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Student empowerment through mentoring and reverese mentoring b.v.raghunandan

Date post:16-Nov-2014
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Deals with the problems and the need for mentoring and the need to absorb reverse mentoring as a part of the process to avoid disconnect between generations
  • 1. Student Empowerment through Mentoringand Reverse Mentoring-B.V.RaghunandanNational Seminar onMEASURES FOR QUALITY ENHANCEMENT AND SUSTENANCE IN HIGHER EDUCATIONSDM College of Business Management, October 10, 2014

2. StudentEmpowerment Students are a matrix of bundles of emotion like anger,uncertainty, jealousy, resentment, competition,frustration, disbelief, hatred for the system Its a heady mixture of positive and negative energies Empowerment comes in the form of converting themto responsible citizens of social and individual values 3. Mentoring Teachers were mentors originally Later developments brought in different hues of educationaldegrees, institutions, universities, teachers and systems Teachers role is confined to the teaching of subjects (Valueeducation has also became a subject) Counsellors have no personal interest or involvement in thestudents Thus, a Mentor 4. Complex Family Backgrounds Leo Tolstoy, in Anna Karenina, "all happy families resembleeach other; all tragic families are tragic in their own way Unhealthy families are tragic families and complexitiespeculiar only to themselves Break-up of joint families produce highly complex and distinctchild members Students from nuclear families generally seek mentoring themost 5. Mentoring and ReverseMentoring Mentoring: the Teacher or anyother older person shapes theyounger subject Reverse Mentoring: the processreverses with the youngersubject mentors the mentorhimself Reverse Mentoring happens dueto immaturity, lack ofknowledge, general awarenessor smartness in worldly thingson the part of the mentor 6. The Arduous Process of Becoming a Mentor Being truthful Courage: Not being afraid of any student or a group ofstudents Genuine Interest in protecting the interest of students Not hesitating to punish to bring the erring students into line Highly knowledgeable and value-based living 7. A Teacher Transforming into a Mentor Coverage of curriculumsufficiently and going beyondit with current affairs anddevelopments Being original in approach Destroying popularMisconceptions Having a scientifictemperament Symbolising a rock in displayof emotions Assignments to show themtheir ignorance and helpingthem in building up aportfolio 8. Road-Blocks in Becoming a Mentor Diplomacy, which is apart of everyonesnature Postponement ofProblems Dependence onparents for control Conflicting concepts Institutional Interest The views ofAdministration 9. Essentials of Reverse Mentoring Belief that knowledge is not uni-directional It is a world in which human knowledge has surpassed human understanding-hence,even illiterate beedi-workers who employ people to read news may possesscomprehensive knowledge Not all the mentors are the best in all qualities Availability of information and knowledge in the electronic media make people atdifferent levels knowledgeable Readiness of Mentor to Accept it 10. Beneficial Impact of Reverse Mentoring Mentor can save his breath He can understand the present generation farbetter The subject will have a better respect for thementor The mentor will become highlyknowledgeable in the process-he stands to gain from theexperience of his subjects Mentor can absolve himself of his misconceptions 11. THANK YOU

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