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Star Wars RPG Arms and Equipment Guide

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A compilation of extra equipment options for the Star Wars Saga Edition roleplaying game. Looking for that crucial edge over your enemies? Find it here with over 90 pages of grade-A armaments and accessories!
  • ContentsIntroductionUsing This BookEquipment AvailabilityFavors, Resources Access, and Availability

    The Eras of PlayThe Black Market

    Chapter One: WeaponsCustomizing and Personalizing WeaponsWhat can Be ModifiedMaking the Modification

    Concealing WeaponsRanged Energy WeaponsBlaster PistolsHeavy Blaster PistolsHold-Out BlastersSporting Blaster PistolsBlaster Rifles and CarbinesSporting Blaster RiflesLight Repeating BlastersIon GunsDistruptor Weapons

    Ranged Projectile WeaponsSlugthrower PistolsSpecial Slugthrower AmmunictionSlugthrower RiflesDart PistolsSpecial Dart AmmunitionFlechette LaunchersBurst RadiusCrossbows and Magna CastersWrist WeaponsWrist Rocket Ammunition

    Melee WeaponsStandard Melee WeaponsVibro WeaponsMelee Stun Weapons

    Grenades and Other ExplosivesGrenadesGrenade Launchers

    Other Weapons and Weapon SystemsFlame ProjectorsSonic WeaponsSpecies-Specific Ranged WeaponsWeapon Attachments and Accessories

    Chapter Two: Protective GearCustomizing and Personalizing ArmorWhat Can Be ModifiedMaking the Modification

    Other Rules Concerning ArmorLight Armor and Protective SuitsMedium ArmorHeavy ArmorPowered ArmorOther Protective Gear

    Chapter Three: DroidsAstromech DroidsDroid HeroesRepair DroidsProtocol and Commercial DroidsMedical DroidsMilitary DroidsSecurity and Guard DroidsSurveillance and Probe DroidsMessenger DroidsLabor DroidsOther Droids

    Chapter Four: VehiclesCustomizing VehiclesWhat Can Be ModifiedMaking the Modification

    Airspeeders and Cloud CarsCloud Jockeys and Speeder Aces

    Gliders, Jetpacks and Rocket PacksSpeeder Bikes and SwoopsCivilian GroundspeedersMilitary GroundspeedersWalkersSeacraftOther Vehicles

    Chapter Five: EquipmentBreathing DevicesCommunication DevicesDetection DevicesSensor Jammers and Detection CountermeasuresMedical EquipmentSecurity DevicesSurvival GearWhat's In My Escape Pod?

    Tools and Other SundriesWhat's in my Tool Kit?

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