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Summer Non-Bridge Handbook

Date post: 22-Feb-2016
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Tells what is to be expected during the Summer Program
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Dear Upward Bound Family, It is with great pleasure to welcome you to the 2008 Upward Bound Summer Enrichment Program. This year’s summer theme is ‘Together We Can Make a Difference’. President John F. Kennedy stated "Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." As you attend this summer, we hope you will develop the skills that will assist you in serving your school, community, and family through leadership. The Summer Program is designed to provide TRiO Upward Bound students with unique opportunities to learn, network, and exchange ideas that will assist in developing tomorrow’s leaders and responsible adults. We would like to express our gratitude to the parents, speakers, staff and volunteers who are happily contributing their time and energy to assist with the delivery of this program. The success of this program is largely attributed to the talents, expertise, and inspiration of those wonderful people. We are glad to have you with us. If there is anything we can do to further assist you, please do not hesitate to let us know. Again, welcome to the 2008 Upward Bound Summer Enrichment Program!
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Dear Upward Bound Family,

It is with great pleasure to welcome you to the 2008 Upward Bound Summer Enrichment Program.

This year’s summer theme is ‘Together We Can Make a Difference’. President John F. Kennedy stated "Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." As you attend this summer, we hope you will develop the skills that will assist you in serving your school, community, and family through leadership.

The Summer Program is designed to provide TRiO Upward Bound students with unique opportunities to learn, network, and exchange ideas that will assist in developing tomorrow’s leaders and responsible adults.

We would like to express our gratitude to the parents, speakers, staff and volunteers who are happily contributing their time and energy to assist with the delivery of this program. The success of this program is largely attributed to the talents, expertise, and inspiration of those wonderful people.

We are glad to have you with us. If there is anything we can do to further assist you, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Again, welcome to the 2008 Upward Bound Summer Enrichment Program!


University of Central Oklahoma Upward Bound Program Staff

Upward BoundUCO Staff


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Students must meet and maintain participation standards in order to remain in the Program. Students are expected to earn a 2.50 or better GPA for summer classes.


The UCO Upward Bound Program subscribes to instructional strategies that enable each student to attain his or her highest possible level of learning. Each student is presented a course syllabus containing learning objectives and the procedures for determining final grades in the course.

Students attend five classes per day, Monday-Wednesday. On Thursdays, students attend educational and cultural related field trips. Students successfully complete courses when they demonstrate that they have accomplished objectives at the levels required for the courses.

At the conclusion of the Summer Program, one of the following grades will be listed on the student’s Upward Bound transcript. Upward Bound conforms to the definitions of the following grading scale.

A- (4.0 Grade Point) ExcellentB- (3.0

Grade Point) GoodC- (2.0 Grade Point) AverageD- (1.0 Grade Point) Below AverageF- (0.0 Grade Point) Failure


Books and supplies needed for classes are provided by the Program at no cost and will be issued at Student Orientation, 1st

day of the Program.


Upward Bound requires daily class attendance and punctuality of students. If a student is ill and unable to attend class, he or she must contact the Residence Hall Supervisor by 7:30 am. Absences must be excused to receive credit. Two or more unexcused absences will require

the program coordinator’s attention.



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Promptness is an essential habit that students must develop if they are to be successful in any job. Being on time to class gives them an opportunity to develop this habit.

ACADEMIC HONESTY The Upward Bound Program does not condone academic dishonesty in any form. If there exists no doubt that an act of academic dishonesty has occurred, an instructor has the authority to administer any of the following:

1. Record a “zero” for the assignment (or test) in question, require student to redo the assignment (or test), or require the student to complete a substitute assignment (or test).


2. Refer student to the program coordinator where action may result in assured of due process and the right of appeal from accusations or penalties felt to be unjust.


Students receive stipends for their participation in the Program.Criteria used for issuing stipends are based on:

1. Regular attendance at scheduled activities.2. Personal conduct. 3. Academic performance. 4. Class attendance.5. Adherence to Program rules and regulations.

