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When Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) was Eighteen years old he asked his mother to send him Baghdad to become a student in the great capital city of Baghdad. In those days, people used to travel either by foot or by camel but in groups for the sake of safety and the roads passed through dense jungles and forests. There was always a danger of travelers being robbed and killed. Knowing all this, she still supported his request. She took the forty dinars and sewed them under the arm of his coat. She gave him the following advice, O my beloved son, let this advice which I am about to give you be an important part of your life. Always speak the truth and do not even think of lies. Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) promised to follow this advice and then bid farewell to his blessed mother. He then joined a caravan which was on its way to Baghdad. However, their journey took them into a vast forest where they were attacked by sixty robbers. The leader of this band was Ahmed Badawi. The travelers did not have the means to defend themselves against the robbers and were forced to surrender their belongings and valuables to them. While all this was happening, Shaykh Abdul QadirJilani (RA) was standing very calmly amongst32




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ALL RIGHTS RESERVED No part of this publication to be produced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means of electronic mechanical photocopying or without the prior permission of the copyright owner. Book Name : LIFE OF SULTANUL AWLIYA (RA) Author First Edition : : ALMAS MURTUZA 1000. March 2011 Price : 60/When Shadow of Almighty Allahs nature falls on Nabi it reveals miracle (Mojiza) as our Beloved Prophet Salal lahu Alyhi wa Sallam reveals countless Mojizat. Similarly, when the shadow of this Prophethood falls on Awliya it discloses Karamaat. All Awliya-e-Kiram reveals Karamaat but among them our Chieftain Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) shows innumerable karamaat in his time of period and its not ended yet. As today also the world is seeing his karamaat. Some karamaat are given below:

Karamaat-e-Shaykh Abdul QadirJilani (RA)

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1)2 31

seclusion and later migrated to Wasit and passed away in (592H).

DEDICATION DEDICATION8) Syed Shaykh Abul Fazal Syed Muhammed(RA) He learned Fiqh, Hadis from his father and Shaykh Esa Sanjari, Shaykh Abil Qasim Abi Ghalib Ahmad bin Hasan bin Albana He had specialized in Hadis and he passed away in (600 H) at Baghdad. 9) Syed Shaykh Ziauddin Abu NasrMoosa (RA) He was born in (535H) and received his education in Baghdad. Later he migrated to Damascus and passed away in(618H). 10) Syed Shaykh Zakariya Yahiya(RA) He was born in (550H), brought up and educated by his elder brothers. During his young age, he went to Egypt and returned in his later years. He passed away in Shaban (600H).






Hazrat place Hazrat place

syed shah Tahir Quadri(RA) Resting Adhoni. syed shah Esa Quadri(RA) Resting Kurnool.

6) Syed Shaykh Shamsuddin Abu Muhammed(RA) He was born in (532H) He graduated in Fiqh, Hadis, Tafseer and other religious subjects learned from his father. He was famous for his excellence in calligraphy. He dedicated himself to impart Islamic religious training to the Kurds of Jibal in Iraq. He passed away on 18th Rabiul Awwal (602H) at Akra and was buried there on a hillock.

All the cities of Allah fall in my kingdom and subjects are subjects of my law. My time and affairs have been cleared even before Time.

7) Syed Shaykh Abu Ishaq Ibrahim(RA) He learned Fiqh and Hadis from his father and Shaykh Esa Sanjari, Shaykh Abil Qasim Abi ghalib Ahmad bin Hasan bin Albana. He had a perfect knowledge of tasawwuf and Fiqh. He preferred



with 40 fuqra in period of Sultan Ibrahim Qutub Shah (957-988H) His halting place is Golconda then Aalampur and the resting place is Kurnool and busied himself in the service of Islam. There are some controversy regarding the actual date of his demise. According to Syed shah Arif Pasha Quadri It is Thursday 7th Zilhaj and have five different controversies regarding the year (1040 H) (1047H) (1049H) (1050H) (1059 H) but (1050H) is written at the wall of Roza-e-mubarak (Tazkera-e-Sarkar-e-laubali Pg36)Family of Hazrat syed shah Abdul Lateef Laubali (RA)

Shehzad- GhausShehzad-e-Ghaus-e-Azam Syedi wa Murshadi Syed Shah Abdullah Hussian Baadshah Quadri ,Laubali. BLESSING WORDS

He had five sons who carried out his mission, Hazrat syed shah Abdullah Abdal Quadri (RA) Resting place Kurnool. Hazrat syed shah Moosa Quadri(RA) Resting place Bijapur. Hazrat syed Peer Shah Mohiuddin sani (RA) Resting place Hyderabad.28

