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Starship, Building Intelligent Delivery Robots

Date post:07-Jan-2017
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  • Ahti Heinla and Kristjan Korjus

    13.12.2016, Tallinn

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCy7DIjSgv0


  • Launched by Skype co-founders

    The worlds first commercially available autonomous delivery


    80 employees, incl. 30 engineers

    65 robots built, thousands soon

    23,000 km driven on public sidewalks

    Delivering packages for 5 clients in 4 countries

    6 patent applications filed (+4 coming soon)

    2,000,000 people encountered on sidewalks

    800 inbound requests from clients

    0 accidents

  • 24m

  • Ahti Heinla and Kristjan Korjus

    13.12.2016, Tallinn

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