Records are kept on each student’s participation, performance, attendance in class, and at activities. Students may receive a total stipend of $120.00 at the conclusion of the summer program.


The UCO Upward Bound Program does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, handicap/disability, or age as to treatment of students in the Program and as to employment.



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The UCO Upward Bound Program does not discriminate and does not tolerate sexual harassment of any kind. Policy prohibits: unwelcome sexual advances; requests for sexual acts or favors, with or without accompanying promises, threats or reciprocal favors or actions, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature including lewd or sexually suggestive comments, off-color language or jokes of a sexual nature, gestures, slurs and other verbal, graphic or physical conduct relating to an individual’s sex; or any display of sexually explicit pictures, greeting cards, articles, books, magazines, photos or cartoons, which adversely affect a student’s performance.

Complaint Procedure: 1. If any student perceives comments, gestures or actions

from any employee or student to be offensive, the student should notify an appropriate staff member.

2. The administrator will promptly investigate any complaints of sexual harassment, and will take immediate action to resolve such complaints. No individual will suffer reprisals for reporting any incidents of sexual harassment or making any complaint.

Disciplinary Action: Any student or employee who is found responsible for sexual harassment will be subject to appropriate discipline. The severity of disciplinary action will be based upon the circumstances of the infraction.


The goal of the Summer Residential Program is to provide a valuable learning experience within a safe environment. Students are in residence Sunday through Thursday at West Hall dormitory on the University of Central Oklahoma campus. Students attend 5 classes per day Monday-Wednesday and attend cultural, education or recreation field trips on


The Program employs a dedicated and supportive staff that includes a director, program coordinator, academic counselor, administrative assistant, certified academic instructors, residence hall supervisor, residential tutor/advisors, peer tutors and student assistants.

All staff persons are trained professionals who are interested in the educational advancement of students.


Page 5: Summer Non-Bridge Handbook

The purpose of the Summer Residential Program is to provide academic instruction, tutoring, guidance, financial aid advising and assistance, and exposure to cultural events and academic programs. All activities are designated to stimulate a college-going experience for the participants.Prior to actual course work all students are assessed in all academic areas to determine placement. Pre and Post testing assist in tracking and determining growth.


Students are expected to carry themselves like mature young people at all times. When on campus you should pass through halls quietly and in an orderly manner. There are other classes being held and UCO students have paid their tuition to learn in a quiet atmosphere.

Students should be dressed in a tasteful manner. You are setting an example and do not want to draw negative attention to yourself. The image of the student and the Program are on display.

Living in a group environment often times requires adjustment by all individuals involved. Living in this environment requires you to be considerate of others. This includes the noise level, acts such as “horse play” in the halls, yelling, emotional outbursts, angry behavior, overreacting, showing off, etc.

Students must keep in mind that there will be other students and offices in residence at UCO. When the noise level is too high it carries and can become disturbing to others.

Upward Bound students are not allowed to visit other residents that are not in the UB program, and other residents are not allowed to visit the UB students in their rooms.

Please do not allow yourself to be labeled as loud and disruptive.

Project an image that says you CAN be a college student and that you respect yourself and the rights of others




Page 6: Summer Non-Bridge Handbook

Display behavior that is abusive or threatening to anyone, including physical, psychological and/or sexual harassment.

Possess, distribute and/or use illegal drugs, alcohol and/or any form of tobacco.

Possess weapons, explosives fireworks, and/or other items that would put anyone at risk of injury or death.

Steal, abuse, and/or deface University and Program property and facilities.

Tamper with fire safety equipment.

Engage in physical displays of affection with another student.

Gossip or spread rumors about anyone.

Make racial remarks about anyone.

Be in areas that have been identified as “off limits”, such as buildings on campus where UB classes are not held, other floors within the residence hall, room of a student of the opposite sex and stairwells.

