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Summer solstice: 夏至 autumnal equinox: 秋分

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關鍵詞. Summer solstice: 夏至 autumnal equinox: 秋分 Indian Summer: 印第安之夏(近於秋老虎) winter solstice: 冬至 Vernal equinox: 春分( Spring equinox) radiational cooling: 輻射冷卻 Radiation inversion: 輻射逆溫 nocturnal inversion: 夜間逆溫 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
  • Summer solstice: autumnal equinox:Indian Summer:winter solstice:Vernal equinox:Spring equinox) radiational cooling:Radiation inversion: nocturnal inversion:Thermal belts: orchard heaters:Wind machines: freeze:Controls of temperature:, isotherms:Daily range of temperature: mean daily temperature:Annual range of temperature: mean annual temperature:Heating degree-day: cooling degree-day:Growing degree-day: sensible temperature:Wind-chill index: frosbite:Hypothermia: liquid-in-glass thermometers:Maximum thermometer: minimum tnermometer:Electrical thermometer: radiometers:Bimetallic thermometer: thermograph:Instrument shelter:

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