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  • 1. Identity/Brand management A Colorado Commercial Real Estate Holding Company 2010 2nd and 3rd Place finalists

2. Product catalogs and packaging ActivStyle offers a full range of brand name home medical products 2010 6Committed to Making Your Life Easier 800-651-6223 Incontinence FREE Shipping Quantity/Pack Part # Adult Diapers TENA Ultra Briefs InstaDri Skin-Caring System to improve surface dryness and promote healthy skin while reducing leakage. Dry-Fast Dual Core technology. Superfit Refastenable Tape Zone. Soft nonwoven back sheet. Latex-free. Small 22" - 36" 12 SCA 66100 Medium 34" - 47" 40 SCA 67200 Large 48" - 59" 40 SCA 67300 Undergarments PBE Tranqulity Adjustable Belted Undergarment This unique one-size-fits-all incontinence product features a discreet cloth-like outer layer that is rustle-free. The adjustable straps fit waist/hip size 28" - 58". Super-absorbent polymers provide extra absorbent capacity and excellent skin dryness. Latex-free. 28" - 58" 30 PBE 2150 Select Belted Undergarment A discreet, one-size product with 2-button elastic straps. A cloth-like outer layer. Includes one pair of 2-button straps. 28" - 44" 30 PBE 2650 Pads Attends Attends Insert Pads Unique microporous top sheet ensures fastest possible fluid acquisition. Adhesive patches and white back sheet. Leading product in acute care maternity/OBGYN wards for postpartum use. 9" x 22" 144/case PAP 25018 First Quality Prevail Bladder Control Pads Prevail Bladder Control Pads are body-shaped pad inserts with cloth-like outer fabric designed for stress and urge incontinence. Featuring the Target Acquisition Zone and the Blue Stay-Dry Strip, liquid is quickly wicked and locked away from the skin for ultimate skin dryness, leakage protection and odor control. With a full-length adhesive strip for secure anchoring. Panti-Liner 3.5" x 7.5" 12 1ST PV926 Moderate 3.5" x 9.25" 20 1ST BC012 Mod w/Extra Cov 4" x 11" 16 1ST BC013 Max 4.5" x 11" 52 1ST PV916 Max w/ Extra Cov 4" x 13" 42 1ST PV915 Quantity/Pack Part # Kendall PRESENCE Bladder Control Pads PRESENCE Bladder Control Pads offer effective yet discreet protection for light incontinence control. Super Absorbency 10 3/4" x 4" 20 KEN 1110B20 Extra Plus 4 3/4" x 12 3/4" 16 KEN 1140B16 HANDICARE Pad 2-part absorbency system for moderate incontinence protection. For use with the Handicare Pants. Heavy Absorbency 10" x 24" 24 KEN 931B24 Kimberly Clark DEPEND Boost Inserts Custom designed to fit snugly in any of your DEPEND products, our DEPEND Boost Inserts can provide additional protection! (Not for use with your regular underwear.) Individually wrapped in a cloth-like pouch for discreet carrying. Only for use in an absorbent garment. 10.5" x 4" 20 KIM 19168 Poise Poise pads and liners are so effective because: Poise is designed specifically for light bladder leaks Poise protects against odors Poise locks wetness away to keep you dry Liners 7.5" 26 KIM 19305 Ultra Thins 9.3" 30 KIM 19202 Moderate 10.9" 72 KIM 19598 Moderate Long 12.4" 60 KIM 19600 Maximum 12.4" 42 KIM 19283 PBE TrimShield Super-Plus Pad These pads are designed for use in regular underwear. The moisture-proof backing and larger size provide 8 oz. of fluid absorption capacity. An adhesive strip secures the pad into place for peace-of-mind. The superabsorbent construction eliminates odor and locks in moisture, even under pressure. These pads are convenient to change and easy to dispose. Latex-free. 11.75" x 4.0" 25 PBE 2083 4 Incontinence Committed to Making Your Life Easier 800-651-6223 Quantity/Pack Part # Protective Underwear First Quality Prevail Extra Pulls up and down like real underwear. Silky- Soft, cloth-like fabric, Advanced Zoning System. Small/Medium 34" - 46" 20 1ST PV512 Large 44" - 58" 18 1ST PV513 X-Large 58" - 68" 14 1ST PV514 2XL 68" - 80" 12 1ST PV517 Sleep Overs Youth Pants Sleep Overs Youth Pants are designed to meet the needs of older children with moderate to heavy nocturnal enuresis (night- time incontinence episodes) most prevalent in children between ages of 5 to 7 years old. Small/Medium 45-65 lbs 15 1ST SLP05301 Large/X-Large 65-125 lbs 12 1ST SLP05302 Kendall SURECARE Protective Underwear SURECARE Protective Underwear is a dignified, discreet, underwear-like product used for moderate to heavy incontinence protection. Medium 34" - 46" 20 KEN 1605 Large 44" - 54" 18 KEN 1615 X-Large 48" - 66" 14 KEN 1625 Super Absorbency Medium 34" - 46" 18 KEN 1205 Large 44" - 54" 16 KEN 1215 Kimberly Clark Depend Underwear for Women Super Plus