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Sunny Isles Florida, Community Newspapers, Tribune, editorial

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    SSince Sunny Isles Beach incor-porated in 1997, the city hasexperienced a revitalizationtransformation and now theprogress continues as plans are

    moving forward to construct a magnificentnew Park/Aquarium complex at the gatewayto the city on Sunny Isles Boulevard.

    LETTER OF INTENT APPROVEDAt the July 15 City Commission meeting, a

    resolution was passed approving a non bindingLetter of Intent between the City of SunnyIsles Beach and H & M Gables Investors, LLC(operator of the Seaquarium) to lease propertyto construct, develop and operate an Aquariumat 151 Sunny Isles Boulevard. Related facili-ties proposed include a restaurant, food andgift concessions, meeting rooms and partyrooms. The Aquarium will be open to the pub-lic and used to help promote Sunny IslesBeach tourism.

    City Attorney Hans Ottinot explained in amemo to the Commission, The operator ofthe Seaquarium has expressed a strong interestin developing a private/public partnership withthe City to develop an Aquarium in [SunnyIsles Beach]. To facilitate the execution of alease agreement, the operator of theSeaquarium has agreed to accept the termsoutlined in the Letter of Intent.

    The City and the operator of the MiamiSeaquarium have agreed to enter a 99 yearlease. Under the proposed lease, the City willcollect, with the exception of the first fouryears of the lease term, an annual rent in theamount of $324,000 (with appropriate inflat-ing increases). H & M will be responsible forall costs associated with the construction ofthe Aquarium. The City will provide theAquarium with the use of the parking garagethat the City intends to build adjacent to theAquarium. The City, however, will collect allrevenues generated from the use of the garage.

    In addition to collecting rent, the City willbe entitled to collect a percentage of the grosssales from the Aquarium less the amount ofthe base rent. The City will have the right toapprove the sale of the Aquarium to a thirdparty. The City will also have the right to ter-minate the lease if the Aquarium is not con-structed. The parties agree to finalize all nec-essary agreements within ninety days ofapproval of the Letter of Intent.

    PROGRESS REPORTA recent Sunny Isles Beach Progress

    Report published by the City Commissionfeatured an update on plans for thePark/Aquarium complex representing theCitys commitment to creating public facili-

    Community NewspapersAUGUST 16, 2010


    SSunnunnyy IIsslesles BBeeachachSSUUNNSSUUNN VOL. 28, NO. 33Sea-cret to more success

    See SEA-CRET, page 12

    Beach Clean Up


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  • Page 2 COMMUNITYNEWSPAPERS.COM August 16, 2010

    Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project visits SIBBY STEPHANIE DETHOMAS

    Public Information/Events Specialist

    On Saturday, July 31st, Mayor Norman S.Edelcup, City Commissioners Roslyn Brezin,Gerry Goodman and George Bud Schollalong with volunteers, residents, beachenthusiasts and representatives from BarefootWine participated in the Beach RescueProject at Samson Oceanfront Park.

    According to Derek Epps with BarefootWine, The Barefoot Wine Beach RescueProject, now in its fourth year, is an effort tomake beaches and lakes across America bare-foot friendly. The Beach Rescue Project heldevents across Florida this summer and decided

    to make a stop in Sunny Isles Beach.Volunteers received a free bottled water, beachrescue t-shirt listing all Florida clean up sitesand clean up supplies. More than 14 largegarbage bags of debris and trash were pickedup along the beaches and grassy areas.

    Following the cleanup, volunteers aged 21and over attended an after party celebration fea-turing Barefoot Wine & Bubbly and appetizersat the Newport Beachdide Hotel and Resort.

    If you would like to volunteer your time andefforts to keep our beaches clean, please contactPelican Park Community Center at 305-792-1706and register for future beach clean up efforts.

    (Photos by Mike Tribby)

    BY STEPHANIE DETHOMAS Public Information/Events


    Local elementary students fromthe Sunny Isles Beach K-8Community School participated inan arts competition with the messageof conserving and preserving thelocal waters. Artwork was based oneach students interpretation of theconservation message.

    Finalists included:

    Stephanie Luzuriaga, 7th Grade;Kemley Nieva, 7th Grade; LaraLovett, 7th Grade; Sophia Cardona,6th Grade; Andrea Ibarra, 7th Grade;Nicole Ospina, 6th Grade; VictoriaFigueroa, 7th Grade; Oscar Galindo,7th Grade; Talia Svid; 6th Grade.