Display rude and/or defiant behavior toward staff.

Use profanity.

Display improper attitude or disrespect to staff and to other students.

Display behavior that is gang related. Forming clubs, symbols and signs.

Violation of any of these policies will result in disciplinary action.


This is an educational setting. There should not be any reason to have to discipline students who are in the Program to learn. Disciplinary action will be taken when students violate policies and procedures.

FRAMEWORK OF DISCIPLINE(Classroom & Residence Hall)


Page 7: Summer Non-Bridge Handbook

First offense: Verbal & written warning (incident report), Informal Talk (depending on incident), Loss of free time.

Second offense: Conference with Hall Supervisor. Disciplinary Action- written essay, clean up duty, etc., Parent/guardian notification, Loss of weekly field trip.

Third offense: Loss of stipend.

Repeated disciplinary incidents and/or major concerns will lead to a student/parent meeting with the program coordinator for the final decision of termination from the Program. The following actions will be taken.

CONFERENCE: A formal conference is held between the student and the appropriate staff member(s). During this conference, the student must agree to change his/her behavior.

DISCIPLINARY WRITING ASSIGNMENT: A student may be assigned copy work from the student handbook, a selected text, or an appropriate writing project either as discipline for certain minor offenses or in conjunction with other discipline as deemed appropriate.

PARENT INVOLVEMENT: A parent or legal guardian is notified by telephone. A conference may be requested or required to determine continuation in Program.

We shall enforce common sense discipline throughout the summer. There is little need for rules and penalties if the student remembers that he/she is a citizen of the UCO Upward Bound Program community and everything that is done reflects on the Program, community and home.


The teacher in charge of the class is the person with authority during that time. Individual teachers may post rules that pertain solely to their specific classroom settings. Anyone guilty of disturbing this effort is hurting the entire program. Disrespect toward any faculty member or service personnel, by act, word or deed will not be tolerated. Anyone who misbehaves may be sent out of the class and must get permission from the program coordinator to return to class. Students must

complete all homework assignments and class projects.

1. Come to class prepared to learn. (Pencils sharpened, pen, paper, and notebooks)

2. Respect all property. (School property, personal property, and other's property)


Page 8: Summer Non-Bridge Handbook

3. Respect all ideas given in class and do not criticize anybody's ideas or thoughts.

4. Do your very best! CONSUMPTION OF FOOD OR DRINKS: No food items, candy, or soft drink, etc. can be consumed during classes unless it is necessary because of a medical reason.


The major goal of “Residential Life” is to provide a living environment, which will enrich the student’s total educational experience. Residential living provides students with the opportunity of working and living with others of varied cultural backgrounds and of developing quality human relationships. Students are required to respect the backgrounds of other students while in residence.

Upward Bound employs a resident hall supervisor and resident tutor/advisors to reside and supervise students. The staff is responsible for the supervision of activities and academic tutoring. The resident staff resides on the same floor and is available 24 hours a day.

At no time are students permitted to leave the residence hall or the UCO campus without proper authorization from a staff member. Students are required to sign in/out with a resident hall staff every time they leave the UB floor. Parents/guardians needing to pick up their child at times other than Thursday evening, must put their request in writing at least two days prior to the scheduled appointment. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to pick up and return their child to the campus. If parents are sending someone else to pick up their child, they should notify the Resident Hall Supervisor in writing.

Students will not be permitted to wait for their ride in the parking lot. Thus, the person picking up the student must come to the residence office and sign him/her out.


Students are required to be in their rooms by 11:00 p.m. All showering and ironing clothes should be completed before this time. Lights are to be out by 11:30 p.m.


All room assignments will be pre-assigned. An attempt is made to make roommate assignments that are compatible and beneficial to all concerned. Students will not be permitted to change room assignments. Rooms are equipped with two twin size beds, desks, and closet. There is a community bathroom on each floor. Students are expected to keep their rooms clean.