Absorbency. Custom-designed to fit the shape of a woman. Underwear-like waistband, oval-cut leg openings and protection where you need it most. Soft, quiet, breathable. Easy to use - just pull on and off. Small/Medium 34" - 46" 18 KIM 19758 Large 44" - 54" 16 KIM 1976 X-Large 48" - 64" 14 KIM 19779 Quantity/Pack Part # Depend Underwear for Men Super Plus Absorbency. Custom-designed to fit a man's body. Underwear-like waistband, brief-like leg openings and protection up where you need it most. Soft, quiet, breathable. Easy to use - just pull on and off. Small/Medium 28" - 40" 115 - 190 lbs 18 KIM 19840 Large/X-Large 38" - 64" 170 - 300 lbs 16 KIM 19842 PBE Select Disposable Absorbent Underwear For active daytime use. The breathable outer layer and ample, full-rise waist panel allow for a comfortable, secure fit. X-Small 17" - 28" 65 - 85 lbs 24 PBE 2603 Small 22" - 36" 80 - 125 lbs 22 PBE 2604 Medium 34" - 48" 120 - 175 lbs 20 PBE 2605 Large 44" - 54" 170 - 210 lbs 18 PBE 2606 X-Large 48" - 66" 210+ lbs 14 PBE 2607 Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear The best performing disposable absorbent underwear on the market! The Peach Mat guarantees maximum protection for uninter- rupted sleep. Tranquility Premium OverNight holds over a quart of liquid! The ample, full-rise waist panel provides a more proportioned fit. Tear-away side seams allow for easy removal. The inner leg cuffs for leakage protection. Blue leg elastics indicate overnight protection. Latex-free. Small 22" - 36" 80 - 125 lbs 20 PBE 2114 Medium 34" - 48" 120 - 175 lbs 18 PBE 2115 Large 44" - 54" 170 - 210 lbs 16 PBE 2116 X-Large 48" - 66" 210+ lbs 14 PBE 2117 SCA TENA Protective Underwear Extra InstaDri Skin-Caring System improves dry- ness, promoting healthier skin. Heavy bladder leakage. Gentle waist elastic allows pants to pull on and off like underwear. Soft elastic for a snug, smooth fit. Convenient tape attached for roll-up disposal. Tear away side for easy, convenient removal. Medium 34" - 44" 16 SCA 72231 Large 45" - 58" 16 SCA 72331 www.ActivStyleForCaregivers.com 800-651-6223 Offering a Full Range of Brand Name Home Medical Products Incontinence, Gloves, Urology, Enteral, Diabetic Supplies, Aids for Daily Living, Stockings, Ostomy, Wound Careand More. IncontinenceGlovesUrologyStockingsOstomy/WoundCareDiabeticSuppliesAidsforDailyLivingEnteral 3. Web design Creative Cake Supplies wants to be a part of your familys baking memories 2010 4. A Full Range of Brand Name Products Thats right! Rely Medical Supply can be your one-stop source for all of your home medical supplies. Our vast warehouse stocks the leading, brand name products in: Assistive Devices (reachers, seat uplifts, bedroom safety) Bathroom Equipment (shower chairs, bath benches, tub bars) Diabetic Supplies Gloves Incontinence Supplies Ostomy Supplies Urological Supplies Walking Aids Rely Medical Supply We are Here for You Wide array of home medical supplies Quality brand name products Friendly, knowledgeable customer service Free shipping and delivery Convenient Automated Reorder System Spanish, Hmong and other interpretive services Committed to Making Your Life Easier At Rely Medical Supply we are committed to making your life easier and we are passionate about delivering freedom, dignity and an improved quality of life to each of our customers. Our friendly, knowledgeable Customer Care Teams are dedicated to helping you get the brand name products that will be just right for you. We also focus on your complete convenience by arranging recurring orders so you dont need to contact us for additional supplies. We also provide free shipping and offer several ways to contact us for information and to place orders including phone, fax, online or our Convenient Automated Reorder System. 877-230-6880 www.relymedical.com Capability brochures Rely offers a full line of home medical supplies 2010 Your Source for a Full Line of Home Medical Supplies 5. Identity/Brand management Mesker Door manufactures hollow metal doors,frames and hardware 2010 6. Capability brochures ATM Systems and Service provider 2010 Direct ConnectG.W. Jenkins - your local ATM provider. Connecting you with personal attention and remote monitoring/troubleshooting for reliable, dependable and trustworthy service. 1595 Weld Road Elgin IL 60123 Visit ATMmart.com Call for a FREEconsultation 1.800.434.5450 Serving ATM clients since 1998 Service YouGet Serving ATM clients since 1998 Operating with the highest standards of integrity Call for a FREE consultation 1-800-434-5450 Visit ATMmart.com Big enough to serve you Small enough to know you! 1595 Weld Road Elgin IL 60123 with Better 7. 