseph McKinney, in a talk to young people, once described the process of listening to the Spirit: At the end of every day, I find a quiet place. If there is a quiet corner, I sit down in my Holy Spirit Chair If it is too noisy, I take a walk or a ride. Then I try to get everything out of my mind. I concentrate by trying to look deep inside myself way down deep because Jesus tells us that the Holy Spirit is within us. I find him very deep in my heart or as some people say today, at gut level. Then I wait to see what happens. The Holy Spirit doesnt use words, but slowly something that happened during the day starts coming up. Now I start to see it differently. Sometimes it is a wonderful opportunity that I missed. Sometimes it is like a seed. Someone said something or something important happened, or per-haps I just saw someone and they left an impression on me. As I continue to look at itno words now because this is listening timea new conviction starts to grow inside of me. That is the Holy Spirit speaking. Breathe into me, Holy Spirit, that my thoughts may all be holy. Move in me, Holy Spirit, that my work, too, may be holy. Attract my heart, Holy Spirit, that I may love only what is holy. Strengthen me, Holy Spirit that I may defend all that is holy. Protect me Holy Spirit, that I may always be holy.

    (Saint Augustine

    Year 6Start preparing yourself to receive the Holy Spirit

    Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation Saturday 16 and 17 May 2014

  • As we move into Week 4 there are a few events happening. Monday: I am interviewing Kinders for 2016. Our choir going for a practise to the Theatre as they are singing in the Liturgy with St. Laurences for the opening of the Principals Conference next Wednesday. Other Catholic Schools are also singing on the Thursday and Friday. Tuesday: I am interviewing Kinders for 2016. Naplan, Years 3 & 5 After school meeting 3.20 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. on Assessment for staff. Mrs Rose Marie Van Raad facilitator Wednesday: Naplan Years 3 & 5 Joke in the pocket day for the month of May Thursday Naplan Years 3 & 5 I am interviewing Kinders 2016 Friday: PSSA Debating at St. Marys Assembly I am reiterating what was mentioned in last weeks newsletter Assemblies will be held every week at 2.20 p.m. One week its whole school (even week) - the next week (odd week) its Infants, Primary You can attend assembly every week No items from classes but the assembly will commence with a prayerorganised by each class Mind you if classes feel they want to share something with you, they can invite you to their classit could be a rich task experience. Catholic Schools Principals Conference The NSW Association of Catholic Schools Principals conference will take place in Dubbo from 20th, 22nd May, organised by our Diocese. This Conference is held every two years and this is the first time its being held in Dubbo. This will be a real spectacular event involving over 400 Principals from NSW and the ACT. We are very fortunate to have world speakers address us at this conference. On Tuesday 19th May, a number of Principals will visit our beautiful school. This will be a wonderful opportunity to showcase what occurs at St. Pius X. Spelling Bee Last week we held our school Spelling Bee. The children did their best. Its quite a nerve racking experience for the competitors to spell each word accurately. Congratulations to our school winners: Stage 2 - Aimee Zell, Chinmay Anugu, Ned Jones Stage 3 - Eryn Beattie, Emma Pobje, Clare Amor, Millie Gooch Only 2 from each stage go on to compete in the Diocesan Spelling Bee which is held on the 4th June (Thursday). More information about this as the date draws near. Diocesan Spelling Bee The competitors are: Aimee Zell, Chinmay Anugu - Stage 2 Emma Pobje, Clare Amor - Stage 3 Well parents remember Your friend is the person who knows everything about you and still likes you.. Have a super week.

    God be with you Yours sincerely

    Heather Irwin Principal Dip T ELIC BED.MED

  • Dear Parents This term Mrs Heather Irwin will be undergoing a Principals performance review conducted by the Catholic Education Office Bathurst. This review is an assessment of the Principals performance throughout the current contract period and is linked to contract renewal. The data collection aspect of the review is being managed by an external provider (Ardjuna) and the instrument being used is an online survey. All staff at the school will be completing this survey and the Parish Priest, Fr Greg Kennedy, will also be invited to participate in this process. In addition, the process seeks feedback from a random sample group of parents who are invited to complete a survey. If you are one of the thirty-five parents selected you will be contacted via email with an invitation to participate in this process by completing the online survey. You will be given a link and a password. If you are unable to access the internet to complete the online survey, please phone me and I can make alternative arrangements for you. The survey remains opened for two weeks. An opening and closing date will be included with your link and password.

    The information you provide remains confidential to Ardjuna with the data presented to us as a parent group response. Please contact me if you have any questions. I thank you in anticipation of your input in this important process. Yours sincerely,

    Janine Kearney Schools Consultant

    Last week Chelsea, Mia and Lily Henderson competed at the 2015 Paint Horse Association of Australia (PHAA) National Show in Tamworth at the AELEC centre. Mia came 3rd in the Walk/ Jog class and also competed in the Showmanship class. Lily won her Lead line class making her the National Champion in Lead line, Clancy came second. Chelsea came home with 5 National Champion titles, 3 Reserve National, a 3rd, 5th and 6th in different events. She also received the Judges encouragement award. One of the events (Decathalon) which Chelsea won her buckle in, was an open Youth Event where she beat girls much older than her who had represented Australia last year at the World Youth Show in Texas USA Which is her dream to compete at. Also Chelsea was presented her award for Hi Point Jnr Youth of Australia for the 2013/14 year and 6th out of Top Ten youth (All others above her were Senior Youth). So very proud of the girls, not only for their riding results but also their courteous and sportsmanship manner.

  • Thank you to Year 4 and Mrs Hunt for the beautiful Mothers Day liturgy. A special thanks

    to Abby and Lanie who were so dedicated in assisting with the dance. I missed our cele-

    bration this year but have only heard good things. Thankyou to all our mothers and grand-

    mothers who came to celebrate with us.

    This is another busy week this week. Dont forget Year 6 that you have your

    Confirmation Practice evening this week. If you are going to be making your Confirmation at St

    Laurences then you need to attend that practice evening on Wednesday night. Year 1 will be doing a

    special prayer for our candidates at assembly on Friday and parents are invited to attend. Assembly

    will be held at 2.20 pm.

    We have a practice at the Dubbo Regional Theatre on Monday, May 11th, for the choir and other children in-

    volved in the liturgy for the Australian Catholic Schools Principals Conference. We will be leaving school at 12.15

    pm and travelling by bus to the theatre via St Laurences where we will pick up their students. We will return to

    school shortly after 2 pm.

    On May 19th we will be having a final practice at the theatre at a time to be decided. Again we will travel by

    bus to the theatre.

    The actual liturgy is on Wednesday 20th May and the students will need to be dropped off at the theatre at

    around 8 am. We will know a more definite time after our practice. A bus will be provided to transport us back

    to school.

    Some important dates this term for RE include:

    Catholic Schools Principals Conference Liturgy 8 am May 20th Dubbo Regional Theatre

    St Brigids Sacramental Calendar 2015

    Confirmation Practice Evening Wednesday 13 May @ St Laurences 7pm

    Thursday 14 May @ St