Page 9: Summer Non-Bridge Handbook

Resident staff is authorized to conduct impromptu and scheduled room inspections. Students not keeping their room clean may be placed on daily room checks.


The Upward Bound Office telephone is for business use. Students will not be allowed to use, or receive calls on, this phone. Only in cases of emergencies will students be called to use the telephone.

Students will not be allowed to have a telephone in their rooms. A student is in violation if they are caught with a telephone in their room. The penalty is a $50 fee charged to the student and parent. Students will have access to a phone located in a designated area.


Each student will be assigned to a squad. Squads are lead by a resident tutor/advisor. Students will be informed of their squad leader on the first day of the program.


Floor meetings will be held each Sunday at a specified time in the UB floor lounge. These meetings are designed to inform students of the upcoming schedule of activities and discuss relevant topics and concerns. Team building activities are also included.

BEHAVIOR: Courtesy is the number one rule. Respect the opinions of others even if you do not agree.


Personal property is the sole responsibility of the student. Storage for valuable articles is not available. All personal belongings should be labeled clearly with the student’s name. Rooms should be locked at all times and the key should not be loaned to anyone. Do not loan clothing or personal items! Staff will not be responsible for unreturned loaned items. Valuables should not be brought to the campus.


Students are NOT allowed to have visitors on the campus. Persons other than immediate parents/guardians should not be visiting students. The UCO police will be asked to escort visitors off the grounds. Students should understand that it is not our


Page 10: Summer Non-Bridge Handbook

purpose to facilitate courting behavior or entertain friends. In the Program’s view, such behavior should be under the supervision of the parents. Any violation of this policy will result in the suspension of those involved. Students should not put staff in a position of having to ask their visitors to leave.


Students are NOT permitted to have cars, motorcycles, scooters, roller blades, or bicycles on the campus. Transportation is provided for program-sponsored activities. Students are not permitted to get into or ride in unauthorized vehicles. Any student caught in an unauthorized vehicle will be terminated. The Program is not responsible for students who are in unauthorized vehicles.


If you have a CELL PHONE, it must remain OFF DURING ALL UB ACTIVITIES. Cell phones may be used for emergencies or to stay in touch with family and friends DURING YOUR FREE TIME ONLY. This includes texting. (Thursday activities are NOT

free time!)• IPODS, MP3 PLAYERS and PERSONAL CD PLAYERS should not be seen or heard during UB activities unless you have received permission IN ADVANCE from your teacher, tutor or a staff member.• Televisions, game systems and DVD players from home are permitted but may only be used during free time.

Pagers, walkie-talkies, laptops, netbooks, desktops, microwaves, refrigerators, etc. should not be brought to the Program. The program is not responsible for the loss or damage of any such item brought to the campus.

If a student is caught abusing this policy, the gadgets will be confiscated. A parent will be notified and the item will be kept in the office until a parent is able to pick it up.


All students are required to carry their ID at all times. Your identification card is required for meals. If lost, there will be a $5 replacement fee charged to the student.


Students will check in/out their room keys from squad leaders. Students must leave their key when they check out for the


Page 11: Summer Non-Bridge Handbook

weekend. If lost, there will be a fee of $50-$200 for the replacement key, which will be charged to the student and parent.


Students’ safety and the security of personal property are of the utmost concern to the UCO and the UB staff. Students are urged to take precaution and take advantage of the following suggestions.

Do not leave valuables or money in your room.

Keep your room door locked at all times. For additional safety, do not loan your key to others.

Report unfamiliar persons seen within the UB Residence Zone (1st South and 2nd South) to the Residence Staff.

Do not leave outside doors propped open for persons to enter. Students caught doing so will be disciplined.

Familiarize yourself with the Emergency Conditions Policy. **Students will be given Emergency Weather and Fire procedures upon check-in.

Observe and follow traffic signs when crossing the street.

