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  • 1. Perspective. Creativity. Impact.You and your business is unique including your needs. Capability brochures Identity/Brand managementEach project is given individual attention. Stevens Design, Inc. Product catalogs and packaging considers your companys branding, vision and values, includes Trade show and conference supportthe customers needs and frustrations along with the current market Resource books and magazines environment and then determines the best solution to approach. Consumer and trade advertising Web design We bring our talent, experience and expertise to the table toprovide a complete solution to get the results you want. Combiningvisual elements with the written word, we deliver creative designsolutions that elevate your image and drive your message.www.LinkedIn.com/pub/5/579/846 Members of Schaumburg Business Association/PowerNet, Streamwood Chamber, NWOU - Mac User Group, CBMC 2009 All Rights Reserved Stevens Design, Inc. 8 Augusta Drive 630.289.0560 [email protected]

2. LA Fireproof Door Product Brochures We designed a series of product brochures that utilized a strong contrast between color and black on the covers to quickly identify product categories. 3. D&D Architectural Brochure/Folder We provided the copywriting, design and printing of this 6-page folder for D&D Architectural. The piece contains product information and features with recent Dream/Design project photo and job specs. 4. Chicago SlitterIntroducing FLEXLINE A Revolutionary Idea Chicago Scrap S Slitter Chicago Slitterlicing BrochureslogyAvailable Immediately Configured to meet your needs We designed more than a dozenTechno r ialCommendc ured single- and 4-page producta u actManrefPartsSlitteryOur name is on amline!a on the DChicagoSe brochures in the Slitter line ofpingShipck PartsAn in no StoSpa va ti on in sc ra pparts and equipment. Designssl ic in g Ad ju stab le kn if e cl eaHi gh re ra nc e tu rnon in veincorporated a common font, st m ent Manag eyour sScrap wicrap atype arrangements and color nders ans a pr not ad balle they taoduct,by-prors can ke you manageone steduct p furth your scrChicago er by tuap effici Slitters rning yo ently anscrap sli scrap. Four scrap into a hig d effectively,cer will r the fircombinations of blue, orange revolutiobut can st timeequipme hly prof coil proc nize thnt, whichitable bue way yoessors casiness? means u manan slicemore moge and thick or ney in processthin mayour poyour terial uscket!ing the and gold. sameOur nameison the line!Slitter Chicagoparts for ion made slitting lines Precis r OEM and otheive pricing Competitms d-time iteto long leasy accessEaeryFast delivthe line! on Our name is 5. Graphic Standards AvatarAvatar Corporation Graphic Standards Version1.0 Identity Created September 2007 We organized and established the elements in this Graphics Manual setting the proper standards for marketing communication materials. Introduction Logocharacter andReproduction optionsnt tool that visualizes ours a unique manageme p to defined graphicThis manual establishe e of our logo (and its relationshispirit. Through the appearancal impressionTypography -, familiar and profession the Avatar and type), a consistent form of identification for toaspects of format, colorwho has the occasion (figure A) is the preferred ation levels. Each personprocessly whenever the two-color The 2/color Signatureexternal and internal usewill be created on all communic work within the quidelines should be displayed consistentprogram must accurately In order to Corporation logo and new imagefor multi-color printing.look.apply any aspect of themaintenance of a strategicSignature is also availableassuring the creation and 9 for exact is available. A 4/colorbe white. Refer to page is presented in this manual,, your support and enthusiasm the background shouldThens brand management. Stationery set ensure the readability, message is consistent To ensure that our visualaspect of Avatar Corporatio n name in a positive light. that is meant percentages. Typography is an important and familiar visual tonecolor references and Avatar Corporatio needed to position the(C), and fonts will create a welcome (B), Black with sail Tint type fonts usedconsistent use of selectrecommended that the 1/color options: Solid Black. To achieve this, it is highly Sales and Marketing. There are three approvedlook, while Gayle S. Lopez, Vice President,d (D).to enhance recognition so will develop a distinctivea solid colored backgroun For questions, contact displayed here. Doingreversed White out of be limited to the selectionaking process.focusing the creative decision-m recommended SECOND SHEET PMS 423 Gray) is theLETTERHEAD AND(PMS Warm Red and24# White, 25% cottonThe two-color Signaturestock is Capitol Bond letterhead use. Paper sheet page should use the secondprinted material for all C Contents dence longer than oneLogomarkor comparible stock. Correspon 8.5 x 11.and bold italic) A(book, book italic, boldReproduction