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Stop Failing-Start Succeeding Today!

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  • 1. Brought to you by TimBekkerdotcom http://www.TimBekker.com

2. CBLEADSAffiliate Start-Up GuideBrought to you by TimBekkerdotcom http://www.TimBekker.com 3. Whats CB Leads?As many of you already know, there are millions of ways to make money online.Most of you would also agree that two of them have experienced a significantrise these last years. Im talking about affiliate and CPA marketing.Affiliate marketing works this way:You choose a product.You get your affiliate links/tools.You promote the product.You get a commission out of every sale.Pretty simple, isnt it? This system might work, but what about when visitorsdont purchase the product, but fill out some kind of form instead?This is how CPA marketing works:You choose a website/product/offer.You get your link.You promote the link.You get paid each time a visitor fills out his name and email (a.k.a. lead). Brought to you by TimBekkerdotcom http://www.TimBekker.com 4. Again, quite simple. But, the problem about it is that you will have to drive muchmore traffic to the offer to get the same about of money you would out of onecommission on affiliate marketing. Brought to you by TimBekkerdotcom http://www.TimBekker.com 5. First Clickbank Pay-Per-Lead NetworkWhy choose just one? Why cant you just choose a product, promote it and getpaid each time a visitor either makes a purchase or fills out a form? Today, withCBLeads you can get the best out of both worlds.CBleads is a network that combines affiliate marketing and CPA to perfection.Regular affiliate marketing doesnt include lead commissions. By promoting aregular affiliate product through youre basically giving away the leads generatedto the vendor for free. Thats right, for free. Dont you think it was time forsomeone to change that? Brought to you by TimBekkerdotcom http://www.TimBekker.com 6. What we did is the following. We took Clickbanks regular commission structureand added a pay-per-lead (PPL) system. We didnt just thought of a new way foraffiliates to make good money promoting Clickbank products, but we reinventedaffiliate marketing along the way.Brought to you by TimBekkerdotcom http://www.TimBekker.com 7. Whats in it for Affiliates?Why should you, or anyone, promote an affiliate product knowing that youre notmaking any money out of leads generated? Is it fair for vendors to get leadsfrom you and for you to not make any money out of them? Wouldnt you bemore motivated knowing that your efforts will not be wasted? Wouldnt you bemore interested in promoting a product that would not only pay you per sale, butper lead as well? Isnt it better that way?With Cbleads you can keep promoting the same products as you did before, butknowing that you will not only get paid per sale, but that the leads you generatewill add up cash to your revenue stream as well. You will get money out ofpeople typing out their names and emails on their keyboards as well.It was about time someone gave affiliates what they deserved. The opportunityto join a network of over 17000 experienced affiliates and regular moneymakers.Brought to you by TimBekkerdotcom http://www.TimBekker.com 8. The Interface Cbleads features a friendly interface oriented towards giving the user a solid marketing experience. No hype, no round-ups. We made sure that the marketplace, reports and account page are as clear and straight to the point as possible, allowing you to be informed of you progress and profits the information you really need, anytime, anywhere. To access your account, simply click on my account on the top bar.To login to your account,just enter the Clickbank IDassociated to it and yourpassword.Brought to you by TimBekkerdotcom http://www.TimBekker.com 9. Account HomeThis is where the magic happens. In your Account Home page, its much likeyour Clickbank one, only better.To the first box to the right, youll get a feed with our most relevant news andlaunches. In that feed youll be able to know how much has a product sold,when in the next big one launching, and general news in order for you to be asinformed as possible.Below the news feed youll find your Weekly Leads Snapshot. This is likeClickbanks Weekly Sales Snapshot, and here youll see how you, your salesand your leads are doing week-wise. Youll be displayed 5 weeks and theircorresponding gross sales. Youll also be able to see how you are doingcompared to the day and week before the time youre checking your account. Its important to be constantly improving, isnt it? For example:This Time Yesterday: $103.40. you are $15.56 ahead.This Time Last Week: $65.04. you are $53.92 ahead.Below this theres a box in which you can see a yearly review of your total:Hops, Unique Hops, Leads, Sales, Sales Refund, Lead Commision, SalesCommision, Refund Commision, Commision and Paid Commision.Brought to you by TimBekkerdotcom http://www.TimBekker.com 10. On the first column to the left youll see your Contacts. Youll see your