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2. STUDENT HOOD 3. Why need a STUDENTHOOD? Reach students and faculties by a click. Upload documents. Maintain assets. Integrated email and SMS. Complaints from students and faculty. Effective dashboard. Maintain Alumni database. 4. Overview Studenthood is mainly designed to serve as Student Communication System i.e. it enables communication between students, faculty and administrator of the educational organization. Modules o o oAdmin login. Student login. Faculty login. 5. MODULES 6. Features & Benefits Creating entities like students, faculties, subjects etc. Issuing notices. Organizing events and sending invites. Asset maintenance. Maintaining documents repository. 7. Contd.. Assigning subjects, batch and specialization. Maintaining contact database. Creating and booking amenities. Discussion over the forum. 8. MODULES ADMINSTRATOR LOGIN. STUDENT LOGIN. FACULTY LOGIN. 9. ADMINISTRATION LOGIN This login is used by the administrator of organization. 10. SNAPSHOT 11. FUNCTIONS Admin is authorized to access the complete functionality of the application. Admin is able to create entities like, applications, students, faculties, subjects, specializations, assets and amenities. Admin in eligible to assign subjects, assign specializations, batch. 12. Contd.. Admin can also communicate to students through emails and SMS. Admin can organize events. Admin can issue notices to students. Admin can maintain assets, telephone directory and amenities. 13. STUDENT LOGIN This login is used by students of organization. 14. SNAPSHOT 15. FUNCTIONS Student can view faculties. Student can raise complaint to the admin. Student can organize events and invite guests among the organization. Student can upload photographs and share with other students. Student can maintain his/her own contact database . 16. Contd.. Student can view photographs uploaded by other students. Student can raise an enquiry to an faculty of the organization. Student can create an new topic of discussion over the forum. Student can view notices sent by the admin. 17. FACULTY This login is used by the faculties of the organization. 18. FUNCTIONS Faculty can view the students in the organization. Faculty can attend events organized. Faculty can clear the enquiry raised by student and reply to that. Faculty can discuss over the forum. Faculty can rise complaints to the management. 19. AVAILIBILITY OF THE APPLICATION This communication system is only available to admin, faculties and students of the organization. It can also be extended to other units of organization like laboratory instructors, librarian and other non teaching staffs. 20. ADVANTAGES Very much useful as communication system. Accountability for all the notices issued by the admin and issues raised by student and faculties. Effective discussion forum. Available any where since it is connected with the use of internet. 21. About RAMKRI Young, energetic and well-organized Group. Our one ambition is to grow up together with our Clients. We rely on our experience gained in prestigious Organizations, on our methods effectiveness emphasizing the Companys values, on our willing to share a project, to achieve positive results. Ramkri Located in India's IT Hub, Bangalore Recently as renamed as Bengaluru. 22. Our Services include Advertising Campaigns, Print Design, website development, web designing ,web maintenance, custom web applications, Graphic Design, Ecommerce Solutions, Shopping Cart Solutions, Video Presentations, Corporate Presentations, Logo Design, Email Marketing, SMS integration, Website Re-design, ecommerce solutions, search engine optimization, web hosting, Domain name registration and many more.

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