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SubjectsPlus: Take Control of your Data Andrew Darby University of Miami Libraries October 10, 2011

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SubjectsPlus: Take Control of your Data Andrew Darby University of Miami Libraries October 10, 2011 Slide 2 What is SubjectsPlus? Helps you manage interrelated parts of your website Subject or Course Guides A-Z List of Databases FAQs Suggestion Box Staff List Slide 3 Brief History Began life as Pirate Source, developed by East Carolina University Software orphaned; IC adopted it, enhanced it, released (with permission from ECU) under GPL in 2005 1.0 Version released May 2011 1.0 rewritten under the hood, proper internationalization support, enhanced functionality, etc. Slide 4 Wait, Whats a Subject Guide? Curated set of reliable resources to orient a student or faculty member Print vs. online Different approaches: Comprehensive vs. targeted Course guides vs. subject guides Slide 5 Slide 6 Anatomy of a Guide: Top Databases Slide 7 Anatomy of a Guide: Contact Person Slide 8 Anatomy of a Guide: Catalog Resources Slide 9 Anatomy of a Guide: Databases & E-Resources Slide 10 Other Features Some logically flowed from the information being captured (A-Z List, Staff List) Some were added at Ithaca College and shared (Suggestion Box, FAQs) Slide 11 Other Features: A-Z List Slide 12 Other Features: Frequently Asked Questions Slide 13 Other Features: Suggestion Box Slide 14 Other Features: Staff List Slide 15 Im Sold; How Much? Free and Open Source Software, licensed under GPL Of course, there will still be some costs: staff time and running/renting the web server. Slide 16 Whos Using SubjectsPlus? 35+ in North America A few more in development Others? Slide 17 Alternatives Slide 18 Slide 19 Technical Requirements LAMP/WAMP setup: Linux (preferred) box Apache Web Server MySQL >= 4 PHP >= 5.2 (preferred) Slide 20 Setup: Easy as 1 - 2 - 3 Slide 21 1. Install Download files Unzip on server Edit configuration file Create MySQL database Create MySQL user/password Slide 22 2. Customize Slide 23 Customize cont. Slide 24 Slide 25 2.5. What If I Have a Problem? Slide 26 Slide 27 Slide 28 3. Add Data via Admin Slide 29 Example: Create Guide Slide 30 1. Create Metadata Slide 31 2. Add Content to Blank Guide Slide 32 2a. Select Type of Content Slide 33 2b. Drag/Drop to Desired Column Slide 34 2c. Enter Content Slide 35 2d. Enter More Content Drag in more boxes (say, Subject Specialist and Key to Icons) Use buttons to insert content from elsewhere in SubjectsPlusfrom A-Z list of Databases, documents, FAQs, links to catalog records Slide 36 2d. Enter More Content cont. Slide 37 2e. Save Slide 38 2f. View Live Slide 39 Thank You! Questions? Feel free to contact me for more information, [email protected] Slide 40 Resources Website: http://www.subjectsplus.com/http://www.subjectsplus.com/ Wiki: http://www.subjectsplus.com/wiki/http://www.subjectsplus.com/wiki/ Group: http://groups.google.com/group/subjectsplushttp://groups.google.com/group/subjectsplus Code: http://code.google.com/p/subjectsplus/downloads/list http://code.google.com/p/subjectsplus/downloads/list Videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/SubjectsPlushttp://www.youtube.com/user/SubjectsPlus

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