Whatever is written, translated and practiced about the blessed souls i.e. Awliya Allah are blessing of The Almighty. Much has been written about Ghousul Azam, yet this book will be useful for young generation who is well versed with English. Ghousul Azam is a tower of spirituality for the seekers of knowledge of Shariat and Tariqat, his life and work is an example for all the humanity. I congratulate Mrs. Almas Murtaza for his work and pray that this may become 'zaad-e-Aakhirat' for her. Hussani peer


religious education. He passed away on 12th Ramazan (573H) in Egypt and was buried there. 4) Syed Shaykh Jamaluddin Abu AbdurRehman(RA) He had learned from his father He was found mostly in company of Durvaish and mystics. He passed away young on 9th Zil Haj (575H) in Baghdad. He was buried in the compound of Roza-e-Aqdas of his father. 5) Syed Shaykh Tajuddin Abubaker Abdur Razzak (RA) He was born on Monday in (528H) and had graduated in all departments of religious knowledge. He was specialized in Hadis. He was generous and was fond of seclusion. He passed away on Saturday 7th Shawwal (603H) his Namaz-e-Janaza had prayed for seven times thus he was buried on Friday 13th Shawwal after seven days. One of his sons Shaykh Abu Saleh Nasr (RA) carried out the Quadria mission and dedicated himself in spreading Islam. And among his sons, Hazrat syed shah Abdul Lateef Laubali (RA) 15th descendent of Shaykh Abu Saleh Nasr (RA) Hazrat syed shah Abdul Lateef Laubali (RA) arrived India27


Praise be to Allah the Lord of all the worlds that Every book must begin with the declaration of His praise. May His blessings be upon His Messenger the Prince of Prophets through whom He has guided us out of error, and on his family, his companions, chosen friend. And blessings on the Pillar of Islam and Radiant lamp. Allahs beloved that is Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani(RA) Almighty Allah has sent nearly one lakh and twenty-four thousand Anbiya and Rasool into the World. And at last sent our Beloved Prophet Syed Ul-Anbiya salal lahu alyhi wa sallam(ultimate),as Khatim-Un Nabiyeen Wal Mursaleen and Rehmat in the universe. Almighty Allah has sent Every Prophet With Some Miracles but sent our Beloved Prophet with countless Miracles. As in every century there6

Saifuddin Abdul Wahab(RA) He had born in (522 H) He learned Fiqh and Hadis from his father and by the age of 20 he had become a teacher. According to the book Islamic History and Biography, He was a very good orator and was respected by all. Similarly to his father he spend his life in preaching and spreading Islam(Islamic History and Biography.Pg337)

was arrival of Awliya but Fifth Century is the most important because during this Century, Descendant of salal lahu Alyhi wa sallam and Syed-ul-Awliya Syedna Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) had arrived in the caravan of Awliya[470.H]. He is Najeeb-utTarfayn . Almighty Allah has bestowed him by entitling Mehboob. In one of his sermons he told My foot is above the necks of all Saints. As soon as he told these words all Awliya had surrendered their necks. Because he is not only Descendant of Prophet salal lahu Alyhi wa sallam but also Heir of Rasool. According to Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA): By God, this is the existence of my Ancestor (S .A.W.S) not mine Huzoor Salallahu Alyhi wa Sallam used to tell Ummati,Ummati and Hazrat Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) used to tell Mureedi, Mureedi

The Caliph of Baghdad Nasiruddin Ahmed appointed him as a public relation officer. This helped him to serve the poor and needy. He also issued Fatwas later on and became advisor to the royal household. He passed away on 25th Shawwal (593H) and was buried at Halba, Baghdad. 3) Syed Shaykh Sharfuddin (RA) He was also educated as a scholar and later became a teacher. He was a mystical scholar and wrote many books especially Jawahirul Asrar and Lata Eiful Anwar. He was a poet and his poem shows his longing for Baghdad. He spent his later years in Egypt, preaching and imparting26

O my follower fear not .Allah is my Patron. He has given highest station and I have achieved my goal.7

Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) the Cardinal Pole, the Supreme helper his Sayings and Life is a Radiant lamp for people of devotion in the Universe. As we know there are many books written on the life of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA). But in English Language only a few books are available for his followers.

Family of Shaykh Abdul Qader Jilani We Get the Family History of Shaykh Abdul Qader Jilani(RA) In the Book ( Durrul Munazam fi Manaqibi Ghouse Azam Vol.2 ) The Shaykh had four virtuous wives and forty-nine children, twenty-seven sons and twenty-two daughters. The most famous of his sons are Shaykh Abdur Rehman Shaykh Abdul-Wahab, Shaykh Sharfuddin, Shaykh Jamaluddin Shayk

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