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SugarCRM Customizations

Date post:22-Jan-2018
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  • SugarCRM Customizations - Build Your Own

    CRM System

  • SugarCRM Theme Customization

    Personalize your Sugar


    With custom colors, logos and positioning of buttons, you will get a rejuvenated feel when you

    login to your CRM system.

  • Sugar 6 (Community Edition) theme customization- A few examples

    1. Auto Accelerator

    Auto Accelerator CRM is a subsidiary of Customer Focused Marketing

    (CFM). providing best-in-industry CRM services and support to

    automobile dealers.

  • 2. Lixar

    Lixar is an IT company that provides enterprise-level connected product

    platforms and mobile software solutions.

  • 3. Ark Sciences

    A medical company based in New York, Ark Sciences is committed to

    improving the well-being and welfare of animals.

  • Sugar 7 theme customization- A few examples

    1. The Forum for International Trade Training

    (FITT)FITT is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing international business training, resources and professional certification to individuals

    and businesses.

  • 2. Juniper

    aceJuniper Place is an investor intelligence and asset-raising business headquartered in London, with an additional office in New York.

  • SugarCRM Email Customization

    Enhance the functionality of

    the Email module in


  • 1. Creation of Lead from Email

    With this customization, a lead will becreated automatically in Sugarcorresponding to the name of thepotential client and the product he isinterested in. Once a lead is generated,the relevant salesperson can follow upto ensure that the lead gets convertedinto a customer.

    2. Automatic Email Archiving

    Rolustech has developed an awardwinning plugin RT GSync which is theperfect data syncing solution for Sugarand Google apps. RT GSync automatesGmail archiving for all the incomingand outgoing emails

    4. Signature Customization

    This customization is extremelybeneficial for Project Managers.Whenever there is an importantannouncement or an update related tothe status of a project, an automaticemail is generated to aid the projectmanagers in taking the appropriatesteps.

    3. Automatic Email Generation

    Email signatures are a standard part ofthe marketing of any business as theyare an effective way to generate click-throughs to your website and acquireleads.

  • SugarCRM

    Calendar Customization

    While all companies using a CRM make use of the built in

    calendar to plan their activities, very few realize the

    importance of having a fully customized calendar and the

    whole lot of value it can add to their system.

  • 1. The Editable pop-up

    With this customization, users willnever have to click on an event to seethe details. Simply hovering over theevent will show everything they needto know. Not just this, the pop up canbe edited to update statuses and addinformation.

    2. One Calendar to rule them all

    With this SugarCRM customization,one master calendar will be displayedto the manager which will display allthe events of all his subordinates.

    4. The smart calendar dashlet

    We did this customization for a famoushotel & casino based in Las Vegas,USA. The smart calendar dashletdisplayed a calendar which showed(day wise) the rates of the differenttypes of rooms that the hotel offered.

    5. Role based calendar

    With this customization, a user has theability to create, edit and viewcalendar events (Call, Meetings, Tasks,Reminders) based on the role assignedto him in SugarCRM.

    3. Bi-directional event syncing b/w Sugar and Gmail calendars

    With this feature, a users Gmail andCRM calendars will be synced bi-directionally. All events created/editedin one calendar will be automaticallysynced to the other calendar.

    6. Automatic creation of events in calendar

    This customization will createcalendar events automatically fordifferent users based on thebusiness process.

  • The Editable pop-up

    One Calendar to rule them all

  • The smart calendar dashlet

    Role based calendar

  • Get Your SugarCRM Customized Today

    Sugar in its default shape cannot drive expected results for businesses which significantly differ from each other. Smart businesses which have customized their Sugar to their unique processes enjoy much higher productivity, growth rates and profitability.

    Contact us to get anything and everything customized in Sugar including:

    Module Customization Dashboard Customization Custom Fields and Relationships Custom Filters Custom Workflows