Turn off curling irons when not in use.

Walk in groups of no less than 5 when on campus.

Inform someone of your whereabouts at all times.

Inform staff immediately in the event of illness and/or accident/injury to self or another program member.


Students who have special medical conditions are required to make the Resident Hall Supervisor aware. The information should be noted on the Medical Concerns Form to be completed prior to the Summer Program.

Students who must take medication (including over the counter medications) are required to leave their medication with the resident staff. A “Medication Form” must be filled out and returned with the medication to the Resident Hall Supervisor or resident advisors before the student will be allowed to take the medication. Possession of any kind of medication without permission is not allowed.



Page 12: Summer Non-Bridge Handbook

All students are covered by accident insurance obtained by the Program. In the event of minor illness, students will be treated at the Student Health Center on the UCO campus. In case of emergency illness or injury, students will be taken to the nearest medical center. Parents or guardians will be notified in the event of an emergency situation.

IMPORTANT: The Upward Bound Program will cover only accidents/injuries sustained while students are in residence. Medical attention for pre-existing conditions is the responsibility of the family. All students are required to provide the program with their medical coverage information and the name and number of an emergency contact person before the Summer Program begins.


CONDUCT OF STUDENTS: Disruptive behavior can create a very dangerous situation. There is to be no loud talking, horseplay, or moving about while on the bus.

Food and soft drinks are prohibited on the bus.

ENTERING THE VANS: All students are to stand back until the vans come to a complete stop and then enter single file.

DEPARTING THE VANS: All students are required to remain seated until the vans come to a complete stop. No one is to open the door and exit before a complete stop is made and instructions are given by the driver.


Meals will be eaten in Legends Restaurant, located on the 2nd floor of the Nigh University Center. Students must present their ID to enter this area. Students are served breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday-Thursday. Students are encouraged to eat balanced meals. Students are required to sign in at each meal. If a student misses a meal due to doctor’s appointment, etc. he/she will receive a sack lunch when they return.

Guidelines for a clean and orderly place to eat:1. A single line should be formed in an orderly manner.2. Keep your own place in line. Running or crowding in line is never in

order.3. Do not hold a place in line for another student. This is not fair to

others in line behind you.4. Observe the rules of good etiquette in the lines and at your table,

as though you were at home.


Page 13: Summer Non-Bridge Handbook

5. Upon leaving Legends, students should go directly to the designated area until the meal period is over.



Program staff conducts tutoring. All students should be ready for tutoring at the specified time each day, Sunday- Wednesday. This means students are to be at the appropriate location and should have all study materials at hand. If studying in rooms, students should be at their desks; if studying in a study room, they should be at a table and all materials needed should be at hand.

If a student wants to be a part of group tutorial, the group should acquire authorization from the Academic Counselor prior to the tutorial session. The Academic Counselor will designate the place and time of the tutorial session.


Personal appearance, cleanliness, and neatness provide students with a proper frame of mind with which to work, study and socialize. Each student should pay close attention to personal appearance and hygiene. General campus attire is left to the discretion of the parent and student, provided it is within reason and good taste.

For safety and sanitary reasons, it is mandatory that shoes are worn at all times.

No hat/caps or other types of headwear are to be worn inside a building by either male or female.

Apparel worn should reflect good taste, modesty and respect for yourself and others in our Program.


Clothing that advertises alcohol, tobacco, drugs and/or profanity is prohibited.

Bandannas, do-rags and/or skull caps are not to be worn outside the residence.

Hats and sunglasses are to be worn outside only and not in any building.

Sagging pants and revealing clothes are not acceptable. Headsets (music) are to be used only during the evening hours of free



Page 14: Summer Non-Bridge Handbook

Removable dental jewelry, for example “grillz,” gold teeth, etc are prohibited (does not pertain to retainers)


Rooms must be clean at all times. Supplies will be provided. Staff will conduct daily inspections to enforce this policy.