AffiliateManager and how to contact him. Youll get his Skype and email address in caseyou have any doubts regarding your account and CBleads. Youll also get ourmain CBLeads email address.Below this, youll find a box with our newest or current contest or launch. Forexample, right now, we are in the Make Me a Millionaire contest, which featurescash prices of up to $5,000. If you click on it, itll take you to the real timeleaderboard of the contest in which youll be able to see how much are affiliatesmaking and their corresponding price besides their names.Then youll find the Daily Sales Snapshot. Its almost the same as Clickbanks, inwhich youre able to see in detail the daily earnings throughout the last twoweeks.On the bottom of this page, youll see your Offer Recommendations. In thesethree boxes, youll be shown the latest and most successful products availablein our database, right on your account home. Brought to you by TimBekkerdotcom http://www.TimBekker.com 11. Account SettingsIn the Account Settings tab, youll be able to tweak and choose the main settingsof your account.On the Personal Information Tab you can enter your personal details so we canget a better idea of who our affiliates are and where they are from. Here you caninput your name, display name (for contests and more), , address, country,postal code, account type (personal or company), etc.On the second tab, youre allowed to change your password any time thatsneeded. Need to say more?Youre free to upload a pic of yourself to use it as your avatar and show yourself Brought to you by TimBekkerdotcom http://www.TimBekker.com 12. to the community.Last but not least, the Payment Information. We pay Bi-Weekly (yes, two times amonth) in order to protect the cash flow of both, merchants and affiliates. We,also, always pay on time. You can choose from two main Payment Methods,PayPal or Bank Wire.First, choose the desired Payment Threshold. You can choose $20, $50, $100,$250 or $500. If your desired method is PayPal, just fill in your PayPal ID. If it isWire, youll have to fill in other details like account holder name, bank name andbank account number.Brought to you by TimBekkerdotcom http://www.TimBekker.com 13. ReportsIn the Reports tab, youll find a detailed layout of your clicks, sales and leads.Under the analytics tab, youll find a dedicated search for tracking yourprogress. Just pick a date and youll get a bar chart that shows youyour leads (in blue), sales (in red) and clicks (in yellow).You can display charts either for days, weeks, months, etc.Brought to you by TimBekkerdotcom http://www.TimBekker.com 14. Below the charts, youll see a box with a complete report of your earnings of thedate selected. On the first column youll see the offer name (Tim bekker leadprogram for example), then the Sub-Id (of your choice) and, of course the hops,unique hops, leads, sales, refunds, commission, etc.The good thing about this report is that youre able to see personalizedpercentages and earnings. For example, you can see how much money youvemade per hop (earnings per hop), your leads and sales conversion rates.Did you know you can make money referring our programs to others? Yes, nowyou can make up to $0.25 per lead your referred partner drive to CBLeads.com.Now you can make $0.25 every single time your partner makes money out ofleads.You can check how many referrals youve got and how much money youvemade under the Referrer List tab.Start referring partners to CBLeads today and watch your income growsignificantly. Use the following address to refer partners:Brought to you by TimBekkerdotcom http://www.TimBekker.com 15. http://cbleads.com/sign-up.html/YourClickBankIDFor More info about Referrals, just check out our page here.Under the payments tab, youll find the essential information aboutyour payments, when were they sent, balance, period, etc. Everythingyou need to know about YOUR money will be here.Brought to you by TimBekkerdotcom http://www.TimBekker.com 16. Our marketplace is growing bigger and biggereach and every day. Great offers are being addedon a daily basis which affiliates are seeing greatresults with.Choose from a wide range of categories. Just takethe time and browse our offers to find the one thatsuits you the best. But, lets clarify some acronymsfirst that you need to know to take the mostadvantage of our offers:EPH20: Earnings per Hop of Offers Top 20Affiliates. Here youll see the average earning perhop of the 20 affiliates that are making the mostamount of money promoting said offer. Its a goodreference to have an idea of how much can youmake by promoting it.AA: Active Affiliates. Number of affiliates that sent over 10 unique hops to theoffer the day before.Brought to you by TimBekkerdotcom http://www.TimBekker.com 17. DU. Number of weeks the offer has been in the marketplace.SUBID. Add a Sub Id to your offer link if you want to track the performance of aspecific offer link. Youll be able to see a detailed and specific report for that linkin the an

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