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Summer internship trainingin genetic engineering

Date post: 16-Jul-2015
Author: cytogene
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CytoGene Research & Development www.cytogene.in

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CytoGene Research & Development

www.cytogene.inCall- +91 8756658021,0522 2355989

Training in Genetic EngineeringGenetic Engineering Also known as genetic modification or manipulation (GM), genetic engineering is a form of biotechnology that allows scientists to move genes between different species. Using various laboratory techniques, scientists can create life forms that could not occur naturally. The process of genetic engineering is intended to produce a useful or desirable characteristic in an organism and on a molecular level and may include additions, deletions, or targeted changes to the genome.

CytoGene Research & Development ,Lucknow provides several modules of training as well as dissertation/project in Genetic Engeenring. The duration of the programs offered for training ranges from 7 to 30 days and for project ranges from 3-6 months. Modules are selected by the students on their choice.

Genetic EngineeringDuration- 30 DaysGlassware Washing & Sterilization TechniquespH Measurement & Preparation of BuffersPreparation of Tissue Culture MediaCallus Induction, Using Rice Embryo/Endosperm CulturePreparation of Agrobacterium Competent CellsTransformation of Agrobacterium with Binary VectorAgrobacterium-Mediated TransformationCo-cultivationSelectionSubcultureGUS assayTransgenic Analysis by PCR

Gene ManipulationDuration- 30 Days Glassware Washing & Sterilization Techniques Isolation Bacterial Genomic DNA Restriction Digestion of Bacterial Genomic DNA Purification of Digested DNA-Column Purification Ligation of DNA Fragment with Cloning Vector Preparation of Competent Cells Transformation inE.coliwith Recombinant Vector Isolation of Recombinants Confirmation of Insert DNA in Vector DNA Finger Printing

Gene Cloning Duration- 30 Days Glassware Washing & Sterilization Techniques Ph Measurement & Preparation of Buffers Isolation of Bacteria from Soil By Serial Dilution Method Pouring, Streaking & Spreading of Bacteria Identification & Selection of E. Coli. Culture of E. Coli In LB Broth Plasmid DNA Isolation from E. Coli Restriction Digestion of DNA DNA Ligation Selection of Vector Genetic Transformation of Bacteria Screening of The Cloned Gene From Transformed Bacteria Analysis of Cloning

How to Apply ?

Choose the topic for Training/Project/DissertationDownload the Registration Form from our website (www.cytogene.in). Fill it carefully.Attach a copy of CV (Resume)Attach Recommendation Letter issued by Department or Higher Authority. Send the document to usBy Email: Send scanned document to [email protected] or [email protected] By Whatsapp: Send the snap shot of each document to 8756658021.By Post: Send the complete document to The Director, CytoGene Research & Development, 2nd Floor, B-1655, B-Block Chauraha, Indira Nagar, Lucknow 226016.By Visiting us: Submit the document by visiting us at our office.The Selected candidate would be informed through email.

How to Register ?

Registered AddressCytoGene Research & DevelopmentKishundaspur, Jaunpur, U.P. 212401

Head Office & LaboratoryCytoGene Research & Development2nd Floor, B-1655, Indira Nagar (B-Block Chauraha),Lucknow 226016

Phone: 0522 2355989Mob: +91 8756658021Fax: 0522 2355989

[email protected] enquire: [email protected]

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