2 Hinges Flat Goods & Accessories Throughout this condensed product information guide, youll find some of our newest offerings, along with a re-introduction to some of our most popular products. Weve expanded our hinge offering and are introducing our newest Marine-Grade stainless steel hinge (in stock). We now have five finish options for our very popular 316 door closer. Our patent-pending 316R replacement door closer continues to provide retrofit and aftermarket solutions to the industry. We have also added a broad array of accessories for nearly all door control solutions. As our lock offering continues to expand, the X-Series remains a cornerstone and the launch pad for our lock program. We are proud to introduce our Grade-1 Cylindrical Z-Series and our Grade-2 Interconnected I-Series. Weve broadened our small format interchangeable core options (SFIC) and increased functions throughout. Weve also introduced our increasingly popular lever kit optionChoose your lever style. Choose your finish. Theyre in stock. Check out the latest growth and development of our 1000 Series and 2000 Series Grade-1 exit devices. For both series, weve added new finishes, options and accessories. Our broad 1000/2000 Series trim offering has also significantly grown for most exit device applications. Were proud to launch our new flat goods and accessories program - thats good today and will be even better tomorrow. Be sure to visit our website for more complete company and product information. While youre there, download our new product specification sheets/templates, preview installation instructions, find our product specific Lifetime Warranty Certificate, read the latest news about Design Hardware or locate your nearest sales representative. Thank you for your continued support of our Design Hardware products and our Design Hardware family. We look forward to the new opportunities ahead of us. Visit us at www.designhardware.net Door Closers Locks & Exit Devices 8 K2 Series Grade 2 Standard Duty, Cylindrical Lock When ADA is not a concern and a classic knob design is desired, the K2 Series will fit the bill. L3T Series Grade 3 Light Duty, Tubular Lock The L3T Series is an economical solution to light duty demands. See the L3T specification sheet for lever and finish options. D Series D1 = Grade 1 Heavy Duty D2 = Grade 2 Heavy/Standard Duty The D Series will work in many applications. The D1 version is equipped with an additional solid steel collar, security shield and a wood frame reinforcer. Both the D1 and D2 Series are equipped with a 2" ADA thumbturn and Heavy Duty Grade 1 anti-saw bolt. I Series Grade 2 Standard Duty, Interconnected/ Cylindrical Lock The I Series is a cylindrical lock and deadbolt combination that was designed using the V & D Series. Built to simultaneously retract both the deadbolt and latch, this lock provides both security and one-step egress. Because the I Series has a V Series body, the 5 lever design options are available. Finishes US3 PVD* Bright/Polished Brass US4 Brushed/Satin Brass US5** Antique Brass US10B Oil Rubbed Bronze US15 Brushed/Satin Nickel US26D Brushed/Satin Chrome US26 PVD* Bright/Polished Chrome * PVD Lifetime Finish Standard on US3 and US26 finishes. PVD = Physical Vapor Deposition ** Special order finishes require 12 week lead time. Not shown US5 Antique Brass, US10 Brushed/Satin Bronze (M Series only), US32 Polished Stainless Steel (M Series only) and US32D Brushed/Satin Stainless Steel (M Series only) Designates designs available with small format interchangeable core options (SFIC). Product catalogs and packaging Design Hardware manufactures and delivers high-quality commercial door hardware 2010 8. Contents The Demand Certificate by Paul Kruit 1 The Cornerstone Fundis going ONLINE 2 Capital Campaign by Rev. Douglas Peck 3 Current rates 4 the worldand those who dwell therein earthisthe Lords There are a lot of things that can demand your time and MONEY. With a little planning and a Cornerstone Demand Certicate, you can make these resource- draining events a bit easier to manage. I have 5 kids, 2 in high school, 2 in junior high and a very active 3 year old. All participate in sports, school and youth group, except the 3 year old, shes just active. You cant play pick up sports anymore. No, no, you have to be on a team, whether through a park district or club afliation. Playing competitive sports today comes with a price. If you own a home you will eventually have to