    Special thanks to teacher MissMedina and Miss Chueiri for coordi-nating the contest. The posters willbe framed and on display in theSunny Isles Beach GovernmentCenter.

    LLooccaall ssttuuddeennttss aarrttwwoorrkk hhiigghhlliigghhttss wwaatteerr ccoonnsseerrvvaattiioonn

    Andrea Ibarra Nicole OspinaKemley Nieva

    Stephanie Luzariaga Victoria Figueroa

  • Helen is very upset with her husband. Hereally has messed up her life. Doing businessin this small town, seemed to know every-body else which caused her some problems.

    She was at that point in her marriage whenit sort of stank. Theyd put six years togetherand she found herself getting more and moreannoyed at him for reasons that didnt maketoo much sense. Actually she finally figuredout that she didnt like him anymore. Wasnttoo sure that she had ever really cared forhim. Found it more the case when she start-ed playing around with a salesman or twothat dealt with them in their business. Had todo that in out of the way places and nearbytowns.

    She finally decided that this was silly. Youdont like someone anymore, then you try tounload yourself from the situation. The prob-lem was what to do about their successfulbusiness. She knew that he (the husband)might not really care too much about getting

    divorced. Being in a small town, gettingdivorced could put the business in peril whatwith all the gossip that would come aboutShe also knew that the hubby wouldnt wantto continue any kind of partnership.

    She finally decided that she wanted outand also to try a new life elsewhere. Madeher plans to gradually distance herself fromhubby first and then even leave town andstart elsewhere. When she really thoughtabout it she figured shes let hubby buy herout quietly and just get out.

    The plans were good but the hubbymessed them up by getting wiped out andaway in a fatal accident. Being in that smalltown everyone felt great compassion for her.She was now a widow and the townspeoplefelt they should rally around her and herbusiness. People hovered over her, to makesure that the new widow was in a position totake care of herself and the business. Helenis very upset about this situation. Here shewas on the verge of doing something produc-tive in her life and getting out of an untenablesituation. She feels she has to stay in thistown, has to put up a good front of sorrow,run a business that she was prepared to giveup as long as the husband was involved. Shehas decided that if he were still alive shedkill him for messing her up like this.

    August 16, 2010 COMMUNITYNEWSPAPERS.COM Page 3

    Hows Your Mother?

    At the entrance to Williams Island, youll find Imperial Club - Aventuras only full serviceretirement community that offers both independent and assisted living. Our residents enjoy

    great amenities - like three delicious meals a day, weekly housekeeping, transportation

    services, 24-hour staffing and a great social program with all sorts of activities and events.

    Everything is included in the monthly rent and there is no buy-in or endowment fee.

    For more information call (305) 206-4140 orgo to www.imperial-living.com

    2751 NE 183rd Street, Aventura, Florida 33160

    The Ultimate Mess

    Wanderings & Ponderings



    Sunny Isles Beach hasmany special attractionseveryone envies so ifsome of the citys finestattributes could be shared,the world just might be abetter place

    EEffffiicciieenntt GGoovveerrnnmmeenntt:: Members of theSunny Isles Beach City Commission andcity staff help run the municipal govern-ment so efficiently, even the White Housewould envy all the infrastructure improve-ments, balanced budget and surplusreserves.

    PPuubblliicc SSaaffeettyy:: Thanks to the SunnyIsles Beach Police Department, the city hasan enviably low crime ratein fact jails allaround the world might be empty if someof SIBs best in blue could spread out toconduct international patrols.

    LLooww TTaaxxeess:: Sunny Isles Beach has oneof the lowest tax rates in Miami-DadeCounty even the envy of billionaireshoping their tax breaks dont disappear anytime soon!

    CCiittiizzeenn IInnvvoollvveemmeenntt:: Sunny IslesBeach has so many concerned civicactivists, the city is probably the envy ofother municipalities where the only thingfilling seats at most Commission meetingsis dust.

    GG rreeeenn SSppaaccee:: Now that Sunny IslesBeach has so many parks, in the spirit ofbenevolence, city officials might want toloan some out every now and then to otherplaces that dont have room for any parksbecause of all the parking lots and officebuildings.

    SSppeecciiaall EEvveennttss:: From Sunny Serenadeconcerts and cultural programs to holi-

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