options AVANT GARDE FAMILY3 standardformat. Sheet size is theSize requirementsstuvwxyz RSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqr4 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQUnacceptable usage5 [email protected]#$%^&*()Positioningyz6 fghijklmnopqrstuvwxPQRSTUVWXYZabcde Isolation ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO7Brand color palette *() [email protected]#$%^& 8 NCORPORATIOAVATARtuvwxyzAvenue Secondary color palette500 Central IL 60466 cdefghijklmnopqrsPark University9 VWXYZab 534-5511 Ph (708) ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTU 534-0123Fx (708)comTypography www avatarcorp SECOND SHEET [email protected]#$%^&*()12345678Type guidelineslmnopqrstuvwxyz 11VWXYZabcdefghijkPrint material templatesABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTU 12and second sheetStationery set - letterhead&*()[email protected]#$%^13 cardStationery set - businessFAMILY (regular and black)14 D ARIAL nopqrstuvwxyz Stationery set - envelopePQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklm15ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOB Stationery set - labels16 *() sheetdence - fax and memo [email protected]#$%^& Correspon xyz17 hijklmnopqrstuvw releaseNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefg Correspondence - news 18 ABCDEFGHIJKLMcard Correspondence - note^&*() 19 [email protected]#$%formCorrespondence - business 20tPresentations - PowerPoin 21 222 Standards Version1.0Graphic Avatar Corporation 4 Standards Version1.0Graphic Avatar CorporationCOVER11Standards Version1.0 GraphicAvatar Corporation14 Standards Version1.0Graphic Avatar Corporation 6. Perfect Cast Realty Identity Shown here are the three finalists chosen by our client. The center graphic was the logo of choice applied to the basic stationery items and signage. PerfectCastREALTY PerfectCastRealty 7. Vendor Gateway Customer Gateway Sales Analysis Gateway RDI Group Identity Logo design for IT division of company. Also created modifications to logo to assist in service distinctions.RDI Gateway Solutions R 8. Respa Pharmaceutical Packaging We designed a Series of 8 product packages that contained samples for physicians offices. An identity was established by using strong colors and a slightly-modified typeface in the product names. 9. Bella and Nino Brands Packaging We provided art and photo direction to the pre-made frozen entree packages. Art was mapped to the manufacturers templates. 10. wn? a s ty le a ll y o u r oneedhea dli ne headlineWhen you want to taste, touch, hug and holdexperience 2801 Grand Avenue Ames l www.northgrandmall.com l 515/232-3679GK GK Development, Inc. Properties DEVELOPMENT, INC. GK Development Ad support We used the extreme-angleMall gift cards ke it fit.When you want to taste,available! to graduationmatouch, photos to support 5 thehug and hold experienceFrom homecoming d hold te, touch, hug anto tas When you want Real Shopping theme. opping at:route 251 and 38th St Experience real shGKPeru l www.perumall.comGK Development, Inc.l 815-223-7600 DEVELOPMENT, INC Properties d Mall Layout templates wereNorth Gran ers,and service provid e stores, dining60 of your favorit s. rth Grand 5 Theatre ey, Sears, and No provided for mailers,Younkers, JCPennnterMarshall Town Ce enney, Bath & Body Works, brochures and posters to: JCP 40 stores includingza 9 Theatres. Maurices, and Pla be updated by 9 malls. -36 79om l 51 5-2 33ort hgr and ma ll.c 64 1-7 52 -62 00ltow nce nte r.co m l ., Am es l ww w.n280 1 Gra nd Aven l ww w.m ars hal allt ow Cen ter St., Ma rsh250 0 Sou th Inc. Properties GK Development, 11. everything GK Development Ad support Design support for new or recently-renovated mall announcements. Everything is coming up Grand in Ames, Iowa The Streets of North Grand, a new 150,000 sf lifestyle Join American Eagle Outfittersexpansion Bath and Body Works, Gap, , Aeropostale, Victorias Secret, PacSun, The Buckle and Full interior and exterior renov many ation of the already successfu more North Grand Mall l Anchored by JC Penney andYounkersExcellent Trade Area Already proven trade area Ames, Iowa is ranked as the second most livable city inaccording to The New Rating Guide to Life in Americas the nation Ames, Iowa was cited as oneSmall Citiesaccording to BestJobsUSA.coof the 20 best places to live and work Contact Jennifer Hopkinsm Home to Iowa State University in 2002 847-277-9329 real potential.303 East Main Street,Suite 201 Barrington,IL 60010 www.gkdev elopment.com 12. Calvary Community Church Posters Concert promotion posters and tickets for Christian performers. 13. South Bend/Vonco Consumer & Trade Ads Collaborated with clients on concepts and image support, art directed illustrator and photographer and provided ad materials per publisher specs. 14. Various Web Sites From basic web pages to complex multi-page sites, coordinated the content, functionality and directed programmers to build the original sites and updates.

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