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Super Nintendo Entertainment System ( SNES) By: Stephanie Wallace and Tyrell Lynch.

Date post: 11-Jan-2016
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Super Nintendo Entertainment System ( SNES) By: Stephanie Wallace and Tyrell Lynch

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Super Nintendo Entertainment System ( SNES)

By:Stephanie Wallace and Tyrell Lynch

BackgroundThe Super Nintendo gaming system was an essential part of shaping the way video game consoles are produced today.Very successful game console and fan favoriteTop seller in what was considered the Golden Age of video games.

Marketing PlanWe found an opportunity in a competitive marketIncrease AwarenessIncrease AccessibilityChallenge the top dogs of the video game industry, through Customer Satisfaction by bringing back the SNES

Promotional ProgramWe want to let our customers know that this product is for them by having a price that is highly affordable. We want to promote to all ages. Using our higher selling game console, The Wii, we will promote the SNES in different packages to benefit both of our products.

Communication ObjectivesWith the target audience identified, we begin to focus on the communication objectives.It has been shown that consumers respond in terms of a hierarchy of effects, which is the sequence of stages a prospective buyer goes through from initial awareness of a product to eventual action.

CompetitionSony Playstation 3 & Xbox 360

Both products are way above our product in technology and costs.

Our price and market segmentation will outweigh our weaknesses and enable us to compete.


AdvertisingInternet ads and Gamer magazines will give us a good reach at our target.Commercials can be a great use of mediaOld school throw back theme to gaming industry gives a different image to gaming market.

Sales PromotionIncrease Awareness and Buzz throughout communities lead to increase in sales.Want to get people in stores, let them try out games for themselves. ( In-store demos)Discounts connected with multiple purchases of our product lineIncorporating our Nintendo Wii through promotions and sales opportunities

Personal SellingWe feel that our product already has a positive name and place in the gaming community through past experience.We want to use this knowledge through Buzz and Guerilla marketing. Employees pushing product in stores and reaching out to as many people as we can, because we feel that this is a opportunity for everyone, no matter their demographic.