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Status of the Vidyo Service

Date post:07-Feb-2016
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Status of the Vidyo Service. ACCU Tim Smith IT/CIS Joao Fernandes, Thomas Baron. Vidyo Service Scope. MultiPoint meetings or Point2Point calls From Vidyo clients – connect to Vidyo router network Desktops (Windows, MacOSX , selected Linux flavors) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

CDS Report for SIPB

Status of theVidyo ServiceACCU

Tim Smith IT/CISJoao Fernandes, Thomas BaronCERN IT DepartmentCH-1211 Genve 23Switzerlandwww.cern.ch/itCollaboration and Information ServicesWEBCASTVideoConfACCU [Dec 2012] - #ITCISVidyo Service ScopeMultiPoint meetings or Point2Point callsFrom Vidyo clients connect to Vidyo router networkDesktops (Windows, MacOSX, selected Linux flavors)Mobile devices (iOS and Android)From 3rd party clients connect via Vidyo gatewaysVC Rooms (H.323, SIP, MCU bridge)PhonesScaleAll CERN registered users (as of 1st Jan 2012 pre-authorized) ~ 20k accountsRouters: 800 simultaneous video connections2x capacity available in case of passing paid thresholdGateways: up to 168 simultaneous H323/SIP connectionsAt low resolution, less if HDACCU [Dec 2012] - #ITCISAndroid-based devices (client available via the Android Market)iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) via the AppStoreUnregistered users: guest accountsSpecial cases (local accounts): support personnel in remote institutes2

Worldwide Service Topology




ACCU [Dec 2012] - #ITCISPhone: Prototyping alternative: Integration with SIP infrastructure at HEP labs: SIP-PABX gateway, DESY firstRouters: at WLCG Tier-1 centresGateways: load balanced3Usage Evolution

ACCU [Dec 2012] - #ITCISVidyo Service Access Indico VidyoPortal


Meeting Managers

Support (via ServiceDesk)Operations: Technicians (10h/5d +) / CERN EngineersTechnical: Technicians (24h/5d) / Vidyo Engineers

ACCU [Dec 2012] - #ITCISThrough Indico (Video Services -> Videoconference booking) to create and access Vidyo meeting roomsThrough https://vidyoportal.cern.ch

N.B: The CERN instance of Indico (which only contains CERN registered rooms)5Access in CERN rooms

VC ServiceCall-outCall-outCall-in

Room VC equipmentThisPC / LaptopACCU [Dec 2012] - #ITCISAccess in non-CERN rooms

VC ServiceCall-in

IVR: dial gateway IPCERN or Internet2

ACCU [Dec 2012] - #ITCIShttp://information-technology.web.cern.ch/services/fe/vidyo/howto/users-use-h323sip-client-connect-vidyo-meetinghttps://information-technology.web.cern.ch/services/fe/vidyo/howto/users-find-vidyo-meeting-extensionGateways:- CERN: vidyogw1.cern.ch- Internet2 (Ann Harbour, US): cern-vidyo-gateway0.internet2.edu7MilestonesDecember 2011 (deployed with v2.1):Ramp up; licenses, ports, gateways, routersApril 2012 (upgrade to v2.1.4)Extended Linux Support (Fedora, Debian)Audio system architecture problematic for CERN: Alsa/PulseSeptember 2012 (upgraded to v2.2.0)Mute-all & Moderation in portalOctober 2012 (upgraded to v2.2.1)Mute-all & Moderator PIN setup via IndicoLinux clients with Pulse supportVidyo Gateway with IVR for H323/SIP dial inSkype access pilotDecember 2012 (upgrade to v2.3)SSO, unified client, integrated ChatLinux client consolidation: generic package for all supported distros

ACCU [Dec 2012] - #ITCISIVR = Interactive Voice ResponseModerator PIN: to be passed to all potential moderators, all of whom can act (currently Indico moderators can take control individually)8Further Service EvolutionMuteStop-gap: Moderator mute-allClients join muted moderator unmutes H323 deviceOctober release: mute-all on meeting creation (Indico)Desktops join muted, but not H323, phones etcDecember release: client preferencePhoneUsing IVR: integrate with institute phone exchangesProduction: NIKHEF, CESNET, (DESY)Investigating: INFN, IN2P3, CERNSkype bridge:New HW; February2013Reconfigure CERN room PCs (security motivated)Vidyo ReadyACCU [Dec 2012] - #ITCISService Support

ACCU [Dec 2012] - #ITCISQuestions ?More info:http://www.cern.ch/vidyo

Status page:http://avc-dashboard.web.cern.ch/Vidyo

Contact us at:[email protected]

ACCU [Dec 2012] - #ITCISAdditional materialACCU [Dec 2012] - #ITCISLinux Distribution SupportSupported (32/64-bit):Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10, 11.04, 11.10 and 12.04SLC 5.5, 5.7, 5.8. 6.1 and 6.3Fedora Core 14, 15, 16 and 17Debian 5.0.9 and 6.0.3, 5, 6 and 7 (beta)Under qualification:OpenSUSE 12.1

But success depends on HW & SW details:Graphics: Hardware Acceleration or DRI (not on SLC5)DeskTop Environment (Ubuntu):Gnome , KDE (), Unity , XFCE ()ACCU [Dec 2012] - #ITCISWindows XP, Vista or 7, (32 and 64 bits)Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 or higher

DRI: Direct Rendering Interface13Service Support1st level:

2nd level:

3rd level:CERN Service DeskConsortSerco onsite techniciansVidyoEngineersCERNEngineersRooms, presenceACCU [Dec 2012] - #ITCIS

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