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Star Wars D20 RPG - Equipment Guide Supplement II

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$506$1'(48,30(17*8,'(6XSSOHPHQWVoI. 1Issue 2&RS\ULJKWDQG/HJDO'LVFODLPHUV* The Iollowing disclaimer/copyright inIormation applies to all contents oI the 'Arms & Equipment Guide Supplement series (hereaIter reIerred toas 'The Series). An 'item is defned as any submitted text, art, graphics,or fle(s).* Free distribution, reproduction, or display other than where it ispresented is Iorbidden - permission may be granted upon request and iscontingent on the author`s approval.* Reproduction with the intent oI sale, or actual sale is, according toUnited States Copyright Law, an inIringement on George Lucas et al, being a challenge to the commercial viability oI Star Wars: TheRoleplaying Game.* The contents contained within The Series are not Ior sale, and aredesigned and presented Ior the private use oI parties using Star Wars: TheRoleplaying Game. Use oI material releases author(s) and webmaster oI any and all liability concerning any challenge to Lucasflms, Ltd., and their copyrights where concerned, as a result oI any action oI a viewer/user oI the material.* Any items Iound on other locations on the internet or in print without permission/knowledge oI the author(s) is considered (by law) copyright inIringement, and those responsible will be pursued as per the maximumextent oI: The laws oI the United States oI America, and/or InternationalCopyright laws, including (but not restricted to) the Berne Convention,the Universal Copyright Conventions, and the Uruguay Round Agreement (WTO).* STAR WARS or and 2001 Lucasflms, Ltd. Title, character,and place names protected by all applicable trademark laws. All RightsReserved. The material contained herein is unoIfcial, and is not intended Ior sale. It in no way can be deemed a contest oI the rights and ownershipoI Lucasflms Ltd., or licensees thereoI, including West End Games and/or Wizards oI the Coast.The Series and all items, art, persons, and ideas Iound within the seriesare not endorsed by Lucasflms, Ltd., West End Games, or Wizards oI the Coast - THIS IS AN UNOFFICIAL PUBLICATION.* Any logos, titles, and other iconography associated with Star Wars areused Ior identifcation purposes only, and are copyright ultimately byLucasflms, Ltd. or the owner oI the logo in question.* Any art Iound within The Series is the creator`s copyrighted material,and may not be reproduced without permission.* All material written by the author(s) are presented under the auspicesoI the Fair Use clause oI the United States Copyright Law, as the onlything non-original to the author(s) is the very concept oI the Star Wars'universe, thus this additional creative work does not pose any threat or challenge to the commercial viability oI Lucasflms, Ltd., or licenseesthereoI, including West End Games and/or Wizards oI the Coast.In accordance with Fair Use, the author(s) do(es) indeed claim solecopyright, thus removing all material contained in the publication Irom'public domain.* The Series reserves the right to modiIy any item(s) submitted Ior inclusion. When submitting an item(s) Ior inclusion, the submittingauthor gives implicit permission Ior The Series to publish the item(s) in whatever manner the author(s) see(s) ft. Once an item is published in The Series,the submitting author waives any rights to have the item(s) removed or altered.* The Series reserves the right to decline the inclusion oI any submitted item(s) Ior any reason. Copyright text borrowed with permission Irom starwars-rpg.net.Copyright text modifed Ior use in this publication.AECS Leader: Jay "ElfWord" NeelyChief Editor: Silas "Pavager_of_Worlds" 0e8oerDrganizationaI EditorlArt 0esign: Pyan "0arthCassed" LeeArt 0esign: Silas 0e8oer, Jay Neely and Lynn LefeyStats 0eveIopment: Kanner Pa'an, Harold P. Nichols,Jr., nightninja50, Caleb "Talon Pazor" Falcon, Jaymz"Jake Sunspot" 8roaddus, coldskier0J20, K.C. Kamas,frostythesnowdemon and Andy "Pouge8" Freeland.Special thanks to the 0nline Journal, StarWarsrpg.net and the SWPPCnetwork.Cover Art modied from TheForce.net.Crafted with the ne family of Adobe products;Acrobat, n0esign and Photoshop.From the 0raft TabIe-With the 2nd issue out and the Jrd on theway, think can say that the AEECSs is asuccess. 8ut we still need the community's helpto keep going. So send us your submissions,ideas, comments, and questions. This isan exciting time for the AEECSs and fansupplements in general. WotC doesn't plan torelease any more SWPPC books for 8 months.While some may be disappointed, believethis is a great opportunity for the active fancommunity. With the help of places like the0nline Journal and SWPPCNetwork, fan creationslarge and small will continue to receive widedistribution, a boon to all of the gamingcommunity. And it's all thanks to people like you,the reader. The AEECSs hopes to see you againsoon.