paint or replace something and if youre like me you will try to do as much of the painting or replacing yourself to save a few bucks, even if it takes you 8 months to remodel your only bathroom with a shower. I own a couple of cars and we try and keep up the maintenance as much as possible but eventually something more expensive to deal with, like a water pump explosion while on vacation in Ohio, will happen. Medical expense is another area of signicant expense in most household budgets. My ve kids, they all have teeth! For a period of about 2 hrs a couple years ago we had 4 kids in braces, one was getting them removed the same day another had them attached. This may explain why the doctor always smiles when he sees us. Every once in a while when our kids are not involved in something and Im not painting or replacing something, we like to take a vacation. The best vacation weve taken by far was a cruise we took as a family. That one took us a while to save for but it was well worth it. The Cornerstone Fund and a not-too-complicated Excel spreadsheet helped make it easier for us. The Demand Certicate offered by the Fund is a very convenient way for us to save for all types of expenses. Coincidently, as Im writing this I get a note that my #2 daughter just cost me $107 at American Eagle. I guess school is about to start. No worries, I have it in my CSF Demand Certicate. Ill just request a check. Heres what we do. My wife and I will sit down every year (at minimum) and think through what we need to save for. We divide the cost of the item by the number of months until the piper will come calling. We add up all the monthly numbers and have that total amount taken out of our bank account through the automatic deposit feature, offered by the Fund. This is put right into our Cornerstone Fund Demand Certicate which currently yields 2%. We track the amount saved for each item in a simple spread sheet. Then, when one of my daughters needs a pair of jeans, my wife changes her mind on color, or the property tax bill comes we request another check for some of our money. We have tried to set an amount for the unexpected things that come along as well. This has helped to lessen the blow of the unexpected. While the money is sitting in our Demand Certicate we are partnering with the churches of Converge Worldwide through the ministry of the Cornerstone Fund. We have found that this simple process minimizes worry over managing the cost of planned/ unplanned expenditures thus freeing us up to ponder more important things likewhat color to paint the powder room. Mission Statement To assist Converge Worldwide churches by providing nancial resources that enable them to expand their ministries, and to offer a competitive investment for the constituency of Converge Worldwide. An Account of Lifes Demandsby Paul Kruit, Vice President Operations Psalm 24:1 and the fullness thereof, MINISTRY MOSAIC Fall 2010 Issue Your investment performs double duty assisting ministry efforts to spread the gospel while working to provide you with a competitive return. Demand Certificates IRAs (no fees) Term Certificates Direct investment via ACH Church Savings Certificates Low minimum investment$100 FUND FEATURES: The Cornerstone Fund is part of the Converge Worldwide (BGC) ministry family. Established in Illinois in 1989 as a not-for-profit corporation, the Fund is the successor to the Revolving Building Trust established in 1954. The Funds objective is to assist Converge Worldwide churches, districts and affiliated ministries with financing for a variety of projects that include building, renovation and the purchase of property. Additionally, the Fund strives to provide a competitive return on comparable open- market investments. The Fund currently has over 2,000 investors and since its inception has financed over 1,000 building/remodeling projects. The Fund offers a variety of investment options, ranging from a demand certificate to term certificates with maturities of 6 months to 5 years.Tiered interest rates on your investments bring greater yields as your investment balance grows. The Fund and its predecessor have never missed a payment of principal or interest to an investor. Investments offered through the Fund are open to members of, contributors to, participants in and affiliates of Converge Worldwide. Capability brochures Cornerstone Fund, a ministry of Converge Worldwide,provides loans for building/remodeling projects within our conference churches and ministry centers 2010

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