Empty trash can daily. No left over containers of food or beverages. Windows are to remain shut at all times. (Unless posted otherwise) No candles, incense, or other burning items allowed. Ironing on the floor or the furniture is not permitted. No cooking or cooking appliances are allowed.

Room doors are to be kept shut and locked at all times with the exception of Quiet Study.

UCO’s Housing will conduct room inspections prior to UB check in. However, you should inspect your room thoroughly and make note of any problems (i.e. loose or broken fixtures, missing light bulbs, or marks on the walls or floor). Any notes should be returned to the hall supervisor within 24 hours.

Any damage that is not reported will be assumed to have occurred by the occupants of the room. A

damage charge will be assessed. Daily maintenance problems should be reported immediately to your squad leader and a maintenance request form will be completed.


Students must knock and get permission before entering the office. No more than three students are permitted in the office at one given

time. Students are not permitted to remove any item without permission of



Staff permission must be given before entering this area. No sitting on tables or arms of chairs or sofas. No feet on tables or arms of chairs or sofas. Lights are to remain on at all times. Noise, including the TV volume, must be kept to a minimum. Personal grooming is not permitted in this area. (Combing or styling




Page 15: Summer Non-Bridge Handbook

Students are to be seated at their own desk, reading, writing, or developing projects that pertain to their classes.

Supplies and materials needed must be gathered before the beginning of Quiet Study.

Noise and talking should be kept to a minimum. Playing music (including those with headsets) is not allowed. *Unless

class related.

ELEVATORS Holding the elevator is not permitted. Do not overcrowd the elevator. No more then five

people at a time. No noise, horseplay, or abusing the elevator. The elevator should not be used if there is a fire or fire

alarms sounds. Wait for others to unload before entering the elevator. Exercise courtesy when using the elevator.


The following areas are “off limits”.

Room and floor of a member of the opposite sex

Hallway area of the opposite sex

Front of and/or in stairwell area.

Residential areas of non-Upward Bound participants

Residence floor and/or room of Bridge students

Buildings where Upward Bound classes are not held

Students and parents have been given the Handbook and attended orientation. Each student is expected to have full knowledge of the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures. “I did not know,” will not be accepted. Students should be fully aware of their responsibilities and must act accordingly.


WEDNESDAY NIGHT SPEAKER PROGRAMS During the Wednesday Night Speaker Program (every Wednesday) students are required to take notes, complete a one-page summary, and complete an evaluation form that is due by checkout on Thursday. Students are required


Page 16: Summer Non-Bridge Handbook

to “dress up” for these programs. Example: clothes that you would wear to church or a special activity.

ANNUAL PRODUCTIONEach summer the Upward Bound students put on an original Production. This activity allows students to show their artistic talents. The performance includes skits, original readings, poems, dances, and singing. Families and community members are invited. All students must participate in this activity. The Annual Production is an educational experience that encourages students to utilize skills gained in academic classes.

FINAL EXAMSFinal exams are designed to test comprehensive and cumulative knowledge. Plan and prepare to do your best!!

AWARDS & ACHIEVEMENT CEREMONYThe Awards Ceremony provides the opportunity for students to be acknowledged for their accomplishments. Trophies are presented to students who demonstrate outstanding achievement. Students are recognized for improvements made in academic skills attainment, and adjustment in other areas. All students will receive a “Certificate of Completion”. Parents are encouraged to attend.


The summer trip is an opportunity for students to visit cities outside of Oklahoma. Students will be exposed to opportunities and activities in other states.

The summer trip is a reward for those students who have successfully completed the Program. Only students who have performed well in classes by earning no less than a 2.5 GPA in all courses will be able to participate in the summer trip. Exceptions will be the decision of the program coordinator. The Program pays for transportation, hotel, meals, and admission to attractions. Parents should provide their child with money to purchase souvenirs and/or personal purchases. *Depending on funding.