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Statewide Remodeling: Window Replacement

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Statewide Remodeling offers bathroom and kitchen remodeling, as well as window replacement, insulation and home siding across large parts of Texas. This Power Point covers the wide variety of windows offered such as casement windows, bay and bow windows, vinyl windows, aluminum windows, double-hung windows and sliding windows to fit any home. Each style has its own particular benefits, style, color and all are energy efficient. Take a look to see which is the best window replacement option for you

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INTRODUCTIONStatewide Remodeling

INTRODUCTIONAbout UsStatewide Remodeling began in 1994 in Central Texas, but did not open their offices until three years later in Austin. Today, Statewide Remodeling has offices in Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio and a showroom in Plano. Currently, Qualified Remodeling has ranked the home remodeling company at #21 with over $30 million in annual sales.

Statewide Remodeling currently works in bathroom and kitchen remodeling, window replacement, energy efficient insulation and home siding, and builds room additions for those living throughout large portions of Texas.

Statewide RemodelingCOMPANY INFORMATIONwww.StatewideRemodeling.com.com2What We DoWe offer a wide variety of windows that best suit your style of home, energy needs and budget. Each choice has its own benefits and are energy efficient. From Double-hung to aluminum windows, we place value and great customer service over pricing. INTRODUCTIONWindow Replacement Whether you are looking to remodel your kitchen or your bathroom, at Statewide offers a wide range of styles and materials to choose from that best suit your budget. Visit one of our showrooms to pick out that right colors for your next remodel project. Home RemodelingDuring the summer in Central Texas, most natives look for ways to enjoy the sunshine without the heat. That is where room additions such as sunrooms, or solar rooms can help you enjoy the seasons comfortably. We also offer patio covers, and a variety of pergolas to spruce up any backyard. Room Additions Statewide has partnered with the Trane Heating and Air to bring you the very best in HVAC systems. Tranes are known for their reliability and durability during the hot Texas summers. Each Trane is ensured to save you on your electric bill due to their high energy efficiency. HVAC Repair & Installation Statewide Remodeling COMPANY INFORMATIONwww.StatewideRemodeling.com.com

When to change old windows Inconvenient Most old windows will no longer open to be cleaned or let a nice breeze in. Many times the windows are just too small, and dont let in natural light. Security Concern Old windows often have broken or cracked locks making your home a potential burglary, or home invasion target. Cracked Bad weather, or even a stray baseball can crack your window letting precious air escape and outdated window panes arent always easy to fix. Not Energy Efficient Older windows are usually not energy efficient, causing your air conditioning bills to increase during peak seasons.

Old or Cracked Windows?www.StatewideRemodeling.comStatewide Remodeling COMPANY INFORMATION

Are you thinking about replacing your old and cracked windows, but arent quite convinced that it will be a good investment? Not only does replacing your windows help improve the overall appearance of your home with a more updated look, but new windows are guaranteed to help you save on energy bills, as well as help the environment.

Replacing windows that no longer seal correctly when closed, or windows that are cracked cause precious cool or warm air to escape, causing your air conditioning to work harder than it needs to. New windows that seal properly prevent air from leaking out, or even leaking in and helps to regulate the inside temperature of your home.

If the amount of savings you will achieve from lower energy bills is not enough to convince someone to replace their old windows, then you should know that surveys have found up to a 90% return on investment. Take a look at the wide variety of replacement windows that we offer to find what it best for you and your home. Window Replacement The Energy Efficient Choice

Statewide RemodelingCOMPANY INFORMATIONwww.StatewideRemodeling.com.com

Customized to fit any home Double Hung Windows Double-hung windows, like their name suggests, can be opened from both the top and the bottom. This allows for easy cleaning access as well as the option to allow more air into your home for a nice breeze.

Other benefits to double-hung windows include:Easy replacement of screens and glass panesSpecial design greatly improve energy efficiencySpring loaded balance for safety and easy mobilityComes in a large range of colors, shapes and sizes to fit any homeSliding Windows Sliding windows are specially designed with weather stripping to provide a greater degree of comfort no matter what season it is outside ensuring a high energy efficient rate.

Other benefits of sliding windows include:Designed for greater visible glass area. Polyurethane insulated for high resistance to hot and cold weatherLifetime worry free performance due to aluminum screen frames and corners



Types of Windows

Types of Windows Casement Windows Considered to be projection style, these windows can open to a full 90 for easy cleaning and opening. This style of window can be installed to open left, or right depending on your preference.

Other benefits of casement windows include:Designed to maximize beauty, while minimizing frame and sash Single-lever locking handle has up to three locking pointsDual weather stripping with compression for protection against drafts.

Bay and Bow WindowsBay windows, or bow windows, transform any room due to their expanded and in-depth structural design. We have varieties that are available in 30, 45 or 90angles.

Other benefits of casement windows include: Comes in decorative glass designsVinyl frame finishesComes in various stylesIce and water shield barriers protecting overall integrityConcealed cable support system for strong and level installation



Customized to fit any home Vinyl Windows Wood, or composite windows are prone to warping, cracking or leaking due to extreme temperatures. Vinyl windows, on the other hand, are known for their strength, durability and energy efficiency due to their polyurethane core.

Other benefits of vinyl windows include:Scratch resistantLow maintenance, and will never need to be repainted, or re-stainedCustomizable, they come in several sizes, colors and styles.

Aluminum Windows Aluminum windows are specially designed with fusion welding for high durability, as well as security. These types of windows can come double paned with a coating of UV thermal resistance for increased energy efficiency.

Other benefits of aluminum windows include:Strong, yet lightweight, these windows are very durableLow maintenance, this type of window does not rust or corrode.Reduces noise, outperforms wood and vinyl windows on this aspect.



Types of Windows

Customized to fit any home CONTACT USCall us, or check out our website for a free quote for your next window replacement Statewide Remodeling2450 Esters Blvd. DFW Airport, TX 75261Phone :(214) 677-9000Website :www.StatewideRemodeling.comOffices in : Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Plano

Statewide RemodelingCOMPANY INFORMATIONwww.StatewideRemodeling.com

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