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SugarCRM / IBM Portfolio Building smarter crm for smarter commerce

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CRM Acceleration London, September 2012, Presentation about SugarCRM in the IBM Technology Portfolio, Jens Lindenberg
  • 1. Smarter CRM for Smarter CommerceJens Lindenberg Senior Director Alliances EMEA

2. Agenda Sugar & IBM Partnerschaft IBM & Sugar Technologie-Integration IBM: Smarter Commerce Sugar: Open Social Business Platform Beispiel IBM Connections & SugarCRM 3. Einleitung IBM, in conjunction with our partner SugarCRM, offers comprehensive CRM services and solutions that deliverdistinctive value to our clients through globalization, operational excellence, process transformation and automation: All supported by IBM brands and partner ecosystems.SugarCRM makes CRM simple, andoffers customers unparalleled choice and control of their data and deployments. 4. IBM SugarCRM Alliance Partnership since 2010 Global Strategic Alliance Target Markets Retail Banking, Financial Services, Insurance Media and Entertainment Shipping & Transportation Manufacturing & Hi-Tech Government & Health Care Business Process Optimization CRM Joint Initiatives Smarter Commerce Social Business Intelligent Transport Smart Cloud PureSystems 5. The value of SugarCRM and IBMIBM and SugarCRM empower companies around the world to gain and retainmore customers and become the engines of a smarter planet by offeringopen business solutions built on the worlds best platforms.SugarCRM ValueIBM Value IBM and SugarCRM Creating unique Makes CRM simpleCustomer Value Deploys quickly on cloud and/orReaches mid-market via channel on-premises, offering customers and holds deep client relationships unparalleled choice and control driving transformations of their data and deploymentsMakes Smarter Planet real through Delivers ability to acquire, grow industry solutions and retain customers via intuitive,Delivers affordable scalable open social CRM platformsystems, storage and software Helps clients get to social Provides global and mobile Finances total solution business platform as leading provider of open source CRM Delivers proven integrated optimized Smarter solutions Accelerates clients sales, marketing and service 6. Agenda Sugar & IBM Alliance IBM & Sugar Technology-Integration IBM: Smarter Commerce Sugar: Open Social Business Platform Example IBM Connections & SugarCRM 7. IBM Business Solutions PortfolioSocial BusinessSmarterCommerce Smarter Planet Business Analytics & Optimization Sugar compliments and adds value to the IBM Selling Proposition 8. IBM Software Portfoliofor End-to-End Social Business 9. SugarCRM & IBM - IntegrationApplications IBM Stack Platform 10. SugarCRM and IBM Integration Sugar integrates with Cognos for BI SPSS for predictive analytics Smart Cloud for Social Business forcollaborationConnections Connections for collaborationLotusLive Lotus Notes for email WebSphere Cast Iron for web/data integrationLotusNotes DB2 Database WebSphere - App Server Unica, Commerce, Sterling - SmarterCommerce Deploy in the cloud IBM SmartCloud Enterprise Deploy on-premise Series i Series p Series x PureSystems PowerLinux Services from IBM GBS and BPs 11. Agenda Sugar & IBM Alliance IBM & Sugar Technology-Integration IBM: Smarter Commerce Sugar: Open Social Business Platform Example IBM Connections & SugarCRM 12. IBM: Smarter Commerce Redefining Commerce in the age of the customer 13. IBM Smarter CommerceTodays customer is dictating a new set of terms in dynamicsbetween byers and sellers:- Customers are empowered by technology, transperancy and an abundance of information- These information they collect from various sources- They expect to engage with companies when and how they want- Direct with your seller, mobile or digital- They expect consistent experience throughout all channels- They can Champion or sully a brand with the click of the mouse!Quelle:http://www.ibm.com/smarterplanet/de/de/smarter_commerce/overview/index.html?re=spf?csr=emde_agdsp-20120702&cm=k&cr=google&ct=102L412W&S_TACT=102L412W&ck=smarter_commerce&cmp=102L4&mkwid=syGRCfPnn_22781726012_432i044571 14. IBM Smarter Commerce- an integrated approachTodays customers have no patience, keep up with them -Smarter Commerce is the solution:- Creates an efficient and seamless system of commerce stretches from the sourcing of materials all the way through to after-sale services a system that connects and integrates suppliers through powerful collaboration tools a system that turns real-time analytics into actions for your customers a unique approach that increases the value companies generate for their customers, partners and shareholders in a rapidly changing digital world.Quelle:http://www.ibm.com/smarterplanet/de/de/smarter_commerce/overview/index.html?re=spf?csr=emde_agdsp-20120702&cm=k&cr=google&ct=102L412W&S_TACT=102L412W&ck=smarter_commerce&cmp=102L4&mkwid=syGRCfPnn_22781726012_432i044571 15. Smarter Commerce Transformation 16. Smarter Commerce:Customer focus 17. Smarter Commerce:Best-of-Breed Solutions 18. Smarter Commerce: Industry specificbusiness processes with SugarIndustry specific business processes 19. Smarter Commerce:Future Ready TechnologiesSOCIAL BIG DATA Industry specificbusiness processesMOBILE CLOUD 20. Agenda Sugar & IBM Alliance IBM & Sugar Technology-Integration IBM: Smarter Commerce Sugar: Open Social Business Platform Example IBM Connections & SugarCRM 21. Sugar Vision For any professional who interacts with a customer or prospectWe Provide the information and tools needed tounderstand, engage and connect with their customer orprospect Unlike Traditional CRM systems that manage sales people. We help people who interact with customers do their job We help the customer facing professionals do their job better. 22. Sugar makes CRM easy Flexible IntuitiveOpenSimplified UI. Works the way Integrates with Designed to YOU work.YOURmaximize userEasy to customize environment.adoption.to match how YOUOptimized for work.the IBM Stack 23. Run Anywhere 24. Sugar: 360 Customer ViewCRM ActivitiesInternal Datasources Customer Service ERP Market data Marketing Personal Sales ProductSpecialized Tools Ext. Data Sources Web Analyse Linked-In Business Intelligence InsideView Hoovers Statistics 25. Agenda Sugar & IBM Alliance IBM & Sugar Technology-Integration IBM: Smarter Commerce Sugar: Open Social Business Platform Example IBM Connections & SugarCRM 26. Beispiel Social Collaboration:IBM Connections & SugarCRMhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pvNS7r4PvA&list=PL13CB221CBAE7156D&index=9&feature=plpp_video 27. Zusammenfassung MobileCloudIBM and SugarCRM Open Social Business PlatformEcosystemSocial 28. The Sweeter RoadMicrosoftOracleSFDC 29. The Sugar Value!360 Relationship Management Open Ecosystem Mobile Social9/14/122009 SugarCRM Inc. All 29 30. IBM and SugarCRM Deliver Social SellingCapabilities 2011

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