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TimeManagementObjectivesLearn how to manage time to be more effective in daily activitiesHow to avoid procrastinationHow to enjoy working hard & partying hardApply tips & tricks to everyday routines

FLOWWhat is Time Management?


Common mistakes made in time ManagementNot Setting Personal GoalsFailing to manage distractionsProcrastinationThriving on: too busyMultitaskingNo taking breaksScheduling ineffectively

Not setting a personal goal

Failing to manage distractions


Always too busy


Not taking a break

Scheduling ineffectively

Time management based on the Eisenhower principle

Time management challengesPersonalYou can only use social media 1 hour a day for a week. Get someone(accountability partner) to track you.Study for any exam in advance.Finish all your AIESEC deliverables on time!

QoutesBeing an AIESECer doesnt end at passing the selection process. Being an AIESECer begins when you start living the AIESEC way.Remember to be successful is a decision no matter how you look at it.

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