-D\(OIZRUG1HHO\Star Wars is as much about epic stories as itis about the fantastic technology in the galaxy.When your story incorporates scoundrels andspies, the right equipment can give the heroesthe edge over their foes. 0f course, when aCV has to challenge heroes, the villain (or theauthorities) needs the right gear to stop thescoundrel in her tracks. Whether you're playinga rebel insurgent, an imperial intelligenceofcer or professional thief, access to the bestespionage equipment in the galaxy can be muchmore fun than a series of 8luff, Hide and VoveSilently checks. 8esides, who doesn't like newtoys: With hefty price tags, the heroes have topick and choose what equipment is absolutelyessential. 6LODV5DYDJHUBRIB:RUOGV'H%RHUThe Arms and Equipment Cuide SuppIementIssue 2, VoI. 1.H\5( Pise of the Empire5 Pebellion Era15 New PepublicPanged WeaponsEh PuIse Charge (by Pavager)Weapon Type: CrenadeProciency Croup: Simple Cost: 7500amage: CriticaI: Pange Increment: 4 m Weight: .5 kgFort 0C: 20* Type: EnergyhuItirelAutore: Size: TinyHardness: 2 WP: 2 reak 0C: 5AvaiIabiIity: Pestricted Era: PE, P, NPSpeciaI: Targets within the burst radius may make aPeex save (0C 15) for a +5 bonus on their Fortitudesave. This device may malfunction if thrown (25 dudif dropped).While the disruptive effects of electromagneticpulses form the basis of ion guns, the makers of pulsecharges want wide scale electronic destruction.0roids, vehicles and machinery "on" during theexplosion must roll a Fortitude save (0C 20) or suffermassive electrical damage; the device requires totalrewiring and a Pepair check (0C 25). For every sizecategory above Small, any affected machines receivesa +4 size bonus on this Fortitude save. Usuallypirates and saboteurs produce EV Pulse Charges;no legitimate company wants to be sued. EV PulseCharges only work once, effectively burning out in theelectromagnetic pulse.Construction of this device requires the Craft(electronic devices) skill.CoIan Arms CCv-6 "Avian" (by Will Hiltebeital)Weapon Type: 8laster riesProciency Croup: 8lasterries Cost: 2,5000amage: 2d8 CriticaI: 1920Pange Increment: 6m Weight: 5.5 kgFort 0C: 15 Type: EnergyhuIitrelAutore: / Size: LargeHardness: 5 WP: 4 reak 0C: 16AvaiIabiIity: Common, Era: PE, P, NPlicensedSpeciaI: This weapon deals its damage to a selected 2meter by 2 meter square.Colan Arms usually deals in heavy artillery, but takinga chance, the artillery designers developed a weaponcapable of delivering dozens of miniscule blasterbolts in a roughly ten cubic meter sphere, ideal forhunting fowl. 8y military standards, this weaponis underpowered, but it has more than enoughrepower to bring down game with a single blast.The downside to this ingenious design is the cost of the hundredsome sets of galven coils and cleaningthem out after a long day of hunting. Also, withsmaller blaster bolts comes a reduced range; about60 meters.herr-Sonn A2 Haze Crenade (by Pavager)Weapon Type: CrenadeProciency Croup: Simple Cost: 1,5000amage: CriticaI: Pange Increment: 4 m Weight: .5 kgFort 0C: 15* Type: CashuItirelAutore: Size: TinyHardness: 2 WP: 2 reak 0C: 15AvaiIabiIity: Pare Era: PESpeciaI: Targets within the burst radius may make aPeex save (0C 15) for a +5 bonus on their Fortitudesave.For centuries, authorities have dreamt of small scalechemical weapons for crowd control. While the VerrSonn A2 Haze Crenade promised "total pacication"the design ultimately failed, but not after thousandsof crates were delivered to police stations acrossthe galaxy. 0uring a demonstration the grenadeswere used to disperse a rowdy gang of Podians andTrandoshans. Threeof the ve dieddue to adversereactions to thechemical agent.While VerrSonn assuredthe Pepublicthis was auke, afterthree similarincidentsinvolving the same alienspecies, the Pepublic outlawedthe weapons and ordered their destruction. Severalcases were unaccounted for in the call back.*Characters caught in the blast radius must roll aFortitude save (0C 15) or be rendered "dazed" (SeePevised Core Pulebook page 288) for 1d4+1 rounds.After this time period the character suffers chemicalimpairment for 1d4 hours, resulting in a 4 penaltyto all actions. 7ictims are typically apathetic aboutevents around them and sometimes hallucinate.Podians and Trandoshans must roll a Fortitude check(0C 10) or hallucinate and must roll a Will save (0C15); failure indicates death in 10 minutes withoutmedical aid (Treat njury 0C 20).Species that do not breathe or wear a breathmask are unaffected by this device.heIee WeaponsEsten hist CauntIets (by Kanner)Weapon Type: ChemicalProciency: Exotic Cost: 750amage: Special CriticaI: Pange Increment: 2 m Weight: .2 kgFort 0C: 18 Type: CashuItirelAutore: Size: 0iminutiveHardness: 2 WP: 4 reak 0C: 2AvaiIabiIity: Common Era: PE, P, NPSpeciaI: 0n a successful attack the victim must makea Fortitude save (0C 18). f successful, the victimis only blinded for 2d6 rounds. f the save fails, thevictim is both blinded and stunned for 2d6 rounds.This weapon has one shot and one range increment.Esten Vist Cauntlets are common selfdefenseproducts developed by the 0uros. These small wristworn devices use the common (and manufa

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